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Bali’s Nusa Penida Wants To Level Up Infrastructure To Improve Tourist Vacations

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Nusa Penida is a phenomenal travel destination. The small island ticks all the right boxes.

Tourists can indulge in laid-back island vibes, get out and explore the rugged coastline and crystal clear waters, or prop up the bar and meet like-minded travelers. 

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Slow and steady progress is being made on leveling up tourism infrastructure in Nusa Panda, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Ceningan.

Over the last ten years, but especially since the pandemic, the Nusa Islands have been receiving huge amounts of interest from tourists.

The islands, once home to small communities and farmers, are now largely supported economically by tourism. 

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It is clear that if tourism continues to thrive on the Nusa Islands, a series of huge infrastructure developments need to be made.

The first round of funding proposals was submitted to the central government by the Regent of Klungkung last year, and now more detailed proposals have been handed over to the Indonesian Minister for Tourism and Creative Economies. Everything is moving in the right direction. 

The Acting Regent of Klungkung I Nyoman Jendrika visited Minister of Tourism Sandiaga Uno in Jakarta late last week. The pair were joined by the Head of the Klungklung Regency Tourism Office, Ni Made Sulistiawati. 

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Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Acting Regent Jendrika said that several development projects listed proposals, including “Development and Arrangement of Tourist Attractions (DTW), Development and Improvement of Existing Road Infrastructure, Construction of New Bridges on Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan, Construction of Penida Springs SPAM and Development of Internet Access.”

Sulistiawati shared her optimism that the funding would be granted and that work on these projects could get underway quickly.

He said, “Hopefully, what we are doing will run smoothly to accelerate tourism development in Nusa Penida.”

Minister Uno was grateful for the visit and confirmed that the proposals submitted would be under review as quickly as possible.

He told reporters, “The central government is currently developing the tourism sector; this proposal will be followed up immediately to support the progress of tourism in Nusa Penida.”

It is not only an improvement to tourist attractions like Kelingking Beach that is on the cards, but in addition to leveling up road infrastructure so that tourists can travel around the islands easily, there are also plans to improve the Banjar Nyuh Harbour. 


The harbor receives thousands of tourists every week, welcoming up to tens of thousands of tourists in the peak of the high season.

Once again, this harbor area was used only by local people who had made the crossing to the main island of Bali and back.

While the harbor has been improved little by little over the years, more work is needed to ensure the port can serve so many tourists. 


Speaking to reporters last week, the Head of the Nusa Penida Port Office, Luh Putu Eka Suyasmin, explained the plan.

He said, “Yes, we plan to revitalize the road at Banjar Nyuh Port from the Ministry of Transportation’s [annual budget] this year. The plan is for asphalt and drainage first; now it is being auctioned at the center, and the budget is IDR 8 billion.”

These huge investments in infrastructure will mean that tourists can experience the true beauty of Nusa Penida and not have to worry about the road conditions or queues at the harbor.

Work behind the scenes is ongoing to ensure that internet access and phone signals are available across the island. Something that is vital not only for businesses but also tourists and especially digital nomads.


Nusa Penida is a great spot for digital nomads seeking to live the authentic island life.

Cafes and restaurants like Penida Colada are ideal for use as a workspace over morning coffee and a place to hang out and relax in the evening. 

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Pearl S.

Wednesday 7th of February 2024

Yes, I hope you will improve the roads in Nusa Penida. I did a tour around the island last month in a car. It was a very bumpy and uncomfortable ride, with all those potholes on the roads. I don't think I will do it again. The island's attractions are truly beautiful, but dangerous! The stairway going down to Kelingking Beach, for example, need to be fixed and reinforced with railings, for everyone's safety. We cannot just remind people to use it at their own risk. Exploring its beauty should not be done in exchange for an accidental fall down the cliff. I truly wondered how many people have slipped and fallen there . I certainly wouldn't be one of them!