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This Is Bali’s Best Street For Coffee Shops — And It’s Not Where You Think

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Think you know where the best place to find coffee in Bali is? If you’re thinking of Ubud, Canggu, or even Uluwatu, you’re wrong! Ever heard of Penelokan Main Road? Or perhaps you have heard of Kintamani? Not only is Penelokan Main Road home to some of the best coffee shops in Bali, but each and every one of them offers a truly unique landscape to enjoy while you sip on your local brew.

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Jalan Raya Penelokan, which merges into Penelokan Main Road, is lined with some of the best coffee shops in Bali. They are in-cred-ib-le! The street sits high on the final ridge before Bali’s sacred Mt Batur.

Each of the coffee shops that line the length of Jalan Raya Penelokan features breathtaking views of the volcano and the glistening Lake Batur that is nestled quietly to the side.

Cafe hopping around Ubud, Canggu, and Uluwatu is pretty fun, but cafe hopping along Jalan Raya Penelokan is next level. Start at the top of the street at the gorgeous Himalila, then on to Paperhills, all the way down to Okuta.

By the end of the day, you’ll be beyond wired from all the caffeine, but you’ll have soaked in the very from every angle incrementally. And the view really does offer something new at every angle.

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One of the most popular coffee shops in this part of Kintamani is AKASA Kintamani Coffee. This super cool, brushed concrete cafe, adorned with rattan furniture and the perfect amount of house plants, offers one of the best views of Mount Batur you could ask for.

The cafe is perfectly laid out so that every table and every chair faces out towards the mountain with an unobscured view. There are, of course, Instagram photo spots dotted throughout the multi-level cafe. You can pose with your piccolo at the tea table or cozy up with a cappuccino in the hanging nest chair.

The staff is incredibly attentive, and if you’re traveling solo, are more than happy to help you get those all-important photos. All this before you’ve even ordered a coffee made using beans that are locally grown and roasted on-site. What more could you ask for? The food menu offers something for everyone too.

Getting a clear view of Mount Batur, even from this close, is still a bit of a hit-and-miss. Naturally, clouds circle around the summit and crater, but thankfully they do tend to blow through quite quickly. Even if the clouds are covering the top of the mountain, the views of the vast expanse of lowland and Lake Batur and more than worth the trip. Other fantastically Instagrammable cafes with equally fantastic coffee along Kintamani’s Penelokan Main Road include Attalas (yes, with two t’s!), Mahen Cafe, and Vedzpresso Coffee.


Kintamani is about a one-hour drive from the center of Ubud. One of the best ways to experience Kintamani is to arrive early for coffee and mountain views and then set off to explore the area once you’ve fuelled up at your chosen cafe on Penelokan Main Road. Being a mountainous area, there are a number of great walking trails in the area, ranging from a steady stroll to a full-effort hike.

It is recommended to hire a guide. Taking a walk around Lake Batur is a beautiful way to see Mount Batur, Mount Abang, and on a clear day, Mount Agung from closer to sea level. From the cafes along Penelokan Main Road, it almost feels like you’re looking at the summit at eye level.


If you’re looking to learn more about Kintamani, the volcanos of Bali, and local cultural heritage, be sure to visit the Mount Batur Geopark Museum, which is only a few hundred meters further up Penelokan Main Road than the hub of coffee shops. The museum showcases everything you need to know about the stunning UNSECO Mount Batur Geopark.

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