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Tourists Love This Authentic Balinese Village Experience At Penglipuran

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Tourists visiting Bali are increasingly interested in learning more about the island’s culture and history.

There is no better way to immerse in Balinese culture than during a visit to the world-famous Penglipuran Village. 

Penglipuran Village During Galungan Festival

Tourists visiting Penglipuran Village can now take the experience to a deeper level. The local community is renting out traditional Balinese attire to tourists so that they can really feel part of the village.

The renting out of traditional clothes is also providing additional income for the community, whose main source of income is from tourists visiting their homes. 

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Speaking to reporters, the Penglipuran Tourism Village Tourist Attraction Manager, Wayan Sumiarsa, said that it is mostly domestic tourists who have been renting out tractional clothes to wear during their visit. But international tourists are, of course, more than welcome and are actively encouraged to join in, too. 

Sumiarsa said, “The rental of traditional Balinese clothing is managed by each resident’s house. The renters are mostly domestic tourists who come in pairs.”

He explained that most tourists get dressed up and then take part in their own self-directed photoshoots around the traditional village.

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Penglipuran Village is famous for being one of the only remaining pedestrianized villages in Bali and one of the last remaining villages that has not been modernized with newly constructed houses. The homes and family compounds sit along the central street, and each has its unique entryway, perfect for posing. 

Sumisara explained that the cost of renting traditional Balinese outfits ranges from IDR 50,000 to IDR 75,000, depending on the type of material. There are ordinary sarongs and kebaya, and there are those that are made with highly valuable traditional songket cloth.

What is nice is that once the rental fee is paid, tourists have no time limit. “This traditional Balinese clothing can be worn as much as you like while enjoying the village atmosphere,” said Sumisara. 

@ghoway Let's visit Desa Panglipuran. credit : thebalinesepeople on Instagram. #fyp #fypシ #xyzbca #xxxtentacion #Bali #balinese ♬ suara asli – Wahyu Hidayatullah – Si Kaee

For tourists planning a visit to Penglipuran Village, it is advisable to arrive super early in the morning or leave in the late afternoon.

The tourism manager explained, “On normal days, we get around 2,000 people per day. However, as of Wednesday, the number of people visiting Penglipuran increased to 3,000. Meanwhile [during Galunguan festival], it is estimated that the number of tourists visiting reached 4,000 people.”


This is a wonderful time of year to visit Penglipuran Village as it is the Galungan Festival. The twice-annual holiday started on the 28th of February and will be celebrated until the 9th of March.

During this time, Penglipuran Village, and all other villages in Bali, will be adorned with traditional decorations known as penjor.

The tall, arching bamboo poles are made especially for the festival and are put up outside every household. Galungan festival happens every 210 days, according to the traditional Balinese cleaner.

There is so much symbolism and meaning incorporated into the penjor that one could spend a whole day diving into the nuance of each element.


In broad strokes, however, the strength and height of the penjor pole are said to symbolize the moral righteousness and strength that humans should aspire towards.

Since the Galungan festival celebrated the triumph of good over evil, dharma over adharma, some say that the straight part of the penjor represents the good nature of humans, and the curve at the top demonstrates the bad and evil humans are capable of.

This way, the curve is often the most beautifully decorated element of the penjor to compensate. 


Tourists can take a guided tour or a self-guided wander through Penglipuran Village. Included in the entry ticket is access to the magnificent bamboo forest that can be found at the north of the village.

It’s well worth adding a little extra time to see one of the finest examples of bamboo forests in the province – it’s super photogenic, too!

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Monday 4th of March 2024

I was always told that the tall curved street decorations represented the mountain the all Bali people see as sacred...


Monday 4th of March 2024

Ha ha sure baby .. the party crowed in Canggu don't give s*** about the so called local culture