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Bali Aims To Have 140,000 Electric Motorcycles On The Streets By 2026

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The government of Bali has set a target to have 140,000 electric motorcycles on the island’s streets by 2026. The ambitious 3-year target comes as leaders endeavor to reduce carbon emissions across Bali and create a sustainable transition to a greener future. The target comes as part of the launch event for the Regional Action Plan for the Acceleration of Electric Battery Vehicles on Thursday, 26th January. 

Electric Mopeds Lines Up On Street.

The Head of the Bali Transportation Office, I Gede Wayan Samsi Gunarta, told reporters at a press event, “There is a target of carbon emission reduction of 41 thousand tons in 2026, with the target of the use of 140 thousand units of electric motorcycles, 5,719 units of electric cars, and 50 units of electric buses.” These targets have been calculated based on the emissions target set by the central government of Indonesia. 

Governor Koster was present at the launch event and shared his optimism for the success of the Regional Action Plan. He said, “What is important is our air is not polluted. If we breathe polluted air, it will affect our health, and we will get lung disease and shortness of breath more easily.”

Governor Koster is an avid supporter of the transition to electric vehicles. In September 2022, he announced that Bali would become an ‘Emissions Free Province’ by 2060 during the Motorcycle Conversion of Fuel Parade. Bali has already received a boost toward the target of over 5,000 electric cars. As a part of the G20 Summit hosted by Bali in November 2022, Bali received a fleet of electric Hyundai Genesis cars. The vehicles were used by leaders and their delegations throughout the conference, as well as a fleet of buses.  

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The Regional Action Plan to transition to electric vehicles is governed by a five-pillar strategy; infrastructure, management, industry, human resources, and marketing and communication. Gunarta said, “Apart from requiring strong policies, these five pillars need funding strategy that encourages collaboration between the government and the private sector, including government business entities.” 

Electric motorcycles were formally introduced to Bali’s roads in 2019, and there are 1,766 electric mopeds registered on the island. Transportation agencies have seen a steep increase in interest in vehicles since 2021. The provision of electric vehicle charging stations (SPKLUs) is also increasing throughout the island. 

Fleet Of Electric Vehicles Mopeds At Launch event In Jakarta Like Moped That Will Be in Bali

As is the case in so many countries, air pollution is a serious issue in Indonesia. Speaking in December, Indonesia’s Health Minster Budi Gunadi Sadikin spoke openly about the need to raise awareness across the country about the impacts of air pollution on public health. He said, “Educating Indonesian people to stay healthy, especially healthy from respiratory diseases, is a very good attempt since prevention is better than cure.”


He added that air pollution must be tackled by the government, but not by the government alone. Sadikin explained, “You cannot do this (reduce the impact of air pollution) alone; you have to do it together. It cannot be done exclusively, as it must be conducted inclusively. It cannot be implemented only as a government program, but it must be conducted as a community movement.”


As Bali begins the transition to electric vehicles, the island is met with an opportunity to address road safety more broadly. Traffic collisions happen almost daily all across Bali, involving residents and tourists. In light of increasing road traffic collisions involving tourists in Bali, the Head of Public Relations of the Bali Regional Police, Kombes Bayu Satake, released a statement last week. 


Satake said, “We urge rental owners, both cars and motorbikes in all jurisdictions of the Bali Police, before renting vehicles to foreign and local tourists, to be reminded when driving that they must have a [license] and comply with applicable traffic rules. “

The statement concluded, “We give this appeal to provide a sense of security and comfort, as well as safety when driving to tourists, both local and foreign, who want to enjoy the beauty of the island of Bali that we love.” 

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Julie Gilbert

Saturday 28th of January 2023

Electric motorbikes are a must. Also so much cheaper to run. Bali government needs to go all out NOW not 2060 and SUBSIDISE the bikes. Trade in old bike and receive a payment plan for electric bike or some type of incentive. Vietnam Hoi Chi Minh needs to offer this as well. Less pollution,less noise pollution, less running costs, less servicing, less breakdowns. DO IT NOW not wait until even bigger problem. Build your own standard electric bike and create jobs.


Sunday 29th of January 2023

"...and SUBSIDISE the bikes"

Sorry. There is no money to give away. Usually if somethings turns out popular here; it will be monopolized by some well connected higher ups and prices jacked up.

The only chance is the "cheaper to buy and cheaper to run" argument. And will the motor and electrics handle wet season weather and floods?


Saturday 28th of January 2023

Great initiative and plan. But then, please do something about the plastic and garbage burning in so many places across Bali. The smoke from burning plastic is much more toxic than vehicle pollution.

And, don't forget NOISE pollution, which is horrendous in Bali. From vehicles and venues that play loud music.


Saturday 28th of January 2023

Noise pollution is a major issue.

I moved away from a tourist zone due to the horrendous noise from nightclubs/bars. Now I'm mainly disturbed by noisy motorbikes. I'm fine with the usual local annoyances; roosters, barking dogs, screaming drunks, metal work, trash burning, you name it.


Saturday 28th of January 2023

Environmentally friendly or not will not resolve the congestion issue and driving safety rules. More motorcycles on the road is asking for more trouble. Who are the electric motorcycle manufacturers?


Saturday 28th of January 2023

Why not crack down on all the Noisy Exhaust and scooters with no Exhaust 🤔 The noise pollution in Bali is insane at the moment 🤔🤔🙏


Saturday 28th of January 2023

I have reported this problem to relevant authorities a few times already. Nothing done that I'm aware of. A lot of rich and well connected are driving these (Harleys, Ducati, etc) and there is no way for low level civil servant to tell them to stop.

An online campaign highlighting the menace resulting in bad press is the only realistic option.

Bail Bill

Saturday 28th of January 2023

The largest polluter on Bali is the big diesel trucks, STOP the burning or trash (especially plastic) and drastically reduce to price of an electric scooter~ these steps will assist in antipollution. If you want 'business' to help, how about a 75% of original scooter price rebate against a new electric scooter?