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Bali Tourism Tax Fees Must Improve Tourist Experience Say Top Academics 

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One of Bali’s top tourism professors is calling on the provincial government to ensure that revenue generated from the new Bali Tourism Tax is spent on improving facilities for tourists.

The new sustainable tourism initiative is set to protect and preserve Balinese culture and nature.

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Professor of Tourism at Unud, Prof. Dr. I Putu Anom, said that the government has a responsibility to use the funds generated from the new tourism tax in such a way that directly benefits tourists.

He says that if this cannot be done, then tourists will feel literally shortchanged, and this will lead to a level of resentment or resistance from travelers.

The professor says that funds should be used on projects that are visible to tourists. He added, “Foreigner assistance funds should be spent on things that directly impact foreign tourists.”

He continued, “The problems of rubbish, traffic jams, and crime are things that can disturb foreign tourists while on holiday in Bali. When they arrive at the airport, don’t be faced with traffic jams. The same goes for going to the airport after finishing your holiday in Bali.”

Top officials in Bali have already confirmed that funds will be spent in a transparent way, though many have noted that more socialization of the initiative is needed before it comes into effect on the 14th of February so that all tourists arriving on the island know what they are paying, how and why.

In fact, the Deputy British Ambassador to Indonesia, Matthew Downing, visited the Udayana University Campus in Denpasar this week to discuss the tourism tax further.

Downing noted that there are many other cities and provinces in the world that are introducing a similar tourism tax in 2024.

Downing said, “I also encourage cooperation with travel agents and embassies abroad to ensure that tourists get all the information.”

He added, “Bali is a strong magnet; many British people know and hear about Bali, so that attracts our people to visit Bali.”

Downing also spoke with the Bali Provincial Government about increasing cooperation in the technology sector.

Downing said that the British government wants to work with officials in Denpasar to develop more smart city projects that support both tourism and the development of English skills.


The new Bali tourism levy comes into effect on the 14th of February. All international tourists visiting Bali will be required to pay the IDR 150,000 either on or before arrival.

Tourists are bin encouraged to pay their tourism levy fee before arrival via the Love Bali app or website.


The process is straightforward. Simply open the Love Bali app or webpage, enter your personal details, proceed with card payment, and receive the levy voucher by email.

Tourists must have this voucher ready to present to officials on arrival. Alternatively, it is possible to pay on the card on arrival at I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport and the seaports.

However, officials are keen to make the process as speedy as possible and remove hurdles to the arrivals process.


According to Wonderful Indonesia, funds generated by the tourism levy will be spent on ‘nurturing nature,’ ‘preserving heritage,’ and ‘elevating your experience.’

However, the exact projects funds will be spent on have not been outlined as of yet. Late last year, the Acting Governor of Bali, Sang Made Mahendra Jaya, said that up to 70% of funds generated by the tax would be spent on creating new waste management systems on the island.

Many tourists have expressed that they feel this is an issue that the government should fund to fix since tourism is not the leading cause of the waste management issues on the island.

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Wayan Bo

Tuesday 6th of February 2024

Bali as part of commonwealth ❓


Monday 5th of February 2024

Thailand plans 90 day free entree for long haul tourist. Now 60 day visa 50 usd extendable 30 day.for 50usd. Indonesia 60 day b211a 4 million IDR before arrival must have guarantor with a KTP witch means agent pay to somewone that you will trust??from the web. what a BS procedure.Malaysia 90 day free on arrival.Vietnam e visa valid for 90 days 25usd single entree, 50 usd multipule entree.Bali is loooking for suckers obvioysly.


Wednesday 7th of February 2024

@Harrison, Many small streams make one big river. Bali is adding new streams every other day now.


Wednesday 7th of February 2024

@konstantinos, I’d suggest that if $20 or $200 is an issue for you when travelling you should review your priorities and probably not be taking that holiday in the first place.

J West

Monday 5th of February 2024

What’s the word to describe a bulls excrement?

Carol Waltens

Monday 5th of February 2024

Sorry but I agree with the other comments. I have been coming to Bali since 2019 every year for a month or more minus 2021(COVID). It has gone down hill every year. I am presently in Bali now and mostly have decided not to return. Traffic is a major. You go out for a day of sightseeing and spend 5 hours in the car to sightsee for 2 or 3 hours. Best to pick a great resort and stay there and do nothing else unless on foot. Bali started to rent scooters to all tourist whether they can drive it or not, no International Drivers license required. More people are killed. Misbehaving tourists get a slap on the wrist and do the same thing the next day. You have little to no police. The island wants all the tourist but can not begin to handle them when they are here. Government greed is killing the island and not benefiting any of the hard working Balinese. You (the government) benefit from all non-island new construction from Corporate heads and the Balinese slaves make it work. So much is wrong with what the government has done to this island. All over it is run down and unsafe for tourist to walk down falling apart sidewalks. I am sorry with my opinion and many fell the same way. You have destroyed the Bali that was just 5 years back. Just a side note the cruise ships won't work either. The people on the cruise lines will so complain when they sit in a bus or cars for hours to see an attraction for a few minutes. Spend time cleaning up and fixing the island then start people to see it. Your tourist will visit once and never again.


Monday 5th of February 2024

"One of Bali’s top tourism professors" Really? Has he ever been to Bali?