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Bali Monitoring Tourists For Signs Of Mysterious Virus

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Medical professionals and governments around the world are monitoring reports emerging from China about a surge in child pneumonia cases.

The mysterious wave of virus cases in young children in China could be a typical seasonal increase but officials in Bali are not taking any chances. 

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Following news this week that some hospitals in China are overrun with pneumonia patients, officials in Bali spoke to the media.

The Head of the Bali Health Office, I Nyoman Gede Anom, told reporters, “There is no special treatment for Chinese tourists.”

However, in light of rising cases, airport officials will be steadfast in their arrival screening measures, and health officers around the island are coordinating outreach plans and emergency responses. 

The Head of the Disease Prevention and Control Division of the Bali Provincial Health Service, I Wayan Widya, stated that he has carried out outreach regarding this emerging respiratory disease.

According to him, meetings were carried out at I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport and other health facilities.

Widya said, “We already have a KKP (Port Health Office) at the airport. Community Health Centers and Hospitals have also been socialized. We comply with the Ministry of Health’s SE and press conferences by the Ministry of Health, there is no special treatment.”

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The Head of the Denpasar Port Office, Anak Agung Ngurah Kusumajaya, explained “Forginers who are detected to have symptoms of pneumonia will be directed to the clinic at the airport or port. If they do not show symptoms we will refer them to Prof Ngoerah Hospital, Bali Mandara Hospital, and Siloam Hospital.”

These three hospitals have been recommended by the Ministry of Health to treat foreigners who are believed to be suffering from pneumonia.

The three hospitals are also equipped with isolation rooms for patients with infectious diseases. He added “If they [foreigners with pneumonia symptoms] bring insurance, we will find out which hospital they are in. But the three hospitals are recommendations from the Ministry of Health.”

At this point, a travel ban on tourists from China is not on the cards in Indonesia.

The Director of Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases at the Ministry of Health, Imran Pambudi, also spoke to reporters this week.

He explained, “We don’t have a travel ban, but we need to increase vigilance for passengers who have symptoms of coughing or fever. So if you ask me, is there a need for quarantine? There isn’t one.”


Pambudi said that the Ministry of Health would follow the guidance outlined by the World Health Organisation.

Both WHO and health officials in China have said that there is “no new or unusual pathogens” have been found in the cases reported across China.

Some health experts feel that the spike in cases as the winter approaches could be attributed to the intensive lockdowns the country enacted during COVID-19, meaning young children have weaker immune systems due to lack of exposure to common viruses and bacterial infections. 

Medical Professionals Operating on Patient During Pandemic

Tourists planning their visits to Bali in the coming weeks are not yet advised to do anything differently. Bali Airport already has screening measures in place for Monkey Pox and Nipah Virus.

Following an outbreak of monkeypox in Jakarta, officials in Bali amped up surveillance on both domestic and international arrivals. 

The Nipah Virus outbreak was largely contained to India in late October and early November, but nevertheless, officials in Bali increased screening measures to ensure public safety. 


Tourists are always advised to keep personal hygiene and safety at the forefront of their minds when traveling in Bali.

Regular hand washing is always advisable and wearing a mask is also advisable in busy areas, or if the traveler themselves is starting to feel under the weather. 

The World Health Organisation recommends that the public remain up to date on their flu and Covid-19 vaccinations and seek medical attention as soon as symptoms appear. 

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Thursday 7th of December 2023

Money and Intelligence Virus, and we try to give it the locals.


Sunday 3rd of December 2023

Quote "Bali Monitoring Tourists For Signs Of Mysterious Virus."

Good to know the locals are considered immune to this virus.