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Safety Improvements At Bali’s Kuta Beach Ensure Destination Remains Family Favorite

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The team responsible for the upkeep of Bali’s Kuta Beach is working around the clock to ensure that the destination remains a family favorite. In recent months the whole area has undergone a series of impressive renovations to give the classic coastal vacation town a fresher feel.

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Now officials are taking their commitment one step further and installing CCTV cameras along the beach to make tourists feel even safer.

Sadly, Kuta Beach started to get a bit of a negative reputation for safety. A series of phone thefts and an attack on a young local couple late at night, although an anomaly, gave people a reason to put Kuta on pause.

That’s all changing; however, police in the area, along with traditional leaders who play just as important roles in ensuring public safety, have committed to making Kuta feel like Kuta again. And it’s working. Ini Pantai Kuta 🌤 #pantaikuta #kutabeach #balikami #balikamicom ♬ original sound – Sevi

Speaking to reporters this week, the Head of the Kuta Beach Arrangement Coordination Team, I Gusti Anom Gumanti, announced that ten new CCTV cameras have been installed at strategic locations across the Kuta Beach area.

He said, “Talking about CCTV needs at Kuta Beach is indeed very much. The stretch of beach reaching 4 kilometers certainly requires a lot of CCTV. However, currently, we have received 10 units that come from CSR assistance through Kominfo.” It looks like more cameras will be installed in due course, not only at Kuta Beach but spanning towards German Beach to the southeast and Legian Beach to the west.

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Gumanti continued, “We put the high-quality CCTV at the beach entrance. This is part of our efforts in supervising tourists, thus increasing a sense of security and comfort. In addition, when a crime occurs, of course, the existence of this CCTV can help the police.” Police patrols of the Kuta Beach area have already been stepped up.

Not only are the patrols longer than this time last year, but more personnel have been deployed to keep a close eye on activity in the area. This police presence has had a positive impact; tourists generally feel positive about officers in the area who are generally patrolling in a relaxed and open manner. Friendly and observant, the police are really there to be of assistance to any tourists in need.


Sunset hari ini di Pantai Kuta-Bali (18/11/21)

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Gumanti said that he wants to see more CCTV cameras installed in the area and throughout Bali’s popular beach areas. The presence of CCTV cameras works to benefit all. It helps stamp out crime and also makes it easier for authorities to identify tourists behaving badly. While the vast majority of tourists and visitors in Bali behave themselves and respect the law and local customs, things have been getting a little out of hand recently.


In the ultra-popular resort area of Canggu, there has been a rise in tourists breaking the law, especially when it comes to hiring motorcycles. Police have reported a rise in foreigners riding motorcycles without helmets, without sufficient clothing, and, more often than not, without a driving license.


Authorities have announced that they will be launching a public awareness campaign on billboards in Bali’s busiest tourist areas to kindly remind tourists of the law and local customs. It’s simple, really, wear a helmet and only drive if you have a license and insurance.

Bali is very accepting when it comes to western taste in clothing, but it kinda goes without saying that bikinis and tiny swim shorts are for the beach and the poolside only. If in doubt, stick a shirt and sarong on! And that goes for everyone!


Bali’s beaches are some of the safest in the world for tourists to kick back and enjoy their vacation or stop on their backpacking adventure. Without a doubt, right now, the beaches of Canggu are the most popular with international visitors.

Want to get off the beaten track but still feel the island vibes? Head to Uluwatu, check out Padang Padang Beach, or Thomas Beach, for a relaxed coastal retreat.

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Sunday 12th of March 2023

Please stop erecting more Billboards...Its a big mess already, Rich Kids with their smiling faces plastered on billboards all over rural and urban Bali now reminding me to enjoy some holiday, or which political party they belong to.

Wayan Bo

Friday 10th of March 2023

After each case of death we call it just “The beach of Iwo Jima”.


Friday 10th of March 2023

But the toilets still not open!! Hygienic is not important ?? Better focus on the important parts then only the display!


Friday 10th of March 2023

China made and expensive CCTV are selling like hotcakes in Indonesia.

Why not direct the resources into more important things like basic infrastructure; garbage collection and handling, drain systems, sewage treatment, roads and parking. Urban planning. It is all about instant gratification (money in the pocket) instead of focus on long term outcome!

In my area and increasing problem is electricity and internet cables that are crisscrossing above the road and sometimes fall down causing accidents. Sidewalks reserved for pedestrians are blocked by ever increasing number of metal poles, maybe 10 or more at one spot to support cables! No co-ordination, no plans. It is every man for himself!


Friday 10th of March 2023

The billboards will be useless and just more street clutter. Tourists already know the regulations about riding a scooter and ignore them. The same goes for antisocial and bad behaviour.