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Minister Assures Red Carpet Will Still Be Rolled Out For Bali Tourists Despite Rumors Of Huge Policy Changes

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Indonesia’s Tourism Minister has assured international travelers that any proposed changes to the policy in Bali cannot be implemented immediately.

As Bali lovers have taken to social media to share their concerns about their plans to visit the island, the reassurance from Minister Sandiaga Uno will give tourists peace of mind. 

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Speaking from Bali this week, Minister Uno assured tourists that the proposed changes to the policies that affect international visitors to the island would not happen overnight. 

Proposed policy changes that would affect tourists include a quota on the number of international arrivals allowed to visit Bali, financial checks on tourists to ensure they have considerable funds to spend during their stay, as well as a ban on tourists driving and revocation of the visa on arrival for certain nationalities. 

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Minster Uno told reporters in Serangan Island in south Bali that “there [will be] no sudden changes to policies; everything goes through a comprehensive and in-depth study which in the end will bring about the welfare of the Balinese people and environmental sustainability in the coming years.” 

He added, “We roll out the red carpet for tourists to come to Bali and continue to carry out sales missions, but of course, what we expect is quality and sustainable tourists.”

Minister Uno’s assurances to tourists were echoed by the Deputy Governor of Bali, Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardhana Sukawati, who is known locally as Cok Ace. He shared that the Provincial Government of Bali will conduct an evaluation of the proposed policy changes, especially the proposed tourism quotas.

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Cok Ace said, “There will be an evaluation of these matters. We will see which segments we will capture that lead to quality tourists.”

Minster Uno was clear that he wanted to ensure that tourists to Bali are made to feel welcome and have the information they need to understand how to best behave on the island in a way that repeats the unique culture and way of life of local people. 

He was clear that the behavior of a small minority of international visitors in Bali is a concern to the central government.

With that in mind, he pledged his support of the comprehensive studies and consultations that are on the cards to help promote high-quality tourism for the sake of international visitors and local people. 

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While he said the red carpet would continue to be rolled out for tourists, he was clear that visitors should understand the do’s and don’ts of Bali.

The Indonesian Tourism Board, Wonderful Indonesia, has already shared a series of resources that will help tourists understand how to behave, but most importantly, understand how to make the most of their time on the Islands of the Gods. 


The infographics outline how tourists should dress and behave at Bali’s temples and sacred sites, as well as reminders about the laws that surround driving in Indonesia.

The series of social media posts also give gentle reminders to Bali tourists to get out and about and really connect with the island. 

Wonderful Indonesia encourages tourists to visit cultural landmarks across the island, especially in lesser visited areas like West Bali National Park.


They also point tourists towards trying local Balinese cuisines. While Bali is home to some of the most popular and highly-acclaimed international restaurants in all of Asia, it is the local food scene that can offer visitors the chance to immerse in an authentic travel experience. 

The tourism board is also reminding tourists that they are welcome to attend Balinese ceremonies that are open to the public. Once again, this is a wholesome way to connect with Bali, its people, and the land. 


While news of proposed changes to tourism policy in Bali has put doubts in the minds of some travelers, Minister Uno’s statements confirm that the island is open and welcoming and will continue to preserve and promote all the elements of the travel experience that make Bali so unique; world-class hospitality, mesmerizing culture, and breathtaking nature.  

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Saturday 20th of May 2023

I've been coming here for 35 years, had a house for 15 and now have been living here for 10. Many of the problems commented on are real. On the odd occasion they annoy me. But the pleasure of living here far outweighs the annoyance.

Yes Bali has grown rapidly and this has generated big infrastructure problems. But be fair. It will take time and big $ to rectify them. Bali has a small population and tax base. It can't expect the central RI government for funds. There's many other provinces with equal if not more need.

Yes, Koster comes out almost daily with seemingly impossible or crazy ideas. He's a politician. If they float with the electorate.....Doesn't really matter what we bules think.

The percentage of tourists behaving badly is very low. Yet draws disproportionate attention from the media, politicians and many bule comments.

Many say the old Bali has gone. Yes it has in the highly developed original areas. But it still exists in the major part of the island outside those areas.

Many complain about being selectively targeted, particularly for traffic infringements. So what? Don't break the rules and you want be targeted. Let's also put to bed this bullshit about graft. Yes it happened in the past, but now it's rare.

Despite all these problems tourist numbers and investment is growing.


Wednesday 24th of May 2023

@Raymond, Yes it still exists but is far lower than before. I don't regard legal payment for service like for example at Imigrasi as graft. No different to networking, entertaining or lobbying to smooth the wheels. Yes there's graft at levels of government and business. Using just Australia as an example it's probably no different. Have a look at the large number politicians, cops, public servants, members of the judiciary, business people...that have been pinged, jailed or sanctioned. Then there's the large number that haven't been.


Wednesday 24th of May 2023

@Exp, Apologies for the double up. The 1st wasn't initially posted.


Wednesday 24th of May 2023

@Exp, You seem to have a big thing about noisy motor bikes, rubbish, smoke and inaction by the authorities. If it's such a negative thing for you why don't you move? You obviously haven't spent time in much of Bali outside the developed tourism areas.


Wednesday 24th of May 2023

@Exp, You seem to keep referring to the area where you live And have a thing about noisy motor bikes, smoke from rubbish burning and compliance inactivity. Why don't you move? You obviously haven't been or spent time outside it. I live in Selamadeg Timur, Tabanan. Hardly remote. It's the Old Bali just with some new clothes.


Tuesday 23rd of May 2023

What has shorty been smoking?

'Let’s also put to bed this bullshit about graft. Yes it happened in the past, but now it’s rare.'

My Lord, oh me oh my.


Friday 19th of May 2023

Bali is getting worse with each passing day.

More construction (nature destruction), more loud traffic and party, more and more garbage littering the roads and nature everywhere.

There's nothing done about these issues. Only focus is on harassing, extorting and blaming foreigners.

Peter Bez

Friday 19th of May 2023

To little to late he as already stuffed Bali by saying things was without thinking of the ramifications. All I hear in Australia is stuff Bali were going to Thailand at least there I we can get good cheep accommodation and not treated like a criminal before I even get out of the airport. The notion of $150.00 US for a visa on arrival is so dumb it's beyond words . How can a family of five afford that on-top of redicules accommodation prices and having to provide bank account details as how much you have . He should walk the streets and see how much damage he has done already just by opening his mouth without thinking,hopefully his term in office will be short . Good luck Bali your going to need it


Friday 19th of May 2023

@Peter Bez, Bali need to downsize. Net enough land, infrastructure and resources for all the visitors. Back to 2010 numbers of 2.5 million per year.

Neil gill

Friday 19th of May 2023

I think this, announcement has come too late, as many of my longtime friends and long time visitors to Bali have, already changed plans, instead of going off half cocked with announced policies it should have been kept quiet as these statements have made people look elsewhere for a quiet unrestricted holiday


Friday 19th of May 2023

@Neil gill, People are right to find other destination under less pressure. Bali is receiving far too many visitors.

The main landfill in south (Suwung) is full and overflowing. Denpasar garbage collection is basically slowly breaking down.

Fresh water supply is already a problem and we all know about the traffic situation.

A lot of older derelict hotels and villas should just be demolished and land restored.

Need to get back to 2010 visitor numbers of 2.5 million.


Friday 19th of May 2023

I wouldn't worry too much about all of those things. Worry more about the stench of the garbage and polluted beaches. One look and smell and those indoctrinated and vetted tourists will turn around and book the next flight to anyplace else.