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Fresh Guidelines Issued To Bali Tourists To Help Promote Cultural Respect

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As the high season is about to get underway in Bali, the Indonesian Tourism Board, Wonderful Indonesia, has issued new guidance for tourists to help promote cultural respect and ensure that everyone feels safe and comfortable during a trip to the Island of the Gods. 

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Wonderful Indonesia, as the national tourism board, is responsible for showcasing the incredible travel destinations the archipelago has to offer.

As an island state comprised of over 17,000, around 6,000 of which are inhabited, Wonderful Indonesia has a lot of beauty to show off.

For decades Bali has been the flagship tourism destination, but over the last five years or so, unruly behavior by tourists and a rise in illegal activity in some areas have got tourism leaders and local communities very concerned that tourists no longer respect the islands’ deeply reverential culture. 

In 2023, the Governor at the time, Wayan Koster, issued a series of do’s and don’ts for Bali travelers.

These guidelines were widely communicated and advertised with the view of making Bali lovers more aware of their surroundings and helping them interact with local communities and the wider environment in a way that was respectful and culturally appropriate. 

As the 2024 high vacation season kicks off in Bali, Wonderful Indonesia has issued a fresh set of advice and guidance for holidaymakers to ensure they have a memorable time on the island.

Wonderful Indonesia said “that for many, Bali is a holiday destination with some of the best sun, sand, and surfing around!”

“For Balinese locals who welcome visitors as guests with open hearts and arms, it’s a sacred land where ancient traditions and modern life intertwine. To truly enjoy the magic of this island paradise while you’re here, it’s essential to understand and respect local customers and way of life.”

The Tourism Board continues, “All you need is a couple of minutes to read through our Do’s & Don’ts guide, and you’ll be equipped with the knowledge you need to navigate Bali’s unique cultural landscape with confidence and grace!”

“Trust us, a little bit of understanding goes a long way in ensuring that your Bali adventure is filled with incredible memories, meaningful connections, and unforgettable experiences.”

The new guidelines for traveling with respect to Bali are easy to follow and easy to remember. One section of the guidance focuses on respecting temples, rituals, traditions, and ceremonies.

Wonderful Indonesia says, “Balinese rituals and holy days are present in everyday life here in Bali; you can honor and respect the Balinese region, sacred customs, and traditional ceremonies by dressing appropriately, especially in sacred places, by covering the shoulders and below the knees.”


The guidance continues, “Conducting yourself with respect, particularly in revered locations; consider traveling with a licensed tour guide for an enriched experience.”

Wonderful Indonesia also suggests “renting vehicles only from license companies. Ensure you have a driving license if you’re driving on your own and wear a helmet when you ride a motorcycle. If you don’t have experience riding the terrain, do your research before you take off.”


Other suggestions are reasonability, straightforwardness, and commonsensical. They advise tourists to “use official money changers for currency exchange” and to “choose authorities accommodations for your stay” and to know the rules and guidance and adhere to them in tourist spots for everyone’s benefit and comfort.”

As much as the Bali ‘to do’ rules are easily to follow, it is just as important to acknowledge and honor the things that tourists are required not to do. 

Wonderful Indonesia explains, “In spite of respect and harmony, here are some things to avoid: do not enter the main area of sacred places unless appropriately attired, e.g., in Balinese traditional clothing, covered shoulders and knees, and with a sarong.”

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“Never enter temples and sacred areas if you have an open wound or are menstruating. Never climb sacred trees. When in sacred places, turn off your flash and shutter sound. Only take photos if you are allowed to.”

The guidance is clear and is only urging tourists to respect Balinese culture, local communities, and the living landscape. As Bali’s tourism development continues to grow, leaders are keen to see a shift towards more culturally respectful tourism as standard. 

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Saturday 8th of June 2024

Wayan Koster ? Any positiv resolut from this strange person? All the mess happens now was implemented in his time! But probably his pockets get a positive result?!


Friday 7th of June 2024

A video went viral few weeks ago about an Indian entitled Hindu tourist who argued with a Hindu priest in a temple ground. The Indian tourist argued that the practice of Hindu religion and culture is behind that in the predominantly Hindu nation. Seriously... The Indian tourist got kicked out of the temple ground.

Yeah how come the caste system in India is still strong after many attempts to stir away from it. Beginning with the Dalit people commonly known as the untouchables...and still looked down upon in India. So this Indian Hindu tourist who took a vacation in Bali has no room to talk.... Those who wish to visit Bali and not lacking that cultural sensitivity in Bali will eventually gain more friends. I know so...