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This Weekend’s Supermoon Raises Risk Of Tidal Flooding At Bali’s Most Popular Beaches

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The Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Center (BBMKG) in Denpasar have warned the public about the increased risk of tidal flooding over the new moon. The beginning of this new lunar cycle is marked by a New Supermoon, which is the term used to describe a new moon that occurs when the moon is at the closest point of its orbit of the earth. Weather officials have issued warnings for tidal flooding on twenty-six of Bali’s most popular tourist beaches. 

Waves From The Sea Hit Rocks And Cliffs at Nusa Lembongan Island Off Bali.

The Head of Data and Information for the BBMKG in Bali, Nyoman Gede Wirajaya, issued warnings to the press. He explained that the tidal floods are anticipated to occur between Saturday 21st, and Wednesday 25th. He urged the public to take extra precautions while visiting the beach, irrespective of whether they venture into the water or not.

Wirajaya said that the new superman increases the maximum tide height, in turn increasing the risk of tidal flooding, especially along the southern beaches. He said, “based on monitoring of water level data and predictions of tides, tidal floods have the potential to occur on several coasts of Bali Island.”

He added, “There are a total of 26 beaches that tidal flooding has the potential to hit during the next week.” Of these 26 beaches with tidal flood warnings, very few have lifeguard posts, and so it is up to the public to exercise caution if they venture to the coast. If tidal flooding does occur, local community leaders may choose to close their beaches for public safety. 

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The beaches that have been issued weather warnings include Kuta Beach, Seminyak Beach, Legian Beach, Nusa Dua Beach, Pandora Beach, Batu Bologna Bech, Balian Beach, Padang-Padang Beach, Serangan Beach, More Beach, Sanur Beach and Tanah Lot Beach. All of which are the most popular beaches for tourists in Bali. 

Wirajaya has warned the public against all but essential travel by sea. The warning has been extended to maritime workers such as fishermen, advising them to assess conditions before setting off from shore. Coastal businesses such as salt ponds, seaweed farms, and inland fisheries have also all been advised that rising tides over the next five days could impact their operations.

Coastal businesses, coastal homes, and visitors to coastal areas must be aware of both rising tidal waters and high waves. Wirajaya concluded, “To anticipate unwanted things, it is hoped that the public will always be vigilant and update any information that we release.”


The Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Center (BBMKG) in Denpasar issued up-to-date forecasts on their website and social media accounts. The Instagram account for BBMKG Bali is @bmkgbali, and more information regarding weather and climatology can be found at @iklim_bali – an account also managed by the BBMKG for Bali. 


The new supermoon marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year festival. The event will be celebrated across Bali, including in the island’s own Chinatown on Jalan Gajah Mada in Denpasar. Temple leaders from Dharmayana Kuta Temple on Jalan Blambangan, Legian, have invited the public to come and observe ceremonies and celebrations over the weekend.

Heavy rain is forecast to hit all regencies in Bali over the weekend, once again increasing the risk of flooding, fallen trees, and landslides. Heavy rain caused flooding in Jembrana Regency earlier this week, causing extensive damage to 71-homes across three villages. 


A burst water pipe in Nusa Dua caused localized flooding along Jalan Darmawangsa, Benoa Village. Locals and tourists in Seminyak were left digested at the smell of rising sewer water flooding residential roads. The recurring flooding has been bought to the attention of local authorities, who have agreed that work will be carried out to remove blockages in the wastewater management system. 

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Wayan Bo

Sunday 22nd of January 2023

Full moon is in 14 days and 12 hours.


Monday 23rd of January 2023

@Wayan Bo, new moon, not full moon