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Secluded Bali Waterfall Set To Become Hotspot For Wedding Tourism 

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Getting married in Bali is a wedding goal for so many couples.

The Island of the Gods is the perfect location for a destination wedding, whether a secret elopement or a massive celebration. 

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Typically, hotels, resorts, and private beachfront have been the destinations of choice for Bali’s wedding couples, but one secret location is starting to offer intimate wedding ceremonies, and we’re living for it.

Couples can now tie the knot at the simply breathtaking Nungnung Waterfall in Pelaga Village, just 34km from the center of Ubud. 

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Love bird can say ‘I do’ set against a backdrop of the 75-meter-high waterfall cascade nestled in the northern Badung highlands.

The location offers a serene atmosphere and cool mountain air temperatures, it’s no wonder that Nungnung Waterfall is increasingly being sought out by foreign tourists as a place to commit to their sacred vows.

Speaking to reporters, Sang Nyoman Sutena, 60, Head of the Nungnung Traditional Village, said that he and his teams want to take developing Nungnung Waterfall as a wedding destination seriously.

They are even talking about developing Nungnung Waterfall as a DTW, which is a government-acknowledged and supported cultural tourism attraction. 

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Sutena explained, “Culturally, we are planning for developments, for example, like weddings. We want to package it with the location; there will be dances, there will be rink [music], etc.”

The community works together to ensure that wedding ceremonies held at the waterfall are just perfect, and they are seeking out every opportunity to elevate the experience for couples. 

Speaking seperately, Ni Made Sukerti, 50, is a local resident who coordinates with other local and international wedding planners as a location booking agent and porter.

He noted that the tourists coming to Nungnung Waterfall for their weddings conduct more traditional Western-style ceremonies, using the waterfall as a backdrop, and are not engaging in traditional Balinese Hindu ceremonies. 

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Sukerti added, “I am responsible for the management of the location, cleanliness, and ensuring that other tourists do not disturb the wedding.”

She added, “Foreign tourists from Spain, Russia, and South Korea are interested in weddings at this unusual location. However, this natural wedding style is not for everyone. The number of weddings in a month can still be counted on the fingers of one hand.”

Bookings are increasing as wedding tourists seek ever more unique, intimate, and secluded spots to tie the knot. 

@dimavisuals just an hour away from Canggu, and a few 100 steps down and up, #nungnungwaterfall is really worth it all. The light hits just right, even when its cloudy and everything feels so magical. Add it to your list #wonderfulindonesia #bali2022 ♬ suono originale – Filippo Bellisola

Many couples chose to elope for a destination wedding largely due to the romance of the Island of the Gods. However, one of the other big deciding factors is the cost.

Hosting a wedding ceremony in Bali gives couples far greater value for money than if they were throwing a big bash back home.

Data shows that the average couple tying the knot in Australia between 2020 and 2022 spent AUD 34,715 on the big day. 

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Couples having a wedding in Bali can secure an all-inclusive deal on the big day for as little as AUD 6,000, before including the cost of flights, visas, and accommodation.

Regardless, it is notably more affordable and, many would say, far more memorable and exciting. 

While it is possible for foreign couples to get legally married in Bali, most couples tie the not in a small registry office style ceremony at home and enjoy the big wedding day in Bali, making the ceremony in Bali more of a symbolic wedding or a blessing ceremony for the union. 

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To have a legal wedding in Bali or anywhere in Indonesia, as two foreigners, couples must observe a religious and civil ceremony.

The religious ceremony can be conducted by an official recognized by the Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Protestant, or Catholic faiths, and the legal ceremony is overseen by a district civil officer.

Couples must also prepare a series of documents that change spending on nationality, including a letter of non-impediment, birth certificate, and passport. 

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Friday 9th of February 2024