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Bali Tourists Can Apply For Police Escort For Free

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Police in Bali have confirmed that both tourists and residents can apply for a police escort through the island at any time.

The confirmation comes after a viral video revealed a tourist may have bribed a police officer to escort him through heavy traffic in a non-emergency situation. 

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An old Instagram story went viral this week. The clip showed a foreign tourist in Bali bragging that he had paid a police officer to escort him through heavy traffic.

Police have confirmed that not only is the video old but the police officer in question has long been transferred away from public duty.

The Head of Public Relations of the Bali Police, Kombes Jansen Avitus Panjaitan, told reporters, “It was an old case. When we checked properly, he admitted to carrying out (escorting). But it happened a long time ago, two years ago during the G20.”

Although, in some cases, a police escort for tourists on the island is permitted, this case did break protocol. Kombes Panjiatan told reorders that the escort in the video was carried out by the traffic police from I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport at night.

The officer in question had been transferred out of the service some time ago for similar offenses; he was found to be carrying out escorts that did not comply with procedures and rules.” 

@nomeoio Avoiding traffic in Bali 😴😂🛵 #traffic #bali #islandlife #nomeobali ♬ original sound – Nomeo

Kombes Panjaitan said,” This member was transferred a long time ago and is no longer at Traffic Police because he had done the same thing before, but his leadership found out he didn’t report it. He carried out surveillance, didn’t report it to his superiors, but that’s not this case.”

According to the video, the tourists paid the traffic officer USD 100 to whizz I’m through congested traffic.

Kombes Panjaitan has confirmed that both residents and tourists can apply for a police escort for speedy transit across the island, but only in specific circumstances and never for money. This is a public service offered by the police. The traffic is sooo bad in most places #balitraffic #bali #canggu #qventures #baliindonesia ♬ original sound – qventures

Kombes Panjaitan explained, “As long as it complies with the procedure, anyone can be escorted by the police, all citizens. If they apply and depending on what their interests are, the police will assess it later.”

He indicated that in the event of an emergency, those in need can request a police escort verbally, but if it is known to be needed in advance, an application in writing is required.

Kombes Panjaitan said, “The entire community has the right or can request an escort, but later the police will assess the request for escort, and it is usually made in writing well in advance to the local police unit. For example, at the police station.”


He continued, “You can also [request] verbally; maybe suddenly you want to go to the airport to meet the police and ask for help. “My plane is at 5 pm, in fifteen minutes. Can I please be escorted?” That’s fine as long as the police think it’s appropriate, and there are no other duties?”

Panjaitan confirmed, “For the procedure verbally, the officer is obliged to report to his superiors and transfer and document why he is carrying out the escort; there must be a reason.”

According to the Regulation of the Head of the Traffic Corps of the Indonesian National Police Number 2 of 2018 concerning Standard Operational Procedures for Traffic Escorts.

There are five points in these rules, and it’s worth tourists knowing their rights in this situation.


As translated from the legislation, these are the five reasons why tourists may request a police escort, free of charge, in Bali:

Emergency means requiring punctuality from one place to the destination, such as taking sick people to the [hospital] or airport because time is tight while traffic is busy, as well as other emergency needs. 

Mandatory [security] such as state officials, state guests 

Community services: traditional ceremonies, weddings, bodies that require punctuality to their destination, etc 

Service to public or vehicle communities, the aim of which is to bring order to the public.


All processes must begin with a request for an official letter to the direct director. The application letter will be evaluated for follow-up.

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Wednesday 6th of March 2024

People feeling so important as if there are the only people in a hurry. Hate those sirens and make them feel so special. Jakarta is full of those entitled people. Escorted through traffic is a daily thing to arrive to heir destination. Foreign diplomats do not even do such thing unless there is a very important meeting somewhere in town with the local central government.


Tuesday 5th of March 2024

Is it possible for two elder cyclists to get an escort trough the dense traffic. That would be a sensation in Kuta during the rushhour


Monday 4th of March 2024

So the tourist buses with police escort yesterday?

The escorted cars to and from Uluwatu Temple every day?

Some people we know that regularly organise Canguu to Savaya police escorts?

Chicken Afternoon

Sunday 3rd of March 2024

Well, if they are incapable of enforcing the law, I suppose escorting tourists and folks who think they are important comes as a safe pastime.


Sunday 3rd of March 2024

This is good to know.