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Tourism Minister Says Bali’s Tourist Demographics Are Increasing In Quality 

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New data revealed by the Central Statistics Agency for Indonesia has confirmed that the number of visitors to the island dramatically increased in April.

The Central Statistics Agency is able to release travel data with a one-month lag, and figures always make for interesting reading. 

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Data shows that over half a million tourists visited Bali in April 2024. The Head of Central Statistics Agency (BPS) for Bali Province, Endang Retno Sri, explained that this number increased by 7.24% compared to March 2024. In March, the number of tourists visiting Bali was 469,227.

Rento told reporters, “Tourists from Australia dominate foreign tourist arrivals to Bali in April 2024 with a share of 23.35%.” He also was able to share information on room occupancy in Bali’s top hotels. 

Renato explained, “Compared to April 2023 year on year, which reached 44.31%, the room occupancy rate in April 2024 was recorded to have increased by 13.38%. Meanwhile, the [room occupancy]  for non-star hotels was recorded at 44.05%, an increase of “5.61 points compared to March 2024, which was recorded at 38.44%.”

The length of stay has also increased steadily. It may come as a surprise to hear that the average length of stay in Bali is just 2.76 days.

However, when looking at travel data further, many tourists, including domestic tourists, visit Bali for a long weekend, and the longer-staying tourists on vacation make up a much smaller proportion of the overall visitors.

As the data is from April, the Eid al-Fitri festival must be taken into consideration, with tens of thousands of Indonesian families traveling all around the country for just a few days over the public holiday. 

Speaking separately, Indonesia’s Minister for Tourism and Creative Economies has said that he feels the overall quality of tourists to Bali is increasing.

It has long been the mission of both the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economies and the Bali Provincial Government to increase the wealth of visitors to the island.

The objective became a top news story throughout 2023 when badly behaved foreigners were being reported to the authorities every day.

It became a huge concern for leaders, local communities, and genuine Bali lovers that the island’s unique culture was being disrespected and local laws and customs violated remorselessly.


In his press conference, The Weekly Brief with Sandiuno, Minister Uno shared travel data for Indonesia as a whole. He said, “Visitors as of April 2024 reached 4.09 million or 24% of the upper limit set, and we are calculating carefully because the target of 14-17 million foreign tourists is optimistic that it will be achieved.”

Nationally, tourists from Malaysia come out on top as the most frequent visitors to Indonesia, closely followed by Australian tourists and tourists from China.

Bali’s I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport saw the second-highest increase in arrivals, with a huge 28.92% jump in the number of passengers traveling through the airport. Bali International Airport was closed, followed by Jakarta’s Soekarno Hatta Airport, with an impressive hike in arrivals of 38%.


Minister Uno shared his take on the increasing length of stay and the increasing ovally expenditure of tourists during their visits to Bali and beyond. Minister Uno said, “The length of stay of tourists and the amount of shopping must be confirmed. As of today, it is above the figure before the Covid-19 pandemic.”

The average expenditure by tourists in Bali was revealed late last week, with tourists from Austria and Switzerland coming out as the highest spenders. Data showed that the average spend of an American tourists in Indoenisas was USD 1,429.


Minister Uno explained, “When we look at the expenditure figures at the 2024 World Water Forum yesterday, the expenditure figures were more than 2,400 US dollars per visit.”

He added “When compared with the previous year, 2020-2023, there was a high expenditure of foreign tourists on accommodation because they had to go through quarantine. So, it cannot be compared with no. I can conclude that our foreign tourists have become quality tourists with higher spending and longer stays in tourist destinations.”

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Friday 7th of June 2024

It’s replaced by the Millennials and the Generation Z’s swarming like flies into Bali. The baby boomers and Generation X will rather stay away since many know that it is NOT the Bali that was once used to be...tranquil and charming. No major development and no significant gentrification.


Thursday 6th of June 2024

i agree, the quality of the plastic rubbish in the beach is now much higher, compared to 20 years ago when i arrived here.

Wayan Bo

Friday 7th of June 2024

@arthur, yeah for example plastic Hennessy cognac bottles 🤣


Wednesday 5th of June 2024

"Tourist Demographics Are Increasing In Quality."

Tourists visits for a short time only. No issue really.

The main problem in Bali are the new unscrupulous foreign and local developers building their Miami and Mediterranean style hotels, resorts and villas everywhere. Nothing Balinese, more like Dubai. All blessed by the local big wigs. And what is the source for all the funding flowing in, i.e. who are the real masterminds behind Bali decline?

Secondly a number of longer term "residents" (not KITAS) are surviving by informal jobs here. Easy to detect, but apparently not for immigration.

Neil gill

Wednesday 5th of June 2024

I have stayed before you are shooting for one time visitors not repeat business like before, these people are coming for shirt green visit and realize Bali is not cheap anymore you have list the families that use to come, for a month at, a time every year they are going elsewhere affordable I had friends used to come three times as year for a month, they have not been back in two years as Vietnam and Thailand are more attractive and less expensive...