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Nusa Penida Waterfall Gives Bali Hotspots Fresh Competition 

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Bali’s Nusa Penida is famous for being home to iconic destinations like Kelingking Beach, Manta Bay, and Angel’s Billabong.

Although waterfalls are not the first geographical feature to spring to mind when thinking about Nusa Penida, there is one very special hidden gem that is giving Bali’s famous waterfalls a run for their money.

Blue Stairs at Peguyangan Waterfall in Nusa Penida.jpg

The Peguyangan Waterfall, which is also known to some locals as Guyangan Waterfall (this is how it’s listed on GoogleMaps) is one of the best hidden tourist attractions in Nusa Penida.

For tourists who like an adventure and are feeling like they are ready to take on a challenge they can revel in the beauty of this natural wonder found in Batukandik Village. 

Reaching Peguyangan Waterfall is not an easy feat. For tourists who think that the hike to Diamond Beach and Kelingking Beach is easy, then maybe it’s time to try out the hike to Peguyangan.

Visitors must tackle over 700 incredibly steep steps that wind around the cliff edge.

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The blue metal stairs, of which there are hundreds, are steep and shallow and make up only part of the walkway. Sections of the trail are open earth, rubbly and muddy if rainy, and there is another section of wooden steps.

Yet for those tourists ready to take on the slopes, the rewards are huge. Visitors are treated not only to a crystal-clear waterfall that flows over the rocks and into the ocean but also to perfectly formed and often warm natural pools.

It is a dreamy destination and attracts far fewer visitors than more famous hotspots in Nusa Penida and many of the waterfalls in Bali. This, in fact, is one of the few accessible oceanside waterfalls in Bali Province, making it extra special. 

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Tourists can visit Peguyangan Waterfall for free, provided they have paid their Nusa Penida Tourism Conservation Levy.

However, since there is a temple at the waterfall, tourists are required to wear a sarong. Local guide Gede Sudi told reporters that in high season, around 200 people visit Penguyangan Waterfall. 

He noted that the waterfall is most interesting to international tourists, and many domestic tourists choose not to visit.

He explained, “Domestic tourists usually visit to pray because there is the shrine of Kanjeng Ratu there. Usually, more domestic tourists visit on certain days, such as Purnama, Tilem, and others.”

Purnama and Tilem are the full moon and new moon days, which are observed to have deep spiritual significance for Balinese Hindus.

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Kanjeng Ratu Kidul, in Javanese and Balinese mythology, is the Ruler of the Southern Sea.

The temple at Peguyangan Waterfall is a shrine to the goddess who is often depicted in imagery similar to a mermaid; she is believed to take the soul of anyone she so chooses.

The mythology of Kanjeng Ratu Kidul is deep and nuanced and makes for fascinating reading for tourists interested in learning more about Balinese and Javanese mythology. 

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With this in mind, it is important for tourists to wear a sarong and honor the deeply spiritual areas around Peguyangan Waterfall.

However, tourists will be pleased to learn that they are permitted to swim in the waterfall and the natural pools in their swimwear. 

@ugotthis1life Nusa Penida gem that are not in the tours but you can ask your tour driver to go there or scooter yourself (be safe) Holy crap this was a tough one. #peguyanganwaterfall #bluestairs 😝 It’s about 750 stairs down. After these intense stairs, you can go past the temples and then see the 3 nature infinity pools made in the cliff side 😁so amazing . 💥I was pretty nervous at the end especially because then it was so slippery to get into here and it’s a cliff face if you slip the wrong way😐 😜but I got myself down there after a little “u got this” self talk 😜🔥 ❤️it works try it !! . I think it’s interesting when you meet people. They really made me feel a little more at ease on the way up. 🔥what a crazy few days of pushing my mental and physical limits every day – more to come on my blog about this next week 💝 You can learn a lot about yourself but pushing through tough times, and new limits and choosing to take action to create your best life . . #baliindonesia #bluestairs #nusapenida #nusapenidaisland #nusapenidatrip #balilifestyle #baliliving #pushlimits #ugt #ugotthis1life #scooterroadtrip Thanks for watching, I really appreciate it Get your Free Download – REMEMBER TO Follow if you don't already AND Leave any comments or questions you have Let's connect on the Socials TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest @ugotthis1life VISIT MY ONLINE SHOP – MY Amazon Author Page – See what Journals I have available that you can use as gratitude, life, and travel journals #ugotthis1life Thanks for watching, I really appreciate it Get your Free Download – REMEMBER TO Follow if you don't already AND Leave any comments or questions you have Let's connect on the Socials TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest VISIT MY ONLINE SHOP – MY Amazon Author Page – See what Journals I have available that you can use as gratitude, life, and travel journals #ugotthis1life ♬ original sound – Kelly Solo Travel Inspiration

Peguyangan Waterfall is arguably one of the most pristine waterfalls in Bali Province.

With many of the main island Bali’s most popular waterfalls hit with streams of trash and river debris during the rainy season, tourists are always on the lookout for a waterway that flows clear and is crowd free. 

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Tourists seeking waterfalls in Bali without crowds would find it wise to head towards the north of the island.

The waterfalls around the forested highlands of Munduk are often free from crowds, especially in the early mornings and late afternoons. 

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