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Restorative Justice Agreement Reached After Bali Tourist Disrespects Sacred Mountain

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A small minority of tourists in Bali have been getting a heap of bad press in the last few weeks. And with good reason.

Following instruction from Bali’s Governor, Wayan Koster, authorities have doubled down on taking action against ‘bad bules’.

Mount Agung Bali.jpg

This has included cracking down on foreigners breaking the conditions of their visas, driving illegally, and in one high-profile case, grossly disrespecting one of Bali’s most sacred places.

There have been dozens of viral videos of ‘bules’ caught misbehaving, some of which have even led to deportations. One tourist took things a step too far.

The Russian tourist, known to the public by his first name only, Yuri, recently posted a photo of himself standing at the summit of Bali’s sacred Mount Agung with his trousers and underwear down.

Naturally, the image, posted on his Instagram account, went viral in Bali. It quickly caught the attention of the authorities and local entrepreneur and vocal social justice advocate Ni Luh Djlelanik.

The post was quickly removed from Yuri’s page, but the damage had already been done. Yuri, who does not speak English well, claimed that he did not know that he stood on holy ground, nor did he think his decision through.

Shortly after deleting the post, he posted an apology video with captions written in Bahasa Indonesia. He also tagged high-profile accounts that had shared their disgust for his original post.

Offering to pay for and earnestly take part in a cleansing ceremony and to have a constructive meeting to formally apologize for his actions, Yuri appeared humbled and resolute to do the right thing.

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Ni Luh Djelantik is a highly regarded and much-loved figure in Bali. Well known for her ability to chair restorative justice meetings between foreigners and locals. In the last few days, Djelantik facilitated Yuri’s formal apology to community leaders from Karangasem Regency.

Although the meeting was held in private, the whole event was subsequently shared on social media due to the large amount of public interest in the situation.

In a post shared on Thursday, 23rd March, which is important for anyone who has been following the ‘bad bule saga’ in Bali to read in full. Although Yuri did something many would consider unforgivable, the outcome is one of the most constructive solutions possible.

Djelantik wrote, “the result of this morning’s meeting there are two important points that Mbok Niluh needs to highlight / bottom line:

Yuri has apologized sincerely, he is very sorry for his actions and is ready to take responsibility according to tradition through the Mecaru ceremony, which will be carried out by the customary stakeholders of Mount Agung, Rendang District, Karangasem. Apart from that, Yuri is also ready to be deported for his violations based on immigration rules.”

Hikers and Climbers Walk Down From Mount Agung On A Sunny Day In Bali.jpg

The post continues, “The DO’S & The DONT’S for foreigners. Yuri and his colleague Jinn, at the request of Mbok Niluh, will be an extension of our hands in conveying a message to all her compatriots, [about] what is allowed and should not be done in Indonesia, either in the norms of the oriental, customs, culture and also the need to have official legality when opening a business / working. The message will be delivered in Russian – English – Indonesian language.”

She also thanked all the supporting parties for their cooperation and facilitation of the meeting.


Although Yuri said that he was prepared to be deported should that be a suitable punishment for his actions, it appears at this stage that he will be permitted to remain in Indonesia and play an active role in promoting good behavior by becoming a model tourist.

In his own Instagram stories, Yuri documented the day of the meeting from his perspective. Written in English and in Russian, he explained, “We held a meeting in a good atmosphere and sorted out this situation. It’s my fault, I realize. Ready to answer for your actions. I am also ready for deportation, but before leaving here, I would like to participate in the ceremony of offering to the gods, and after that, I am ready to leave Bali with a calm soul.”


He added, “The Balinese people are one of the wisest and kindest people I have ever met. Thank you for your hospitality and for your patience. This situation taught me a lot and showed me what good people there are on this planet.”

A sentiment that will resonate with many.

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Monday 27th of March 2023

Yuri knew from the beginning but just thought he was being irreverent so he posted it on IG for everyone to see. He didn't anticipate the consequences and is feigning being contrite so he can delay his deportation to Russia, for an obvious reason.


Sunday 26th of March 2023

Visitors who are permitted entry into a Country. Must not or should not disrespect the customs, beliefs and religious integrity of that Nation. If a visa or declarations are of such be made available and agreed on before entry. Then the selection process maybe an important and a positive one. This visitor whom ignored the above disrespected something so sacred and should be deported immediately. He should never get a chance of redemption as he is trying to predict his sentence. Which means he's stating that l admit l did offend you, but this is what l feel my sentence should be. He should permanently be refused re-entry.

Na Kolohe

Sunday 26th of March 2023

Just ban Russians from VOA. He's just boosting his IG views with this insincere gesture. He knew exactly what he was doing. Deport him and have Putin send him to the Ukraine war front.

Lester Pike

Sunday 26th of March 2023

The once charming town Ubud is now like living in a Slavic refugee camp. Tattooed shirtless, helmetless fighting age Slavic men race around on N-Max’s with no regard for anyone else’s safety with a blond haired floozy on the back with their living room drapes for clothing flowing behind them. And when they stop they park wherever they like, those parking spaces are for other people. Baby strollers abound, screaming un-behaved blond haired kids everywhere running amok. Shoplifting is rife. Barefoot Russians with their stinky feet propped up on all the furniture sit in all the restaurants for hours and smoke.

Their naturally abhorrent behavior to every other race of people on this planet is now the norm in Bali. They simply cannot fit in here. And when they get caught out they do a big apology for everyone and laugh about it when they get home. They are so arrogant and proud of themselves, like they own the place, which they will in a short time. These people will not change, if they can’t turn this into a vassal state of Russia they will leave.

The natural kindness of the Balinese is only seen as weakness, the local men all too excited to have a tall blond holding their arm. How many times does a local guy whisper in my ear “I want to try one of those girls’. Back home they are ruled by iron fists and that’s all they know. If the Balinese think a little purification ceremony with some incense and a little bell is going to change these mongrel invaders how wrong they are. Don't let Balinese history repeat itself with another Puputan.


Sunday 26th of March 2023

Untermensch from Russia. What else is new?

Wayan Bo

Monday 27th of March 2023

@BaliDuck, = Nazi from Germany, roaster candidate.