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Improvements Underway To Make Stunning Bali Waterfall Accessible To Tourists

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Tourists could return to Bali year after year and still struggle to visit all of the waterfalls on the island.

From the ridge to the reef, there are thousands of waterfalls, big, small, famous and secret, dotted around every corner. 

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The team behind one community-managed waterfall in Ginayar Regency is working to put the natural landmark on the tourist trail.

Temesi Waterfall in the quiet traditional village of Temesi is a real hidden gem. This waterfall welcomes only a dozen or so tourists a day and is as impressive as the island’s most famous waterfall hotspots. 

The Head of Temesi Village, Ketut Branayoga, explained to reporters that a few intrepid explorers and the community came together and realized that there was a huge amount of potential at the secret spot.

Many of the community members in Temesi Village already work in the tourism industry and have come together to form a tourism management committee around Temesi Waterfall. 

The committee has verb holding consultations and discussions about how best to promote the waterfall to tourists in a sustainable way. The waterfall sits along the Sangsang River and is backed by a moss-covered jungle cliff. 

Before Temesi Waterfall could become a real tourist attraction, the community invested village funds into improving the hiking trail to make sure the route was safer for tourists.

Now they are working on building a suitable car parking area so that the whole operation can be better organized for tourists. In total, the community has invested both village funds and regency support funds to the tune of IDR 250 million.

Tourists visiting Temesi Waterfall are in for a real treat. The whole area is clean and free from litter. The waterfall is flowing clear, as is the Sangsang River below.

As tourists discover the waterfall, the community welcomes and guides tourists along the hiking route, through the gorge and the forest to the majestic waterfall itself. 

For tourists seeking a hidden gem in Bali, Temesi Waterfall may just be the place to add to the bucket list.

Temesi Village is a 40-minute drive from the center of Ubud and is an ideal stop-off on a whole-day adventure chasing waterfalls. 

Head off early from Ubud and spend the first half of the morning at Temesi Waterfall.

Once suitably disconnected from the outside world and feeling in flow with nature, travel just a short 15-minute drive north to Goa Rang Rang Waterfall.

Very different from Temesi, Goa Rang Reng Waterfall is a broad, cascading waterfall and canyon, another of Gianyar’s best-kept tourist secrets.


For a lunchtime pause, head 5 minutes up the road once more and dive into Taman Sari Waterfall & Natural Pool.

This is the most idyllic destination for a picnic lunch, and visitors are welcome to swim in the natural pools for as long as they like. 


These waterfalls are considered a little off the beaten track and welcome only a fraction of the number of visitors that Gianyar’s most famous waterfalls welcome daily.

The most famous and most frequently visited waterfalls in the Ubud area include Kanto Lampo Waterfall, Tegenungan Waterfall, and Tukad Cepung Waterfall. 


Community-based tourism initiatives will be working hard in 2024 to attract more visitors through the gates. Nungnung Waterfall in Pelaga Village is working to establish itself as a wedding venue.

The gorgeous 75m high waterfall is an idyllic spot for a wedding ceremony in nature.

The Head of the Nungnung Traditional Village is working with wedding organizers and travel agents to market the secluded spot to love birds who want to tie the knot amongst the most blissful of backdrops. 

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Friday 16th of February 2024

It should not be hard to improve on nearby Tegenungan Waterfall; 1) First you pay for parking 2) Then pay for "entry" ticket 3) Then pay again to reach top of waterfall 4) 2 Juta minimum spend at the waterfall "club" that is blasting out loud music 5) 50k for taking the lift 6) More money if doing more IG poses in the swings and on and on...