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Tourists Slurping Up The Sunshine In Bali’s Buzzing Canggu 

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Hands up if your parents treated you to a Slush Puppy, a Snow Cone, or a sugary, syrupy, icy slushy drink of any kind as a kid.

It’s safe to say that there is something playful and properly nostalgic about slushies, and no vacation would be complete without a cheeky slurp.

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For Bali lovers heading to Canggu, there is a new spot in town that is a serious must-visit for holidaymakers seeking something nostalgic, refreshing, and seriously good fun.

Canggu’s Slushy Society is the new kid on the block who is shaking things up on the drinks scene.

Cocktails, mocktails, coffee, and craft beer are all a serious business in Canggu, and Slushy Society is ticking all the right boxes. 

Bright and bold and serving up some seriously sippable tipples, Slushy Society is bringing the classic slushy up a level.

With both cocktails and refreshing virgin ice drinks on offer, tourists are finding themselves dropping by multiple times a day on vacation to secure a refill of these super fun drinks. 

Perfectly positioned at Jalan Batu Mejan Canggu and Jalan Panti Batu Bolong fork in the road, this tiny kiosk and courtyard has attracted nothing but five-star reviews since it opened its shutters in December 2023.

Situated just steps away from Canggu Central Parking, this should be the first port of call on any trip to Canggu.

With nearly five months of business under their belts, Slushy Society is making their mantra Slurp Shimmy and Repeat a daily ritual for Canggu locals. 

Repeat is the operative word because these slushiest just leave you wanting more. Refills are always on offer, and always advised and always available at a discount to the first sip.

Bestsellers include the Kiwi Lemonade and Frozen Passion slushy, local favourites include Koming’s Margarita which is topped up with local Balinese arak, and the Society Daiquiri which features spiced rum, blue curaçao and lemonade. 

Open every ay from 10 am until 11 pm, this team works hard and never stops smiling! Everyone is always made to feel so welcome.

If you don’t fancy tackling the Canggu traffic for your slurpable treat, though, there’s no need to worry. Slushy Society is available on both GoFood and GrabFood. 

For a day of real nostalgia and playfulness, take a trip to the funfair. Except in Bali, nothing is done by half measures, and by funfair, we mean a spine-tingling one-of-a-kind ride on the Island of the Gods…so not a funfair, but a wild ride nonetheless!

Once refreshed with Slushy Society, be sure to walk down Jalan Pantai Batu Mejan just 100m to find G Swing Bali. 

This relatively new addition to the Canggu playground is giving tourists the ride of their lives! Open from 12pm until 12 am daily (open from 4pm on Wednesdays and Thursday though) the G Swing Bali is adrenaline fuelled holiday fun that has tourists coming back for more.

The G Swing Bali is a swing, not a bungy, that flings daredevil riders over 40m into the air, with speeds of up to 100km an hour!

The best time to day for ocean views over Canggu’s famous beaches is the late afternoon, before sunset. But, let’s face it, when flying at 100km/hr it’s hard to focus on the views!

It is best to book ahead to secure a ride on the Bali G Swing, with sessions running every 15 minutes.

It is possible to book for one to five people in a session, starting at IDR 350,000 for a solo swinger and IDR 1,250,000 for five flyers. 

One tourist described the experience as “the most terrifyingly beautiful sunset I have ever seen!”. While certainly not for the faint hearted, a ride on the G Swing is absolute the kind of fun that the best vacation memories are made of in Bali. 

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