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New Flight Connects More Australian Tourists With Bali

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It has been a good week for travel news for Australian-based Bali-lovers.

Not one but two major airlines have confirmed that new flight services will be operating from the Land Down Under to the Island of the Gods. 

Inside of Batik Air Airplane

Flights from Canberra to Bali are set to resume in June 2024. Batik Air, which is part of the Lion Air travel group, will be launching a new flight service from the Australian capital to Denpasar on 14th June, just in time for the school holidays. 

Many international flight services out of Canberra were scrapped during the pandemic and have been slow to return to the schedule.

The Chief Minister for ACT, Andrew Barr, told reporters that he was happy to see more investment in Canberra by Batik Air. 

Minster Barr said, “A direct flight between Bali and Canberra will greatly benefit holiday-seekers from Canberra and the region.”

He added, “The route also presents a great opportunity to connect the Canberra region to South East Asia for leisure, trade and education…The ACT government welcomes Canberra Airport’s efforts to make it easier and cheaper to visit Canberra.”

Minster Barr is also on a mission to boost tourism connections between Canberra, Singapore, and India.

Speaking to reporters, the Head of Aviation at Canberra Airport said, “Bali is an amazing destination that blends culture, nature, and adventure and appeals to all types of travelers.”

He noted, “We are also excited about the opportunity to connect Canberra to Asia through Batik’s extensive network.”

This is a good point; Batik Air is one of the best-connected airlines in Australia. There are now six destinations in Australia served by Batik Air, including Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne.

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It is not only Batik Air that will be increasing flight services to Bali in the coming months. Indonesia’s national carrier, Garuda Indonesia, will be ramping up its flight services come June, too.

As of 17th June, flight service between Melbourne, Sydney, and Denpasar will operate five times weekly, increasing to a daily service come 6th July 2024. 

Travelers departing from Sydney International Airport for Bali will jump aboard the GA 715, which will set off from Sydney at 10 am and will arrive in Denpasar at 2:35 pm.


The return flight, GA 714, departs from I Gusti Ngurah Rai International at 11:25 pm and will land in Sydney at 7:10 am the following day.

Tourists departing from Melbourne to Bali will travel on the GA 719 service that will take off from Tullamarine at 7 am and is set to land in Bali at 11:05 am.

The inbound journey aboard the GA 718 departs Denpasar at 10:05 pm and will land in Melbourne at 5:30 am the next morning.


The experience for tourists at Bali Airport is about to change for the better. Not only are many of the retail outlets up for tender, but the installation of new automation will help speed up the immigration process. 

In total, 90 new auto-gates will be installed in the arrivals and departures areas of the international terminals.

The addition of the auto-gates is part of a wider mission to elevate the immigration process for tourists to Indonesia’s biggest tourist destinations. 


With the Island of the Gods set to welcome over 7 million tourists in 2024, the new auto-gates will mean both the arrival and departure processes will be even simpler.

Tourists with digital visas will be able to use the auto-gates. However, the traditional immigration counters will be staffed at all times.

Tourist will still be able to buy their visa on arrival at the airport if they do not apply for the 30-day eVOA before they land. 

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Sunday 4th of February 2024

The Bogan Brigade will make Bali great again. For sure.


Sunday 4th of February 2024

Bali from Kuta to Legian, and Seminyak is the epicentre of scammers, thieves and worse. I have never experienced anything what I have had here now.

Let me tell you, they target tourists here and no one will help you. Money Exchange thieves are free to operate... Pickpocketers, bag snatchers, and targeting jewellery from tourists. Avoid any are from Denpasar including Canggu if you don't want diarrhea.


Wednesday 7th of February 2024

@Tom, In Denpasar only parts of Sanur is tourist zone. The rest of Denpasar carry almost no risk for Bali belly as cafe/restaurants rely on repeat customers and are used to deal with demanding local customers.

Outside tourist zones they also offer much more reasonable prices compared to tourist zone rip off masters. I pay 20k for an excellent latte in my area -- when move into the tourist zone close to Sanur beach the price is getting close to 100k at the hotels.

Wayan Bo

Monday 5th of February 2024

@Tom, Wondering that such criminals wasn’t shoot down yet.

Wayan Bo

Sunday 4th of February 2024

Wearing apparel of batik sarong and batik shirt will bring 50% ticket discount 🤣


Saturday 3rd of February 2024

It is a great pity that the e-Visa process continues to be a nightmare. Every day on various travel sites there are reports of travelers paying for the e-Visa and it automatically includes wrong details and the traveller has to pay again for the VOA. That is even if they have been able to complete the application process which for many is also impossible.


Monday 5th of February 2024

@Mr Bear Snr, Sounds like the coding of the web portal for VoA is not done very robust or even correctly. This is a major concern now that a lot of other visas and permits are going to be moved online.

Mr Bear Snr

Sunday 4th of February 2024

@Randy, I have done out a number of eVisas for Indonesia but got caught out. The passport issue date was wrong. I corrected it, double checked it, then paid. When I printed it the original wrong date was there. Goodbye $50. Autocorrect and AI are not as smart as they purport to be.


Saturday 3rd of February 2024

@Baliregular, helloooooo...Some TOURONS may be too careless to fill out an app then it is their own fault and NOT the site. If in doubt with the site then pay when you arrive at the airport. Simple as that. Never had a problem before with some. But the again pay when you arrive, easy and quick process.


Saturday 3rd of February 2024

Some Indonesian travelers have raised some opinions of what the International terminal airport in Bali is really like. It is very obvious that there are more foreigners passing through Bali than any Indonesian travelers. The auto gates recently have not been in operation as of yet. However, the domestic terminal is undeniably busy at any day, any week, and any month of the year.

The immigration departure passport control for Indonesians is only a small counter with two persons. There are way more Immigration counters for foreign travelers departing or arriving. It is without a doubt that Indonesians prefer leaving the country from Jakarta even if it meant to travel on a domestic flight to the main hub. There are few Indonesians leaving out the country from Bali anyway. Many Indonesians fly out from Jakarta or Surabaya internationally which has more services for Indonesian travelers at the respective International terminal airport.

More flights from Australia and beyond ...which means free for all for tourists to do as they please in Bali. Things that cannot be tolerated in the respective country of origin. Sigh.

Paul Morris

Tuesday 6th of February 2024

@petter gleeson, Randy has a big chip on his shoulders about Aussies he absolutely hates us and for over 3 years he has consistently whinged none stop about us being in Bali. What he doesn’t realise is that without Aussie tourists Bali would be a basket case, and without Australians helping many many Balinese families during the pandemic there would have been a lot more suffering. This guy will never change just another loud mouth yank who should concentrate on the shit hole he lives in which is about to descend into civil war. MAGA fool.

petter gleeson

Sunday 4th of February 2024

@Randy, hey yank you feeling unwell,you poor thing hope you get better soon yeah iam an aussie