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More Cultural Tourism Experiences Will Be Launched in Bali’s Uluwatu 

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Travel data shows that tourists in Bali are more and more interested in learning about the island’s cultural heritage. This ranges from trying traditional foods to visiting historical landmarks.

One of the most engaging ways to learn about Balinese Hindu culture is through visiting temples and attending cultural dances. 

Hanouman at Kecak Dance Uluwatu Bali.jpg

The resort of Uluwatu in Bali, which sits on the western half of the Bukit Peninsula, is Bali’s most in-demand tourist destination right now.

The area was once a spot reserved for intrepid surfers and off-the-beaten-track backpackers, but. Now Uluwatu is amongst the busiest tourist destinations in South East Asia. 

With growing attention on the area and with more tourists wanting to experience a Tate of Balinese culture, managers at Uluwatu Temple have announced that they will be expanding their offering.

Uluwatu Temple is one of the island’s leading tourist attractions and remains an open and thriving place of worship for Balinese Hindus. 

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Uluwatu Temple is famous for the troops of increasingly naughty monkeys who roam the grounds and for the stunning oceanside amphitheater where nightly performances of the fiery Kecak dance are held.

The Manager of Uluwatu Temple Tourism, Wayan Wijana, told reporters, “We are committed to reviving our cultural richness in Pecatu Village by providing free attractions that allow young people in Pecatu to explore and express their artistic skills.”

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New programs on offer at the temple will include more Kecak performances as well as gamelan orchestral performances and other magical Balinese dances.

Free events, workshops, and performances will be held every week, especially for tourists. Wijana and his teams feel that this will bring about multiple benefits.

Tourists will have more opportunities to engage in Balinese culture for free, and young people in the area will have a deviated space to explore and develop their relationship with their ancestral art, culture, history, and land.

More details on specific workshops, performances, and activities will be shared soon.

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Wijana said that new energy is being breathed into Uluwatu Temple. A number of the Kecak dancers have turned 60 years of age in the last few months and have now formally retired from the show.

They have been replaced by younger dancers who are ready and excited to step into the spotlight. 

Wijana shared, “In an effort to ensure the continuity of the Kecak art, we have replaced a number of elderly dancers with the next generation.“

He added, “Visitors not only enjoy the natural beauty, but can also see Balinese culture with various attractions here.” 


Uluwatu Temple, known locally by its Balinese name Pura Luhur Uluwatu, is open for tourists to visit seven days a week.

Tourists must wear a sarong and wear a modest t-shirt or shirt that covers the shoulders. Entry costs IDR 50,000 per adult and IDR 20,000 per child.

The temple is open from 7 am until 6 pm every evening. However, during certain festivals and holy days, some or all of the temple may be closed to visitors to prioritize the space for worshippers. 

Uluwatu temple

Aside from the deep spiritual energy of the temple, the incredible ocean views, and the range of cultural performances and activities to explore, the monkeys are one of the most popular attractions at the temple.

Tourists are often reminded that although the monkeys at Uluwatu Temple are used to people, they are ultimately wild…and clever.


There are hundreds of videos online of tourists having their valuable items, phones, glasses, jewelry, cameras, etc, held for ransom by monkeys who have learned that they get bribed with food if they take things from humans.

Temple staff are home hand to mitigate any cheeky monkeys, but it is certainly best to leave valuable items behind when visiting the monkeys at Uluwatu Temple.

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