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Bali Tourism Chief Denies Overtourism On Island

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The Head of the Bali Tourism Office has denied that the island is experiencing over-tourism.

Tjok Bagus Pemayun told reporters that the busy Eid vacation season was a positive sign of growth but that overtourism has not been experienced and won’t be present any time soon. 

Tourists on beanbags at Seminyak Beach

Speaking to reports and reflecting upon a successful Eid holiday period in Bali, Pemayun said that both international and domestic visits are growing steadily.

He told reporters “We see tourist visits from April 3rd to April 13th 2024, the number of domestic tourist visits was 171,626 people and 199,427 tourists. When compared with 2023, this will increase by around 10 to 20 percent in 2024.”

Still in reference to the Eid holiday, Pemayun continued, “Tourists use the air the most; domestically, there are 1,146 flights, and international flights, there are 1,059 flights. So if you look at the domestic visits, the arrival was extraordinary during the Eid holiday.”

Looking forward, Pemayun said that the island’s most popular resorts remain unchanged with tourists all putting Canggu, Ubud, Kintamani and Uluwatu high on their preferred itineraries.

Pemayun explained to reporters “We from the Bali Provincial Tourism Office always urge managers to always be ready and monitor the facilities. So that visitor comfort is guaranteed.”

He added, “Bali must always be ready, because as a tourist destination, the world knows no time. Bali must be ready at all times, whatever the event. However, when there is a special day, you must be even more prepared.”

When asked about the potential for overtourism on the island, Pemayun was not concerned. He said, “We are not saying that Bali has overtourism. If we look at the data on the number of rooms available, let alone the number of tourists at attractions, it can still accommodate tourist visits. The only problem is on the roads so that there are no traffic jams.”

Similarly in a recent statement issued by the Indonesian Minister for Tourism and Creative Economies, Sandiaga Uno, he too was not concerned that overtourism was on the horizon for Bali as a whole.

He noted that high levels of tourism in certain locations need to be monitored carefully. 

Minister Uno told reporters, “Actually, as Bali is an island, there is no overtourism, but in the south [there], Bali is. Because everything is concentrated only in Nusa Dua and South Bali, there can indeed be a significant increase in burden.”

As he has called for many times before, Minister Uno encouraged tourism providers and tourists to explore destinations outside of the south of Bali.

This, he feels, will help distribute tourism more evenly, reduce the negative impacts associated with mass and overtourism, and help support small communities around the island. 


The first solution to the problem of over-concentration of tourism in the south of Bali is to better promote areas in the north, east, and west of the island.

Flagship destinations in these areas include the West Bali National Park, Lovina, and Amed, each of which are established and underrated tourism destinations for a wide range of travel demographics.


The second solution he outlines is to establish more cultural events and incentives for tourists to visit the island and, finally, to really tap into the potential between East Java and West Bali as a combined destination. 

While neither the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economies and the Bali Provincial Tourism Office are panicking about overtourism, that doesn’t mean that industry leaders are redoing on their laurels.


Popular attractions like Penglipuran Village have already announced that they are preemptively mitigating the impacts of overtorusim in the area. Leading professors have also been issuing warnings to the government and the tourism industry to consider the future when making business decisions today. 

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Wednesday 8th of May 2024

If a long standing, seemingly unresolvable problem keeps bugging you, you reach a point where you, not the cause are at fault. Continual repetitive ineffectual complaining not only gives you the shits, but also those who may be able to help you.


Wednesday 8th of May 2024

Read the following posts and see how many are repetitive and ineffectual. Yes, there's many things that can give you the shits. I stay here because what I enjoy and value far outweighs them. RI has the absolute right to make decisions about it's development and growth. If at times it seems counterproductive so what? Some are mistakes, so what? Many countries, including the western powerhouses developed this way. Expats and tourists are not pribumi, rakyat. We're guests. Don't like or can't handle it? Go home or at least stop the repetitive ineffectual whinges.


Wednesday 8th of May 2024

This minister must think that if he says that Bali is not suffering from over tourism, we're going to believe him. I certainly don't. Traffic is horrendous, and the infrastructure can't handle it. This is everyday.


Sunday 5th of May 2024

thankfully all of the tourism Ministers and Regional Directors and every other government minister are not the real arbiters of whether or not Bali is over-touristed. The tourist THEMSELVES will get the word out, one way or the other....regarding the v frequent and long traffic jams, the amount of trash on the beaches, or that comes up out of the drains and sewers after the bigger rain falls, or the crowded beaches, or the long lines at the "swings"....I don't think any official would ever say that any area is over-touristed. The cash coming in is the most important consideration, and they are never in the circumstance of an ordinary tourist themselves. Government officials are well-insulated from the tourist crush. Those official motorcades are a wonderful thing to have (not to endure, but to have). There is no incentive or benefit for them ever saying Bali is over-touristed. But that's okay, because the tourists, and the media, will spread the word, one way or the other...


Monday 6th of May 2024


Obviously repeated postings hasn't worked.

Are others, particularly locals, in your street also complaining? Are your local streets/gangs controlled by a local resident banjar?

Friends living in Dalung have put in speed bumps. Works a treat.

On the wider scale you won't stop it, but it moves the problem further afield.


Sunday 5th of May 2024

@baliblest, "Government officials are well-insulated from the tourist crush. Those official motorcades are wonderful" ?

Is that why I never see any traffic police in my area in south Denpasar? The youngsters drives people crazy with their incessant speeding up and down the road on noisy motorbikes -- often taking off from the benkels they work at. If you talk to them you receive no sympathy -- only threats. Where is the police? Why is nothing done?


Saturday 4th of May 2024

There is not too much tourism. There is too much development due to endless greed and speculation. Technically the existing infrastructures are more than sufficient to welcome everyone and even more. Hotel occupancy is never above 50%


Sunday 5th of May 2024

@John, The sidewalks beyond GWK toward Pura Uluwatu has not been built. When there is a downpour, there is one stretch of a road that gets flooded in one particular area. And course the decision lies on the local governmental district to improve the infrastructure if they really want to see tourists more comfortable with the Uluwatu area.