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Bali’s New Health Tourism Centre In Sanur Will Open In 2024 

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Construction on the new Bali International Hospital is nearly completed, and equipment will soon be installed.

Intensive testing will begin before the first patients are treated in Q4 of 2024.

Yet, the new Sanur Special Economic Zone will feature more than just the hospital.

Bali’s New Health Tourism Centre In Sanur Will Open In 2024 

The iconic old Grand Inna Hotel Bali, which sits on the shores of Sanur, has been converted into the central hub for the Sanur Special Economic Zone.

During a visit to Bali this week, the Minister for State-Owned Enterprises, Eric Thohir, inaugurated The Sanur, Bali Beach Convention Centre, and Ethnomedicinal Botanical Garden and attended the groundbreaking for the new Alster Lake Clinic

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister Thohir said, “Here it’s like Nusa Dua but for hospitals. Because of this data, tourism is inferior to neighboring countries, and many of our people seek treatment abroad,”

The Sanur Special Economic Zone spans over 42 hectares and has received over IDR 10.3 trillion in investment. Minster Thorir added, “It also opens up 43,000 job opportunities. We also take care of our extended family members with MSMEs.”

The Minister shared his excitement that the new site will become a great contributor to the Indonesian economy. Before this, he noted, Sanur was an under-utilized resource for both tourism and health services.

He told the press conference, “With the presence of the Sanur SEZ, it is hoped that it can become an economic accelerator locomotive in Indonesia. This new facility that was inaugurated not only covers economic infrastructure but also sustainability and innovation in the development of the health tourism ecosystem.”

He added, “the Sanur SEZ can be a model for the development of SEZs in other regions in Indonesia in creating an integrated health tourism ecosystem so that it can become a magnet for domestic and foreign tourists.”

One of the most impressive new health facilities in the SEZ is the Alster Lake Clinic (ALC), which is being established under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Med. Fred Fändrich, FRCS, director of the Department of Applied Cellular Medicine at the University of Schleswig.

The Alster Lake Clinic will specialize in cell therapy, which focuses on disease prevention, reverse aging, and therapy for ongoing chronic diseases. Encounter obstacles through conventional medical treatment. 


Leaders in Bali are on a mission to make the province a world-leading health tourism destination. This will see tourists from all over the world travel to Bali for private medical care that they may otherwise be unable to afford in their home country or simply be unavailable there.

The Bali International Hospital will be a private facility offering treatment to international patients and privately paying Indonesian patients, too. 

The Bali International Hospital will serve five main medical departments when it opens its doors in 2024: cardiology, neurology, critical illness (ICU), gastroenterology, and orthopedics.

The hospital is set to compete with international medical tourism hubs in South East Asia like Thailand. 


Bali is already the destination of choice for dental healthcare for thousands of Australian and New Zealand tourists.

Many tourists schedule their annual check-ups partway through their vacation since treatment is notably more affordable and top quality in Bali. 

As it stands, Sanur is one of the top family-friendly resort destinations in Bali. The gentle waves, long stretches of soft white sand, and fantastic hotels that are available make Sanur the perfect spot for families to kick back and relax on vacation.


Part of the reason tourists love Sanur is its proximity to the airport.

Tourists can be at the beach bar within 45 minutes of leaving Bali Airport, and Sanur is the launchpad for island escapes to Nusa Penida, Nusa Ceningan, Nusa Lembongan, and the Gili Islands. 

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Wayan Bo

Tuesday 6th of February 2024

🇨🇺Cuba 🇨🇺

Wayan Bo

Tuesday 6th of February 2024

Cuba’s health system 👀


Monday 5th of February 2024

What's the point or purpose of calling it a 'Special Economic Zone' ?

What's the difference - apart from location - to the 'Kura Kura Special Economic Zone' at Serangan?


Tuesday 6th of February 2024

@Shorty, Sanur Special Economic Zone (SEZ): Some of the "features": - ease of practice permits for foreign health workers, - customs and fiscal facilities for health equipment, - ease of immigration services for patients and their families.

Looks like the gov. try to bypass and simplify some of the immense red tape they themselves have established! Wish they could do the same for private investors.


Sunday 4th of February 2024

Bali decades ago was worth every penny. Today it’s nothing but a dump.

Wayan Bo

Wednesday 7th of February 2024

@Shorty, yeah forty years and more ago those prices was correct, today they aren’t because of high output of 24/7 working money printing machine’s. - Turkey’s yearly inflation is now over 60%.


Monday 5th of February 2024

@Wayan Bo,

Comparing the price of a Chrysler in the US, a Ferrari in Germany and real estate in Bali from 40+ years ago is meaningless.


Monday 5th of February 2024


Increasing tourist numbers don't seem to agree.

Wayan Bo

Monday 5th of February 2024

@BaliDuck, sad but true. Just remembering U.S. $ strength of 1980’s. In 2000’s new Chrysler Neon in Ft Lauderdale, Florida was priced $ 9999 or in 1970’s latest new Ferrari Dino was in Germany about DM 65000,- (€ 32500). Nice house with garden near double six was in 1980’s about U.S. $ 8500 including land lease for 99 years. Very nice beach cottages was about $ 7 per night, could get it also for $ 3,50 if want stay longer.


Sunday 4th of February 2024

Still going to be a fantastic asset As I'm looking at retiring in Bali, knowing that you've got world class healthcare available is a deal breaker. Congrats to everyone Involved


Monday 5th of February 2024


Look somewhere else to retire if you are of European descent, its all Russians and a very low class bunch of idiots. 90% of the Americans, Aussies, and EU folks and almost all Japanese have left.

The hospital will be a joke, I guarantee it, with the only western feature being the prices.