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Big Improvements To Kuta Beach Make Iconic Sunset View Even More Magical

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Bali’c iconic Kuta Beach has undergone a series of impressive renovations in the last year. The work is nearly complete, and the beach is looking like its old self again.

Now, local leaders have announced that the magical sunset view is about to get even better.

Ariel View of Kuta Beach Bali

Local leaders have confirmed that the number of beach stalls along the Kuta Beachfront will be reduced. Yes, the immediate thought may be, what about the businesses?! Fear not; everything is in hand.

Speaking to reporters, the Head of the Customary Village of Kuta, I Wayan Wasista, explained that the number of traders along Kuta Beach would be reduced from over 1,100 to 800. This, he says, will help improve the tourist experience and preserve the view of the beach.

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He added that the reduction of traders is a straightforward process in that many of the traders are operating informal businesses without licenses and business permits. Wasista said, “If the image of Kuta Beach is damaged, who will come? Therefore, something firm is needed there.”

He explained that the Kuta Beach Management Committee and Traditional Village Council had come together to create a plan to reduce the number of traders along Kuta Beach.

He explained, “The [number of traders allowed] is final. However, the total sales volume is still under discussion. Therefore, for the remaining traders, data collection will be carried out later, including for surf school owners.”

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Langit cerah, semua indah! Hello from Kuta Beach-Bali 😉

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He shared that the reduction in traders will also help reduce the aggressive sales tactics experiences by some tourists in the area. Wasista said, “If you force the current amount [of traders], of course, it’s not good either. Yes, later, it will appear to be piling up, and it is feared that they will actually be fighting over it when selling.” Ini Pantai Kuta 🌤 #pantaikuta #kutabeach #balikami #balikamicom ♬ original sound – Sevi

Kuta Beach is Bali’s original seaside holiday destination. A popular surf spot since the 1960s, Kuta has evolved from a sleepy Balinese village to a surfing paradise to a huge tourist resort.

In recent times the town has been overlooked in favor of newer and up-and-coming beach resorts in Bali. However, local leaders are working hard to make sure that Kuta Beach doesn’t go out of fashion. And how could it?

Kuta Beach is Bali’s most iconic destination for a good reason. Loved by tourists, travelers, and holidaymakers from around the world, Kuta is especially loved by Australians, for which the beachside town is a real home-from-home.


Kuta has everything you could ask for from a beachside holiday hotspot. Incredible resort hotels truly suit every budget.

International restaurants and bars serve up local specialties and your favorites from home. Bustling market stalls selling everything you could ever want (but probably don’t need!). And then there is Kuta Beach.

The vast stretch of sandy shoreline is perfect for a holiday retreat. The sun loungers, umbrellas, and cold drinks stand stretch as far as the eye can see, punctuated by surf schools and massage counters.


Local leaders and the Bali government have invested heavily in renovating Kuta Beach. The area is now home to a free-to-use public stake park, outdoor gym, and children’s play park. The tsunami shelter has recently been completed, and the new beach wall adds to the charm of the area.

As Kuta Beach continues its revival, tourists can expect to see more and more happening in the area. When the skatepark was formally opened in early March, local leaders were quick to share how they hoped the space would attract community events, competitions, and world-class skating talent.


Kuta Beach is an ideal location to use as a base for exploring all that Bali has to offer. Just an hour from Ubud, Canggu, and Uluwatu, and just 30-minutes from the closet fast boat services to Nusa Penida, if you want to explore Bali and enjoy the most iconic sunset on the island, Kuta is the place for you.

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Saturday 1st of April 2023

Just a thought. Overwhelmingly the adverse comments on Bali development come from expats and tourists. Yes some dwell in the past and miss the 'old' Bali. It exists in many places if they got off their arses, stopped returning to the same places, complaining and don't seek it out. Tourism covers less than half of Bali. It's also egotistical. Why are you so special you rate above the standard of living for Balinese? The let's get more tourism drive reminds me of the mythical Ooh Aah Bird. It flies in ever decreasing concentric circles until it flies up it's own arsehole and self destructs.


Saturday 25th of March 2023

not only Bali but all Indonesia stucks, only improvement in chaos. hati hati it is missing a government with real skills....


Saturday 25th of March 2023

If foreigner are not allowed to rent motor bikes we WILL NOT COME BACK TO BALI


Sunday 26th of March 2023


Thank you.


Friday 24th of March 2023

The problem of Kuta beach is not the number of traders . Also not the numerous number of bars and restaurants or any other issue which is outlined here. The real problem here is the abondance of a huge amount of plastic which floods the beach every day again and again. I have pictures of a beach which is carpeted with plastic and micro-plastic. This was just last February. Who wants to swim in a sea full of plastic? I will never swim here again. That's for sure! And the beautiful sunset can be witnessed from many other places in Bali! You don't need a dirty beach fro that!


Friday 24th of March 2023

Possibly with less traders there will be less garbage left on the beach. Especially if there are bins to put your rubbish in.

Just have to cut down on those traders without proper license's.

My first experience in Kuta was in 1975. I stayed in a losman in


Sunday 26th of March 2023

@Caroline, It's not the traders leaving the garbage, it's their customers.