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Tourism Police Will Conduct More Tax Voucher Spot Checks

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The Bali Tourism Police have been instructed to conduct more spot checks on tourists to catch those who have not paid the tourism tax levy.

The new tourism tax levy, introduced on the 14th of February, 2024, makes it mandatory for all international tourists to pay IDR 150,000 in tourism taxes.

Tourists at Tirta Empul Temple In Bali.jpg

Despite the fact that the new tourism tax has already raised USD 3.9 million, this is only a fraction of what tourism officials should have in the bank by now.

It has been calculated that as much as 60% of tourists haven’t been paying their tourism tax levies.

The first round of tourism tax spot checks have been carried out at top destinations like Tanah Lot Temple, and now officers have been given their orders to conduct a second round at different destinations.

Speaking to reporters, the Head of the Bali Tourism Office, Tjok Bagus Pemayun, said, “In accordance with Bali Regional Regulation number 6 of 2023 concerning Levies for Foreign Tourists for the Protection of Bali’s Culture and Natural Environment, checks on tourists who have paid and who have not paid are carried out through the entrances to Bali, at accommodation places, and at tourism attractions.” 

The new spot-check sites are Goa Gajah Temple outside Ubud, the Tirta Empul Temple, also close to Ubud, and Ulun Danu Beratan Temple in Tabanan Regency.

Pemayun told reporters, “We made these places targets because there are relatively many tourists visiting [attractions], and we also wanted to check how many tourists had paid and how many had not.”

Pemayun confirmed that tourists who cannot produce their QR-code voucher to demonstrate that they have made their tourism tax payment will be required to pay the IDR 150,000 on the spot.

He said, “No payments are made in cash; everything is online. This is all for the comfort of their holiday in Bali. Guides and tourism drivers are also reminded to always inform the guests they are handling this policy.”

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Pemayun told reporters, “Just like during the previous inspections in Uluwatu, our team will check payment vouchers at the [tourist attraction] entrance.”

He further called for more efforts to be made to communicate the new system with tourists. Pemayun added, “so tourists won’t be surprised and can make payments before leaving for Bali.”


All international tourists to Bali must pay the IDR 150,000 fee. There are however some exceptions, such as foreigners who are residing in Indonesia on KITAS and KITAP visas.

However, an exception must also be applied before arriving in Bali or upon arrival at the payment kiosks.

The application for a tourism tax exception can be completed on the Love Bali website or app, just as with the tourism tax payee itself.


Pemayun has also confirmed that some of the delegates who are vsiiting Bali as part of the World Water Forum from the 18th to 25th May will also be exempt from paying the tourism tax levy.

With delegates from over 190 counties attending and a predicted over 55,000 attendees altogether, Pemayun said that some of these visitors are considered VVIPs. 


Pemayun explained, “There are several delegates who are exceptions; even if they submit multiple names, we will verify them first. The committee will say which VVIPs are exempt, so the rest will be paid from the delegation, from 193 countries.”

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Tuesday 30th of April 2024

Some considered thinking.

I've no problem with the Balinese or any other government seeking ways to increase revenue collection.

The problem as it stands with the TT is ensuring compliance. There's all kinds of restrictions starting with collection inability before immigration and a universal verification.

We have a bleeding system that keeps needing bandaids.

Tax collected is supposedly for a couple of specific purposes. In reality the Bali Assembly can use it for what ever it deems necessary. It goes into consolidated revenue.

An alternative is to look at existing taxes that go to Bali.

The Hospitality Tax?

If it were raised by 0.5% it would more than cover full compliance.

It needs no extra personnel, infrastructure and is spread more evenly across the community. Locals, not just tourists would be contributing.

Before the scrooges and misers start complaining it would only add Rp2,500 to a restaurant bill of Rp500,000. It would - shock, horror - add 50 cents on a Rp1 juta a night hotel room.

For the expats on TT exempt KITAS or KITAP who repeatedly complain about infrastructure you could be contributing to fixing the things that give you the shits.

A plea, request.

Could the shitslingers, conspiracy and corruption, Bali's a shithole, back in my day....bugger off unless you have something constructive to add.


Tuesday 30th of April 2024

What if other tourists travel through Jakarta and connect to a domestic flight to Bali?? Do they have ever thought of that....This tax scheme is meant for visiting Bali.

Venice, Italy is also imposing tourists €5Euros per person to enter the city of canals. And there are already protestors about the fees.

Foreign Tourist flock into this small town Fujikawaguchiko to take photos of Mount Fuji. The locals are NOT too happy with over mass tourism, leaving trash and ignoring Traffic laws. In response, the town has erected a mesh barrier blocking the scenic view to discourage foreign tourists to take pictures.

Bali is no strangers to entitled foreign tourists, there is a problem with mass tourism In Bali. Something should be done. Imposing a tax fee has not helped either to deter them away.

Bob Citizen

Sunday 28th of April 2024

This is good.


Saturday 27th of April 2024

Antagonizing many to catch a few? Many of those who already paid tourist tax do not want to be asked willy nilly to show evidence of having paid the tourist tax as if they have tried to skip the paltry $10 fee.

Need a better plan. Add the $10 to leaving flight tickets and ignore the locals screaming "unfair". If the Japanese can handle to pay "tourist tax" then the Indonesian can do the same.


Tuesday 30th of April 2024

@Exp, what about the foreign tourists arriving in Jakarta and head to Bali later on a domestic are they going to pay the fees??? The tax is meant for Bali. Those caught may have been in the country already arriving from within Indonesia.


Tuesday 30th of April 2024

@James, ask the Balinese, this tax scheme is meant to visit Bali. Have you heard of mass tourism ?? Venice is also imposing € 5 Euros per person to enter the city of canals. There are already tourists protesting like it or not. But would you call the Italians corrupt as well?? Nonetheless, what about foreign tourists arriving in Jakarta first then after a few days in the West and Central Java, they head to Bali. How are they able to pay the entry tax into Bali??


Monday 29th of April 2024

@Shorty, Here's an idea: just throw away all that tourist-tax and voa crap and implement a working non-corrupt government. Tourist will spend their money happily depending on their budget, tax will be included and used for the benefit of Indonesian/Bali people and the country/Island itself. Everybody happy.

Talking about fixing a broke system, without adressing the system itself, never works in the end.

Also, Indonesia will implement a tourist tax on behalve of the country in the short term... So I think the Bali-TT will blead dry and the national tourist-tax will take over anyway within one or two years.


Sunday 28th of April 2024

@Exp, You're involving another party and would still have the so called problem of reimbursing Bali.

Come to an agreement with Imigrasi to collect it with the VOA. It would be a simple programming change to separate the payments and automatically pay the TT to Bali


Saturday 27th of April 2024

Ttadatadatada, the hunt on tourists is openend, quick catch them before they escape!! It’s like the razzia’s in ww2 but now on bule.


Monday 29th of April 2024

@Hns, Using WW2 for such examples... I feel sorry for your lack of education.