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Bali Authorities Ban Public Use Of Fireworks To Maintain Peace For Tourists

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The authorities in Bali’s Denpasar are cracking down on the use of firecrackers and fireworks in the run-up to New Year’s Eve.

Officials are anticipating the use of fireworks over the coming days especially on the big countdown.

Bali Authorities Ban Public Use Of Fireworks To Maintain Peace For Tourists

With dozens of large-scale fireworks displays and New Year’s Eve celebrations in the works for the weekend.

Officers from the Bali Police, the Civil Service (Satpol PP), and community security teams will be patrolling the streets over the next few days, monitoring for anti-social behavior. 

With over one million additional tourists in Bali right now, officials want to ensure that public peace is maintained.

The Head of the Public Order and Public Peace Division of the Denpasar City Satpol PP, Nyoman Sudarsana, has told reporters “We carry out monitoring together with the Transportation Department, TNI, Polri. Specifically, we have 20 officers for one shift. Apart from that, officers in the sub-districts are also out.”

He confirmed, “Every year in Denpasar it is prohibited to use firecrackers/fireworks. We monitor that.”

The teams are also anticipating drunken behavior on the streets.

Officers will be patrolling and conducting security operations in busy nightlife areas.

Sudarsana said, “Usually from midnight to early morning they drink alcohol in public places, and we take strict action against them.”

Anyone who wishes to host a private fireworks display in Bali must have pre-approved permission from the local authorities to do so. This is the case at any time of year, but especially during the holidays.

With this in mind, there are plenty of public fireworks displays across the island’s leading tourist resorts for everyone to enjoy. 

The Badung Regency Government has confirmed that the New Year festival and big fireworks display at the Tsunami Shelter on Kuta Beach will be going ahead this year.

A budget of IDR 1.4 billion has been assigned and the show is going to be an extravaganza. 

@surya.winantara Biggest Fireworks Bali #fireworks #Bali #happynewyear #2023 ♬ original sound – surya.winantara

Officials have revealed that 2,024 fireworks will be set off over Kuta Beach to call the New Year in.

The Head of the Badung Tourism Department, I Nyoman Rudiarta, told reporters “So the New Year party will be held at Kuta Beach, precisely in the Kuta Art Market area.”

“At the party, there will also be a fireworks display which is planned to be launched from the tsunami shelter.”


The theme of the event is ‘From Kuta With Love’ and entry is free for the public. Tourists are reminded that the festival will be busy and surrounding streets will be busy on the night so it is best to arrive early. 

The biggest fireworks display on the island is set to be hosted at the GWK Cultural Park. There are still tickets available for the most spectacular fireworks show in Bali.

The management team at GWK Cultural Park is on a mission to outdo the New Year’s Eve celebrations of previous years. 


Kuta Beach may be setting off an impressive 2,024 fireworks but GWK Cultural Park has upped the stakes. The park will be putting on a display with 8,888 fireworks for a very significant reason.

The GWK Cultural Park Operations Director, Stefanus Yonathan Astayasa, told reporters last week “The number of fireworks that will be fired is 8,888 shots for five minutes.”

“We believe that this number is endless luck because the number 8 is an endless number. Still in unison with the music, there is also synchronization of the music.”


In previous years the authorities have seized hundreds of fireworks and firecrackers from members of the public and vendors in the run-up to the New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Tourists are urged not to buy fireworks or firecrackers to create their own firework displays, or even to set off single flares, either in a private rental space or in public. 

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Friday 29th of December 2023

What a joke, that's like putting out a 3 alarm fire with an eye dropper. These morons will do what they want to do and always have done. Too bad about about traumatizing the dogs, actually wish It would kill those flea ridden rabid nuisances.


Saturday 30th of December 2023

@Firechef, Agreed.


Wednesday 27th of December 2023

Too funny, nobody listen to you people, they do what they want. That's why everyone comes here, its a free for all. But uncivilized decadent societies don't last long.


Wednesday 27th of December 2023

Fu^@ retards!


Wednesday 27th of December 2023

20 officers out patrolling tourist areas of Bali what a joke. They will have no impact on control of fireworks. No one privately will get permission from local officials pecalang or care about them it will be usual mayhem and dogs will be petrified and traumatised for weeks.


Thursday 28th of December 2023

@Thomm, Ya we stay home because we have dogs and it is just runamuck on the streets


Wednesday 27th of December 2023

Fireworks crackdown? I'm still waiting for a big crackdown on motorbikes with illegal mufflers, socalled motor knalpot brong. A major hazard to quality of life that despite penalties in the law of up to 3 month jail, never ever is taken seriously by the Bali police. Why is Bali police not doing their job on this increasing menace? Do the locals love to hear this noise, or what is it holding the police back?


Sunday 31st of December 2023

@JR, Agree, I already sort of knew the answer.

Indo police is not like any western police outfit fully funded by taxpayers. Here it seems that they are grossly underfunded with large part of the force working to close the gap with whatever means.

A few weeks back a couple of Bali police officers apparently tried to extort 1.8 Milyar from a illegal mining operation in North Bali.

I can see Bali police driving around in very expensive uniformed cars like BMW and Hyundai IONIQ which I suspect has been "donated" as part of the business expense for a permit to sell cars in Bali.

So yes, not worth their time apparently to chase penniless locals. It is particularly bad in Bali as after visit to other places like in Java the police force still do police work.


Thursday 28th of December 2023

@Exp, I agree 100%. Bali has become a real S-hole since the new governor took office. The police do NOTHING but sit around with their thumbs up their A$$es. The real problem is there is no money in chasing small peckered idiots taking their mufflers off


Thursday 28th of December 2023


Most locals just couldn't give a shit...

It's cultural, not saying thats good or bad, it just is...