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Tourists Assured That Renovations To Bali’s Kuta Beach Won’t Impact Their Experience

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Bali’s world-famous Kuta Beach is undergoing a serious amount of construction.

Construction teams have started to dismantle the beach wall as a part of a series of huge renovations in the Kuta area. Officials have confirmed that the construction efforts will not interfere with tourists’ experience of the beach. 

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The demolition work is already underway. A huge section of the four-kilometer wall was deconstructed late last week, most noticeably close to Hard Rock Cafe in central Kuta. 

The Head of Public Works and Spatial Planning (PUPR) Office of Badung Regency, Ida Bagus Surya Suamba, spoke with reporters to explain the work in progress. He confirmed that the wall currently runs for 4 kilometers from Kuta Beach down to Legian and Seminyak Beach.

He confirmed that the work underway at Kuta Beach is to lower the beach wall. Currently sitting 2m high, the wall will be reduced to 50-60cm in height. 

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This is part of a ‘beautification’ project happening in Kuta. The idea to lower the height of the wall is to help offer better views of the beach and ocean vista from the streets around the tourism hotspots. 

Suamba explained that the current beach walls, which are made of white stone, will be shortened and replaced with brick materials like those on Seminyak Beach.

He confirmed that the Samigita Beach Panyengker Renovation project would be completed as s collaboration between the Badung Regency PUPR Office with Bali Perkasa KSO as the Implementing Contractor. 

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Samigita Beach is the local name for the stretch of coastline that runs from Kuta Beach through Legian Beach down to Seminyak Beach. In an almost counterintuitive way, for those seeking a classic, laid-back coastal getaway with access to everything you could wish for without too much hustle, Kuta could just be the place! 

Kuta is relatively quiet nowadays, even as the high season approaches, which is partly why this new redevelopment is so well-timed.

As tourists’ attention is drawn ever-further west towards Seminyak, Canggu, and even Seseh, it’s time to start looking back at old faithfuls.

@dekadiarnaya Sunset from Kuta Beach 🌅 #sunset #beach #beach #pantaidibali ♬ suara asli – DENII

For tourists planning a visit to Kuta, there is little to worry about in terms of the redevelopment work.

Although the presence of construction teams and work on rebuilding the wall may mean that tourists have to walk around the work zones, direct access to Kuta Beach will be preserved throughout the project.

It is estimated that the work on the Kuta Beach wall will take 120 days, so work will be ongoing throughout this coming high season.

Suamba revealed that the local government is investing IDR 26,883,858,745 (USD 1.8 million) into the project. A sizable commitment to ensuring that Kuta Beach retains its charm as a leading tourism destination on the island.


Suamba assured tourists that access to the beach would remain a priority but requested that tourists are aware of the work that is underway and asked for understanding.

He added, “I hope that tourists will pay attention to the conditions of the work.”

For decades, Bali’s Kuta Beach has been one of the island’s leading tourism resorts.

A much-loved destination with Australian travelers, Kuta offered everything a holidaymaker could ask for; stunning beaches, a great range of hotels, plenty of restaurants to explore, and a buzzing nightlife scene.


Kuta Beach was once a sleepy surf town, the destination that really put Bali on the map as a holiday destination. Over the last fifty years, the area has experienced a tourism boom, and before the pandemic was easily the busiest area of Bali for tourists. 

The renovations and huge investment into the redevelopment of Kuta Beach as a destination is major news. Some travelers have shared their observations of what post-pandemic Kuta feels like.

While many can still feel the charm and beauty of the area, some people have begun to notice that Kuta is in need of a bit of a facelift if it is to stay competitive with the island’s up-and-coming tourism hotspots of Canggu and Uluwatu. 


The beautification of Kuta Beach is well underway, and the redevelopment of Kuta is bound to have tourists returning to the area in their droves, keen to soak up all the goodness that this iconic beach resort has to offer. 

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Tuesday 16th of May 2023

How about fixing the streets next, or picking up the garbage?


Wednesday 17th of May 2023

@Firechef, I went to my local Desa with photo evidence showing that my part of Bali started to look like a Jakarta shanty town overflowing with garbage. A few days later a miracle took place and at least some of the garbage was removed -- hopefully not into nearest drain culverts.


Tuesday 16th of May 2023

I’m only amazed about one thing. The boardwalk along pantai kuta has been broadened for the sake of the pedestrians? So why is the extra space taken by parked motorbikes and bakso’s? In reality there is now less more space to walk over the trottoir😩😩😩😩🥴


Wednesday 17th of May 2023

@Hans, Correct: As usual the locals expropriate public land (roads and sidewalks) for their "business". Typically they rent a tiny roadside plot of land or shophouse and then "expand" as they see fit. I almost ran over a dude one day sanding some furniture he parked half way onto the road here. Not kidding.


Tuesday 16th of May 2023

Hopefully next will be the wooden Dunnys installed along there


Tuesday 16th of May 2023

The erosion will "eat" what is left of Kuta beach in the years to come. The bogans will be homeless- no space left sitting in plastic chairs drinking bintangs. This is the evil future of Kuta beach- no more bogans. The party is over.


Tuesday 16th of May 2023

Among all the pressing issues in Bali how did this project end up on top? The wall is not damaged so this if for esthetics only?

At the same time trash collection of organic waste in Denpasar is now monthly (at least in my area). That is a major issue that need attention and money! The locals now just throw their trash bags in the nearest drain waiting for the rain washing the trash bags down to the beaches. Disgusting.

Online it is report a lot of need to repair the roads and roadside lights. Maybe divert money into these basic needs?

The police need money so they can be out in the evenings to arrest the drivers of noise motorbikes racing around at high speed without mufflers -- terrorizing locals and visitors alike.