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Heavy Rain In Bali’s Canggu Leads To Flooded Roads, And Photo Opportunities

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Bali’s monsoon season is in full swing. Weather warnings from the Center for Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics in Denpasar are in place until Friday, 27th January, and will likely be extended. The monsoon season brings with it a higher risk of landslides, flooded roads, and damage to buildings and old trees caused by storms.

For some people, namely tourists in Bali, this rainy season is proving to be a chance to get that all-important social media content. As roads flooded in the ultra-popular tourism resort of Canggu, one tourist took the opportunity to generate some new content.

Woman jumping into a puddle in the rain

Local social media news accounts share news updates and videos generated by local people all across the island on a nearly minute-by-minute basis. Many roads in Denpasar have flooded. Some became flooded late last during heavy rains, while others saw water rising during the midday downpour.

Police have attended to an upturned car in a rice paddy in the residential area of Jalan Mekar in Pemogan, Denpasar. Videos of flooded roads have also been recorded on Jalan Kenyeri Denpasar and parts of Jalan Canggu Padang Linjong: the road that runs between Apotek Ganesh, past Crate Cafe to Visxity Coffee.

As locals and tourists find ways to reroute themselves around impassable roads (or brave driving through), one tourist in Canggu had other ideas. The video, shared by the Instagram account @TheCangguPole, was first posted on @marvins_memories IG story. In the video, a young woman wearing a bikini can be seen posing in the monsoon downpour. The scene is attracting plenty of attention online, but it seems the parking assistant for the cafe may end up becoming the star of the show.

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The as-yet-unidentified tourist can be seen posing on a parked motorbike, throwing her hair around in the rain, and striking pose after pose. All this while her friend is capturing the moment on her phone. But what juxtaposes the whole scene is the waterproof-clad parking assistant who is holding an umbrella over the friend who is taking the video, himself standing in the rain with his hood up. The video is accompanied by Umbrella by Rihanna.

Amassing over 3,000 likes in just an hour, the comments section makes for amusing reading. The caption from The Canggu Pole ‘Masuk Angin has entered the chat…call the coroner I’ve passed away..the security guy’ accompanied by crying emojis. Masuk Angin translates to mean ‘to catch a cold.’

One comment reads, “I’m doing rainy season wrong,” as another writes, “Mandatory IQ and EQ test for VOA’. Others have joked that the tourist dancing in the rain will need a Tolak Angin, the local herbal cold and flu remedy. Though more comments are praising and sending empathetic appreciation for the car guard who made the whole photoshoot possible.


The rain may provide content opportunities for some tourists, but for all people in Bali, the weather warnings issued but the Center for Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics are to be taken seriously. In a press statement issued on the 25th of January, officials from the BMKG Bali are urging the public to stay safe over the next few days.


The statement regarding weather warnings from 25-27th January reads, “The public is urged to remain vigilant and careful about the impact of disasters that can arise, such as strong winds. fallen trees, lightning/lightning, floods, puddles, and landslides”.


“In addition, users and operators of sea transportation services, fishermen, marine tourism and people who are active around coastal areas, are advised to be aware of the potential increase in wind speed and sea waves with heights reaching 2.0 m or more in the southern part of the Bali Strait, Badung Strait, [and] the southern part of the Lombok Strait…[and the] Indian Ocean south of Bali.”

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Wayan Bo

Friday 27th of January 2023

How nice, convertibles converts into bathtubs 🛁


Friday 27th of January 2023

The lead photo shows us an ignoramus on holiday. Sloshing about barefoot on sidewalks in the rain is a great way to pick up a life threatening disease. It’s not fun, sexy, exotic or cool…. It’s dangerous. Leptospiosis, rabies, ringworm salmonella….these are just from the dog shit. There’s a hundred other diseases you can pick up from human shit, bat shit, sewage, corpses. Hepatitis will ruin your life, never mind infringe on your drinks-splashy time. Whether you have an open sore or large pores on your face, open water, standing water can be deadly. And don’t get me started on dirty local restaurants and ice cubes.

Wayan Bo

Friday 27th of January 2023

@Jwest, Kamikaze tourists underway.

Christopher Ellis

Friday 27th of January 2023

The vanity of these bimbos is laughable. The parking attendant should of told them to hold the umbrella themselves. Modern youth of these days are a joke


Saturday 28th of January 2023

@Christopher Ellis, Facts- and it will only get worse.