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Bali Tourist Are Seeking Crowd Free Waterfalls

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It has to be said that Bali is a travel destination that delivers. Do you want to parasail over the ocean? That you can do.

Want to hike a volcano at sunrise? Consider it done! Want a waterfall in the jungle all to yourself? Your wishes will be granted!

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Bali is home to hundreds of waterfalls, each holding its own unique charm and wonder. As more tourists visit the island and as chasing waterfalls becomes one of the most popular nature-based activities, everyone is searching for a waterfall free from crowds. 

If you are in doubt and you want to avoid the crowds, the north is always best in Bali. Head north, and the rest will fall into place.

That is certainly the case when chasing waterfalls; the further north you go and the further up the ridge lines, the fewer people there will be, and the cleaner and clearer the water will flow. 

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The little-known Bengbengan Waterfall is famous for its clear and refreshing water and 50m high water drop.

Entry tickets are super affordable and are really in place to cover the basic costs of making sure everything is running smoothly and the hiking trail is clear.

Foreign tourists only need to pay IDR 20,000 for entry and have a high chance of having the hiking trail and waterfall totally to themselves. 

Bengbengan Waterfall is surrounded by clove and mangosteen trees, which form two of the staple crops grown in Lemukih Village in Buleleng Regency.

While the hiking trail is marked in part if a local guide at the ticket counter offers to show you the way, say yes to the assistance; it is easy to get lost, and after the rain, the trail can be slippery in places. Bring good shoes and your strong legs! 

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While Bengbengan Waterfall is the location’s real name, on some maps, it is written as Bembengan Waterfall – don’t get confused; it’s the same place!

A visit to the crowd-free Bengbengan Waterfall can be coupled with the equally hidden Lemukih Waterfall, the trailhead for which can be reached within a 10-minute drive through the village from Bengbengan.

This is part of the Sekumpul Waterfall, Fiji Waterfall, and Lemukih Waterfall hiking trail that has recently taken on new management following a ticketing scam.

Everything is now being run above board under the watchful eye of the Regency Tourism Board. 


♬ Dj Hilang Kadang Ku Tak Tenang Ku Hanya Diam – DJ Buncit

Since comparatively few tourists make the trip up to the north of Bali, it is far easier to find stunning natural wonders free from crowds.

Waterfalls in Ginayar Regency, like Tengenungan Waterfall, Kanto Lampo Waterfall, and Tukad Cepung Waterfall, are undeniably beautiful, but time a visit just slightly off and you’ll be waiting for 20 minutes to take a quick photo in front of the iconic backdrops. 


Bengbengan Waterfall can be reached via a very scenic 2-hour drive from the heart of Ubud.

It is entirely possible to head to Lemukih Village and back to Ubud in a day, but why spend so much time in the car when accommodation up north is quaint, charming, and often better value for money than many of the busy areas of the south?


OmUnity Bali is a gorgeous 3-star villa in Sudaji Village, just 25 minutes from the waterfalls.

The guest house is as surrounded by jungle as the waterfalls and feels like a proper nature retreat. 

Why not tick off another bucket list destination in North Bali while you’re in the area? Book an overnight stay at Desa Eko and explore the Twin Lakes the following day.


These two caldera lakes, Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan offer spectacular views and great hikes and are the gateway to Munduk, another highland retreat home to magical waterfalls and winding hiking trails. 

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Heather Fruin

Tuesday 20th of February 2024

I don't think there's any tourist-free waterfalls left in Bali thanks to Facebook. Everyone brags about where they've been and other people ask on advice where to go. All the places my husband and I used to visit where there were no or few tourists are now over crowded. We now only go to Bali to visit our Balinese friends.


Monday 19th of February 2024

Aling Aling was a nice and quiet waterfall. Now it is noisy and peoplr crawling everywhere to go down the rock slides and jump off the high ledge. And the carpatk is a bumfight. Krisna was allowed in and they stripped the rice fields to make a quad bike track and flying fox. And a huge car park that had no visitors. The government allowed this to happen and ruin the area.

Wayan Bo

Monday 19th of February 2024

🐵: Nice place, known also as monkeys bathroom and mosquitoes airport hub.