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Bali’s Good Tourist Guide Is Nearly Ready, But What Does New Guidance Mean For Visitors?

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Over the last few weeks, officials in Bali have been speaking openly about the production of a ‘good tourist guide’ that will help tourists better understand ways of life on the island.

As the educational resource edges closer to publishing, what does the creation of a good tourist guide and new guidelines for behavior mean for visitors? 

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Speaking to reporters, the chairman of the Alliance of Marginal Bali Tourism Actors (APPMB), I Wayan Puspa Negara, explained that the creation of the book is to help ensure tourists do not “act up and commit criminal acts and violate existing laws. Not only that, tourists even take actions that violate Balinese cultural norms.”

Negara explained, “We at APPMB encourage the government to make it immediately so that tourists who come know what is allowed and what cannot be done while in Bali.”


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While there have been high-profile cases of tourists and ex-pats being deported from Bali for breaking social norms and committing criminal offenses, Negara still has a sympathetic approach to tourists.

He told reporters, “Not all tourists who come on vacation to Bali know all the norms and rules that apply. So, it is important to have a guidebook as long as they are in Bali.”

Sympathy for tourists who are still getting to grips with the unique culture of Bali and support for the good tourist’s guide has also come from the Head of the Immigration Division of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of Bali Province, Barron Ihsan.

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He has told reporters that the guidebook will make it easier for tourists to take part in their activities in Bali to the full while on vacation.

This, he noted, is just one of the reasons he encourages the Provincial Government of Bali to proceed with plans and outline the island’s laws and regulations in a guidebook.

Ishan said, “We continue to communicate about this guidebook. So, this will be their direction in every activity in Bali.”

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While the book, likely to me more of a small brochure, is on its way to being published, what can tourists expect to learn from the resource?

It is anticipated that the educational booklet will include the rules that tourists are expected to adhere to when visiting temples and other sacred sites in Bali. 

It is expected that the guide will outline the unique aspects of life and culture in Bali and advise tourists on how to best respectfully connect with the Balinese way of life.

For sure, a good tourist guide will share information regarding the rules of the road and up-to-date traffic laws regarding the licenses and paperwork drivers are excepted to have in place before they head out exploring. 


Ihsan told reporters that once published, the good tourist guide will be available at the arrivals hall at I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport so that all inbound tourists can pick one up as soon as they land.

He reiterated that the creation of the guide is to help stamp out badly behaving tourists on Bali to help maintain peace and order on the island


Ihsan said, “There are several cases of tourists that we handle by deporting them [for] their ignorance. So, [when] they came, they lacked information/guidance while in Bali. So, with the existence of a guidebook, we can prevent [bad behavior] so that there are no more cases of violating customary Balinese norms.” 

The national tourism board for Indonesia, Wonderful Indonesia, has already outlined the do’s and don’ts of tourist behavior in Bali.

The series of infographics on social media outlined not only the rules and regulations that had most often been ignored by the small minority of badly behaved tourists but also provided guidance to help tourists make the most of their time on the island. 


Despite proposals for huge changes to tourism policies in Bali, the Indonesian Minister for Tourism and Creative Economies has made a statement this week to say that the island will continue to roll out the red carpet for tourists. 

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Monday 22nd of May 2023

It certainly would be great if the local government made the effort to solve local problems


Thursday 25th of May 2023

@Randy, Or whomever you are.

The point I am making here, is that it is better not to attack other people in these comment sections and I don't normally do it. You took the time to attack a one word spelling mistake in one of my other posts. So I have taken twenty minutes to give you an English writing lesson, and you need more than one obviously. Comment sections are often funny and witty but attacks on other members ruins them.


Thursday 25th of May 2023


There are many grammatical , and other errors in your comment. Do you have a grade school education?

dream on, Bali is a province of Indonesia. The central government has bigger fish to fry.

Capital 'D'

The local government in Bali has already a plate full to make things work.

Does this really make sense? Is it drunk gibberish?

Too many customs to follow and too many local people off from work to be involved in their community.

What does this sentence mean? Too many people off from work? Please rewrite it.

Why do you think that many from other parts of Indonesia work or open businesses in Bali.


Surprisingly businesses thrive.

Add a comment after surprisingly.

Rewrite this and re post it until you can spell, make sense and use English correctly, and maybe when you are not drinking. Start with a capital 'D'.


Tuesday 23rd of May 2023

@JK, dream on, Bali is a province of Indonesia. The central government has bigger fish to fry. The local government in Bali has already a plate full to make things work. Too many customs to follow and too many local people off from work to be involved in their community. Why do you think that many from other parts of Indonesia work or open businesses in Bali. Surprisingly businesses thrive.


Monday 22nd of May 2023

Great, now all is needed is a Good Host Guide Book. How not to rip off tourists, how not to poison them with doctored up alcohol, how to be courteous on the roadway, etc. etc.


Sunday 21st of May 2023

Suggestion to the government of Bali.

Don't say anything, propose anything or do anything.


Monday 22nd of May 2023

@Raymond, Yes it is time for them to shut their pie holes.


Monday 22nd of May 2023

@Raymond, They have to do something to justify their outrageous salary, lmfao!


Sunday 21st of May 2023

In other news "It will be created a "Dos and Don'ts" card that the Immigration will slip into the foreigner's passport."

So they have given up on the "book" idea and reduced it to a simple leaflet that will be left on the arrival hall floors.

Hopefully they included the following Don'ts: get overcharged by the taxi mafia. get stuck in traffic jams. get overcharged at tourist attractions like temples, beaches, waterfalls buy mass produced souvenir tat produced in china rent villa near noisy bars and clubs rent villa near noisy main roads rent villa in local area with trash burning and roosters swim in water full of trash or near rivers or drain outlets try to pet free roaming dogs argue with gangsters (especially after dark) assume that those selling illegal stuff are not informants drive like the locals throw away trash like the locals etc


Wednesday 24th of May 2023

@Exp, Good that it is! It shows fresh arrivals exactly what to expect right off the bat. What a beautiful, culturally-enriched island!


Monday 22nd of May 2023

@JR, Agree. These money changers are often one of the first point of contact with the locals for fresh arrivals to Bali!


Monday 22nd of May 2023

@Exp, Lets not forget about the money exchange scammers that advertive a much higher exchange rate only to cheat you by aslip of their fingers

Wayan Bo

Saturday 20th of May 2023

Seems to be a great destination for masochists.