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Biggest Coffee Shop In Southeast Asia Opens In Bali

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Bali is the coffee capital of South East Asia. Home to some of the most trendy and innovative coffee shops and roasters on the continent, the race to be the best is never-ending.

This week, Bali celebrates the opening of the biggest coffee shop in Southeast Asia in the coffee capital of the island.

Coffee machine cafe.jpg

Pahdi Speciality Coffee has celebrated its launch this week in the heart of Bali’s coffee capital, Kintamani.

The grand opening event was held on 23rd August and attended by many of the island’s most highly regarded coffee connoisseurs.

Pahdi Speciality Coffee is gorgeous inside and out. Boasting incredible views of Mount Batur, Lake Batur, Truynan Hill, and Mount Abang, this is going to be THE place to experience the best coffee culture in Bali for a long time to come.

Now open for everyone to enjoy, Pahdi Speciality Coffee is open from 10 am until 7 pm daily. According to the Pahdi team, the cafe’s culture has its foundation laid in the Balinese concept of Panca Maha Bhunta.

The concept is a guiding philosophy in Balinese Hinduism that symbolizes the symbiotic and harmonious relationship between air, fire, water, earth, and liminal space. 

The founders of Asia’s biggest coffee shop, Sang Made Dwiky Surya Nareswara and Sang Gede Agus Rico Pratama, say, “Pahdi Specialty Coffee is a culmination of dreams woven into reality, a space where every cup & dish resonates with the symphony of Kintamani’s nature.” 

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They continue, “It’s an ode to the forces that shape our world & a testament to the unity of community & culture…the Pahdi team welcomes you to join us in this enchanting journey, where every sip, every bite & every moment is an exploration of the extraordinary.”

Speaking at the launch, even the duo shared, “This coffee shop carries a modern tropical concept inspired by the natural beauty of Kintamani. This is evidenced by the panoramic view of Mount and Lake Batur, which is displayed as a background.”

Both Nareswara and Pratama graduated from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, and are clearly marrying together the refined and up-market cafe vibes of Victoria with the creativity and artistry of the Balinese culture.

The duo is committed to showcasing and promoting the finest coffee in Indonesia.

Naturally, they will put Kintamani coffee at center stage, for Kintamani beans are grown just minutes away from the cafe itself. Together, they will be bringing Indonesia’s wildly diverse coffee beans to Kintamani.

They shared that Pahdi Specialty Coffee is opening with four house coffee roasts, two from Kintamani, and the other two will be on regular rotation to highlight the wide range of coffee grown around Indonesia.

They added, “In two weeks, we may use coffee beans from Mount Halu, West Java, or Mount Ijen, East Java. The point is that we really highlight 100 percent of Indonesian coffee beans.”  

The coffee menu brings together traditional coffee brewing with the innovation the Bali coffee scene is well known for.

The specialty cold brew menu features flavor combinations not yet seen anywhere else on the island.

The Bunga Osmantus Cold Brew brings together the finest Kintamani coffee beans brewed with the fruitful aromas of the osmanthus flower for a light and refreshing cold brew.

For something more punchy on the cold brew front, be sure to try the Jahe, a cold brew Kintamani coffee infused with locally sourced fiery ginger.

Aside from the classic cappuccinos and lattes, the hot coffee menu is as innovative as the cold brew selection.

The Seaweed is a signature coffee concoction at Pahdi Speciality Coffee, incorporating a hint of matcha and tastes of the sea for an antioxidant-rich caffeinated kick. 

The food menu has plenty to explore and brings together flavors of Bali, the Indonesian archipelago, and the world for an indulgent and nourishing treat.

Cafe classics like avocado toast and eggs Benedict feature high on the breakfast menu. A range of snacks from around Indonesia are the perfect accompaniment to a Kintamani coffee.

Be sure to try the marinated chicken wings Ayam Tangkap Aceh with the Singkong Sambal Roa spicy chips and dip. 

Pahdi Specialty Coffee can be found on Penelokan Main Road, Central Batur, Kintamani. 

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Wayan Bo

Friday 25th of August 2023

It’s funny for country which culture belongs more to tea. Anyway, Balinese coffee is light years far from Brazilian coffee which is worlds best.


Friday 25th of August 2023

This "coffee shop" is built at the edge of a very steep hill probably 200 meter or more above the valley below - an area susceptible to landslide. From the road level it is probably 25 meter or more down to ground at the viewing deck.

These huge and ugly concrete structures can be seen from Black lava camp in the valley below. Real eyesores.

I cannot understand why this place and many others along the same road got a permit by the authorities to build these monster structures at a very dangerous location. When a medium large earthquake arrive all these building will end up at the bottom of the hill.

The same money approach as the illegal buildings at Bingin beach.


Thursday 24th of August 2023

I'm back to Bali in 2 wks, & this one looks like its well worth exploring.