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Southeast Asia’s Biggest Mall Will Open In Bali In May 2024

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The biggest mall in Southeast Asia is about to open its doors in Bali.

The new ICON Mall in Sanur is due to open to the public on the 17th of May and comes as part of the massive tourism redevelopment project in Sanur. 

Escaltors in Shopping Mall.jpg

ICON Mall in Bali is set to be just that, a new icon of Bali.

The shopping complex will eclipse Kuta Beachwalk Mall, Bali Galeria Mall, and even Living World Mall in Denpasar, which is currently the biggest retail park and mall on the island. 

ICON Mall is set to be an extravaganza of a shopping mall and so much more. The new 8 Wonders of Bali will find their homes at ICON Mall in Sanur, which includes a Butterfly Park, Edible Garden, Immersive Vertical Forest, and Indoor Cultural Amphitheatre.

Two beach clubs will form part of the ‘seamless beach experience’: the Beach Sunset Laser Watershow, the Icon Beach Gallery, and perhaps the most interesting of all, the new Jaje Bali Floating Market. 

ICON Bali says that the Jaje will be “the largest indoor floating market in Southeast Asia. JAJE BALI is dedicated to local vendors selling Balinese food, desserts, and knick-knack favorites to residents and tourists.

Visitors interact directly with the sellers operating from their boats, shoulder-carried display stands, bicycles, and rick-shaws. Located on the beach floor of ICON BALI, this area is the center of the mall’s cultural activities with more than 50 sellers that are mostly home-based small businesses.”

The ICON Bali will be a highly accessible and family-orientated shopping facility. There will be plenty of parking spaces, VIP parking, and valet services, a taxi queue so there’s no squabbling over who goes next, dedicated disabled parking bays, a ladies’ parking area, free WiFi throughout the center, a tax refund counter for those bigger investment items, a prayer room, a mothers room, and pet-friendly areas. 

ICON Bali say “You will find that there is absolutely no shortage of hang-out place here. There are numerous new cafes, restaurants and seaside dining offering a wide range of international and local cuisines including vegetarian, vegan and healthy choices.”

“For budget meals, visitors can try many delicious nasi campur type warungs (local diners) and the Pasar Malam (Night Market) at the northern end of Jalan Danau Tamblingan.”


They add, “For those that love to cycle, Sanur is probably the only tourist area in Bali that has a dedicated lane for bicycles on the street. Sanur’s coastline also has a 5-kilometer cycle path, enabling you to enjoy the famous Sanur sunrise on the early morning ride.

“Sanur has become the hub for visitors who wish to dive and explore the underwater splendors of the neighboring islands, Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida and Nusa Ceningan. Hence the abundance of dive centers in Sanur.”


Sanur is undergoing a huge tourism redevelopment, including the opening of the Bali International Hospital in Q4 of 2024. Along with the renovations to the Grand Bali Inna Hotel, now known as The Meru Sanur, there is so much newness to discover in Bali’s OG beach resort. 

The full store directory for ICON Bali has yet to be revealed, but what we know so far is that there will be an Aldo, Asics, Birkenstock, Calvin Klein Jeans, Converse, Flying Tiger, Gant, Krisna Oleh-Oleh, LEGO Store, Lacoste, Mango, Marks and Spencers, Pandora, Sensatia Botanicals, Swarovski, Ted Baker, Tommy Hilfiger and many more yet to be revealed. 

ICON Bali has created the Sanur Now campaign to help communicate all the changes that have been made in the resort area and how these developments will play out and create the Sanur of the future. 


ICON Bali says, “We see Sanur two years from now with strong positivity and optimism. Investments by the government and the private sector are really focused on making Sanur a more attractive tourist destination without losing its charm. Sanur will once more be one of the premier destinations on the island of the Gods.”

They add, “The government and private sector are working together to revitalize Sanur, make it a strong destination once more, and present more opportunities for the economy. Sanur will remain popular of its village charm, but it will be a village that has everything.”

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Monday 6th of May 2024

A mall right on Sindhu beach along a stretch of Sanur with restaurants and beach goers will be affected where once stood a sleepy beach side fun. Sigh...


Monday 6th of May 2024

Southeast Asia’s Biggest Mall?

Far from reality. Not even the biggest mall in Bali. Living World in Jl Gatot Subroto, Denpasar. cover about double land area over four floors or so.


Monday 6th of May 2024


Is your post just another criticism of Bali?

So Living World covers more land and is 4+ stories. But how many ways can you measure size?

More and/or greater variety of retail outlets. Greater diversity of activity. Return on investment. Customer profile and turnover. Growth potential.


Friday 3rd of May 2024

What kind of stupid tourists fly half way around the world to go shopping for fake watches and clothes? This will be a complete failure because it won't be properly maintained (is anything on Bali?). Bali isn't Bangkok which definitely has Asia's best Mall's, with the best food, fabulous bars, and from Icon Siam the best city views.


Monday 6th of May 2024


Open your eyes, take a look and check them out.

Beachwalk, Discovery....

There's a lot of Nobodies.


Sunday 5th of May 2024


I hope they do their special kind of maintenance on this as they do on everything else, so it rots in history. Pathetic. What medication are these people on. Nobody comes to Bali to go to a mall.


Sunday 5th of May 2024


Then why aren't the owners capable of the same to protect their investment?


Friday 3rd of May 2024

@Alex, "it won’t be properly maintained"

Preventive maintenance is hard to come about. Only when things literally fall apart something might be done but often not.

That said; Plaza Senayan Mall in Jakarta is an old mall but in tip top shape due to management who knows how to take care of their golden egg.

Wayan Bo

Wednesday 1st of May 2024

Don’t need even to open if not Balanciaga, LV, Gucci, Cartier, … Hermes, Armani, Versace and iPhone store with worlds best prices for shoppers 🤣

Wayan Mataram

Wednesday 1st of May 2024

Wow, the design concept is too compressed


Friday 3rd of May 2024

@Wayan Mataram, yes, it looks like Lippo Mall.