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Tourists Rewarded For Preserving Environment At Stunning Bali Beach Bar

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There is no doubt about it: Nusa Penida is one of the hottest destinations in Bali right now, perhaps even in Southeast Asia.

This tiny island, sitting just off the coast of Bali, is home to 60,000 people who have lived a gentle island life, farming seaweed and honoring the traditional Balinese way of life. 

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Nusa Penida is utterly breathtaking. There’s no other way to describe it. Words frankly do not do it justice. With rugged rolling clifftops, secluded beach coves, waterfalls and natural pools, for beach lovers and nature enthusiasts, Nusa Penida ticks all the right boxes.

Most tourists heading to Nusa Penida do so as part of a day trip or perhaps stay over for just one night before traveling back to the main island of Bali.

But stay a little longer, slow down just a touch, and let the island vibes totally wash over you; you’ll find you’ll soon start feeling like a local. 

A warm, welcoming, home-away-from-home for tourists can be found at Penida Colada. This charming beach bar is really doing the most right now.

With amazing hospitality, sumptuous food, and perched in an unrivaled location with clear views of Mount Agung over Bali, Penida Colada is the place to dine in Nusa Penida. Located in Ped Village, overlooking the ocean, it really doesn’t get better than this!

As a company, Penida Colada is passionate about preserving and uplifting Balinese culture in everything it does.

Founder and owner Pak Wayan grew up helping his parents on their seaweed farm, which sits in front of the beach bar and cafe. Pak Wayan and his team see that Balinese culture is threaded throughout everything Penida Colada does while ensuring guests have all those home comforts readily available. 

Penida Colada say “We are dedicated to fostering skills development within our community by providing on the job training to new school graduates and tourism students. We honor our culture by closing on significant ceremonial days. We support local farmers and fishermen by featuring seasonal produce on our menu.”

As people of their word, tourists who join the effort to keep Balinese culture in and values alive and thriving in Nusa Penida are duly rewarded for their car and support. The team will give a free coffee or young coconut to anyone who brings in a bag of trash they have collected from the surrounding area. 

They say, “We love our island home. Penida Colada owner Pak Wayan was born and raised here. Our team are all local Nusa Penida islanders. We are always looking for new ways to Green Penida. We employ waste-minimizing practices throughout our operations.”

“Using reusable alternatives to single-use plastic. Bamboo and compostable straws. And free drinking water refills for anyone and everyone who carries a water bottle. We’re working towards a zero-waste system.”

The Penida Colada team will ensure that the trash is disposed of responsibly, and tourists can kick back and sip on a coconut, enjoy the incredible beachside views, and feel a little better about the world!

Whether popping by for breakfast, lunch, or dinner (or settling in for the day and enjoying a real feast), there is something for every appetite and craving at Penida Colada. It is fair to say that this spot really comes alive on an evening; golden hour is where it’s at! 

No Golden Hour would be complete without the perfect sundowner cocktail, and of course, Penida Colada has a range of refreshing cocktails to choose from.

While all the classic cocktails are on the menu, the signature cocktail list makes for essential tasting. The Jamu Jar is a fun twist on the Balinese medicinal tonic jamu, and adds gin to turmeric, lime and butterfly pea.

The Coffee Colada gives that perfect early evening reboot, balancing coffee with hydrating coconut and a healthy splash of vodka. 

Penida Colada have an exclusive offer for The Bali Sun Premium members.

Show the team your up to date membership card and claim a free cocktail and entree; the most generous!

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Wayan Bo

Sunday 5th of May 2024

If Baron de Rothschild’s wines aren’t available try Piña Colada 🤣