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Indonesia Announces Online Visa Extension That Will Save Bali Tourists Time

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Indonesia’s Minister of Law and Human Rights and the Directorate General of Immigration has publicly announced a new way for tourists to extend their visas. It is now possible for tourists in Indonesia who entered the country on a visa on arrival or an electronic visa on arrival to apply to extend their stay online. The news comes as a part of the newly appointed Director General Silmy Karim’s plans to digitize as much of Indonesia’s Immigration operations as possible.


Director Karim issued a statement to reporters in Jakarta on Thursday, 27th January. He also outlined how the upgrades to the Department of Immigration website also make it easy for investors to apply for the newly created second home visa. Director Karim said, “coinciding with Immigration’s anniversary, now foreigners can apply for tourist visit visas and pre-investment (second home visas) on the website. The launch of this new service using online payment methods”.

The e-visa on arrival service was launched in November 2022 and is available for citizens from 87 countries. The new service allows tourists who are planning to visit Indonesia for 30 days for tourism, leisure, or specific business-related activities. It remains the case that the visa on arrival can be extended one time for an additional 30 days. Perhaps the most exciting update for tourists to Indonesia is that this extension of the tourist visa on arrival can now be applied for online and from any device. 

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In order to apply for the e-visa on arrival, or an extension, visitors much first register on the immigration website. They must fill in basic details and upload a copy of their passport and a passport photo. Once completed, a verification email will be sent to them. Once the account is activated, travelers can apply for their e-VOA or VOA extension. When the e-VOA is approved, provided all the details are entered correctly, the visa documents will be delivered by email. For the extension, the website guides users through the application process. The same account details and website can be used to apply for a second home visa

This will save tourists wishing to stay longer than 30 days in Bali on a VOA lots of time. As has been the case until now, tourists must visit their nearest Immigration Office three separate times to extend their VOA if they are not enlisting the services of a visa agent. On the first visit, they submit the application. On the second visit is a short interview and checking of biometric records, and on the third visit, tourists can collect their visa extension. Now the extension application can be completed online. 


Director Karim has pledged to bring Indonesia’s immigration operations up to a gold standard. In a press release issued on 19th January, he said, “Immigration must shift, meaning we digitize, which is the direction of economic contribution through good and user-friendly service. Digitization will also be heavy on surveillance and prosecution to immigration intelligence. That way, the power of Immigration in guarding the Indonesian entrance will be more solid.”


He shared his visions of what the future of immigration services for Indonesians and foreigners could look like. He added, “I have a dream that in the future, Indonesian Immigration will be so up-to-date, a good example for other countries for their fields. I hope, one day our passport can use the application, so it will be even easier. Physical passports remain, but can also be represented with applications, for example using QR Codes, such as in Qatar. At the airport there is also a rapid autogate to reduce dependence on humans”


Director Karim said that with the new streamlined services will come new opportunities for foreigners in Indonesia. “Later we will prepare interesting packages [of immigration services] that allow foreigners to enjoy vacation and do business in Indonesia. We continue to develop big data and a special supporting system.” 

It remains the case that extensions to the B211a socio-cultural visa, also referred to as the digital nomad visa, must be extended in person at an immigration office within Indonesia. 

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Wayne Bartholomew

Sunday 5th of March 2023

I flew in and bought the VOA arrival, so this means I can not extend online?


Monday 30th of January 2023

If VoA can be extended online, why not just offer a 60 days VoA for 1Juta in the first place?

Julie Gilbert

Saturday 28th of January 2023

Hurrah at last. Very happy that the VOA one month extension for aditional month now also being offered online. Well done Bali officials. 👏 also could you just offer monthly extensions continuously? So after the 2nd ex tension you could reapply ? Anyway it's a good time saver starting point. People will be very happy. Families need a discount on Visas. A set family rate of $50 aud no matter how many children. Also visa extension $25 aud.


Saturday 28th of January 2023

Dissatisfied travelers will be speaking out again on this Visa on Arrival. A never ending story. Some will be glad to hear that there is a way to apply in advance and that it can also be extended once you are inside the country. And some will become constipated with the Bali belly upon hearing that the fees on the visa on arrival have not been abolished.

Nonetheless according to an article from CNBC that Singapore's International visitor arrivals reached 6.3 million in 2022. About 1.1 million visitors came from Indonesia, the highest number of arrivals from any country in the world.

Singapore has known to be the Indonesians'playground whereas Bali is known more for the Australians' playground. However Indonesians do not complain while visiting Singapore that tends to be always an expensive stay rather than Bali which is a cheaper destination where your money can go further on a longer stay. And that tells you the choice of destination that attracts certain economic level of travelers to Bali.

Jette Torp

Saturday 28th of January 2023

I would like to get the nrws from Bali