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Bali Tourists Must Be Aware Of Huge International Conference Happening This Week

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The 10th World Water Conference is kicking off in Bali from the 18th – 25th May.

This huge international conference will see over 35,000 delegates from over 175 countries and heads of state arrive on the island to discuss water and water-related issues in Nusa Dua. 

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As preparations for welcoming ceremonies are fully underway, tourists must be aware of where and how the event could impact their vacation.

While organisations have long confirmed that the event will not impact tourist activities on the island, with so many delegates set to arrive over the coming days, tourists will undoubtedly notice more footfall at the airport, more traffic on the roads and may even encounter a ceremony or workshop or two at top water related attractions in the area. 

One of the most significant aspect of the event that tourists will notice in the coming days is security presence across the island, but especially so in the airport, around Nusa Dua and the Badung Regency area.

Speaking to the media the Commander of the Joint Regional Defence Command, M Khairil Lubis said “The security for this summit will be held by deploying more than 14,000 people, both TNI soldiers and members of the National Police and supported by the relevant government agencies.”

The Commissioner General of Police, Fadil Imran, told the press, “The momentum of the World Water Forum Summit emphasizes Indonesia’s strategic role in encouraging water management for shared prosperity.”

He added “to make this happen, of course it needs to be supported by excellent security, both security on the roads, accommodation activities and other places that will be visited by state guests and delegations.”

Tourists who have booked to stay in 5-star accommodation in The Nusa Dua resort area and Nusa Dua more broadly will encounter more security officers on duty during their stay. 

To further enhance the security operation, 1,000 Brimob officers will be on standby 24 hours a day throughout the events. Brimob is a special branch of the Indonesian paramilitary; Brimob is short for Mobile Brigade Corps.

Imran told reporters, “To anticipate contingency situations, we have prepared 1,000 Brimob personnel who are ready to be mobilized whenever needed.”

He confirmed that 43 heads of state will be in attendance, four representatives from international organisations, 194 state ministers and Advanced Indonesian cabinet ministers. 


Although over 35,000 people will be arriving on the island in connection to the event, officials at I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport have confirmed that event attendees will be processed through a dedicated immigration line in addition to the VVIP arrivals terminal.

This means that disturbance to general travelers will be kept to a minimum. 


Though most of the seminars, talks, and workshops will be held within the Nusa Dua Conference Centre, ceremonies and field trip sessions will take place across the island.

Delegates and attendees have all been invited to attend melukat ceremonies should they so wish.

Tirta Empul Temple, located just outside of Ubud, has been identified as one of the temples that will be used by delegates to conduct their water purification ceremonies during their visit to the island. 


Some events are open to the public. On Monday 20th May at 5pm the World Water Forum will host the Bali Street Carnival at the Bali Collection Area at the ITDC Nusa Dua.

The event is described as a “cultural parade inspired by the Varuna, the god of water and the ruler of the sky and sea in Hinduism as a symbol of well being.”

Delegates and the general public are invited to enjoy a series of Bali cultural paradise with a range of cultural attractions and dances added into the mix too. Entry is free though registration is advised.

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Monday 20th of May 2024

The 35,000 delegates will be treated as vip's with indiscriminate blocking of roads , total lack of respect for the Balinese and tourists. Maybe cause flight delays if departees cant get to the airport. As a mass tourist destination Bali is not suitable for conferences of this size.


Tuesday 21st of May 2024

@Boris, it is being held here in Bali because of the success of the G20 meeting. The International delegates trust with Indonesia’s ability to hold a large conference in Bali.

Do you see it ever a large conference in your own corner of the world? I beg to differ.

Wayan Bo

Saturday 18th of May 2024

It’s already nicknamed Vodka conference (Vodka mean in Russian language water) 🤣


Friday 17th of May 2024

Top security and all well choregraphed to ensure unblemished image of Bali. This as projecting a unblemished image is the main priority in Indonesia including Bali.

As such the "water conference" delegates will not be taken on field trips to inspect Bali own water crisis or shown rivers clogged with trash?


Tuesday 21st of May 2024

@Exp, Stop whining!! Do you ever see a large conference ever held in Australia ?? Hmm...let me see. NOPE. Regarding the local ecological problem in Bali is due to the mass tourism where trash, human waste and so on are clogging the eco system.

One reason the conference is being held here in Bali because of the success of the last G20 meeting that Indonesia has hosted. Indonesia is an emerging nation. Why don’t you go on YouTube and watch where Sri Mulyani gave a speech on the economy where Indonesia stands now and in the future once the new president is sworn in.

IF YOU DO NOT LIKE LIVING IN BALI...the newly installed auto gates at the airport is free to pass to travel home.

Danny Estrada

Friday 17th of May 2024

Or they could just canceled it and donate the allotted funds to local villages and communities. Think of the water it would save And the carbon footprint that would be spared or the poor Balinese that could be fed with What these bahong a crats would Eat and consume while they are here. Hypocrisy at its finest.


Tuesday 21st of May 2024

@Danny Estrada, Poor Balinese?


Friday 17th of May 2024

It's a shame those 14000 soldiers, police etc. being deployed for security, couldn't be used to clean our rivers. Seems ironic that this conference is happening here at all, really.

Joe Citizen

Friday 17th of May 2024

@Tom, 👍👍