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Tourists Must Be Prepared For Temporary Noise Disturbances On Bali Island

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Tourists in Bali’s Nusa Penida must be aware of noise levels in the area.

As complaints grow about access to electricity and the condition of the roads on the island, leaders are sharing their assurances that things are being taken care of. 

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The Acting Regent of Klungkung, I Nyoman Jendrika, has confirmed that he and his teams are focusing on completing a series of infrastructural projects that will improve electricity and road access on Nusa Penida.

He wants to see the development of more sustainable tourism on the island, and both access to power and safe roads are crucial to achieving this. 

The two roads in question are Jalan Bunga Mekar through to Kalibun Temple and the Klatak T-Junction to Lembongan.

The new road project between Jalan Bunga Mekar-Talibun is costing IDR 36.7 billion and will create 6.6km of new road. The road between Klatak-Lembongan is costing IDR 20.6 billion and will create 4.44km of new road. 

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As for the question of electricity and power supplies Acting Regent Jendrika confirmed that he and his teams are also working to ensure that Indonesia Power, part of PLN, will increase electrical power using diesel generator. 

Actin Regency Jendrika confirmed that he is aware that the vibration and the noise pollution caused by generators will undoubtedly cause disruptions for both local communities and tourists in Nusa Penida.

He told reporters, “Because there are currently complaints about the existing diesel-powered generators. The noise and vibrations disturb residents and tourists. We invite you [Indonesia Power] to repair the existing ones first, according to specification, so that there will be no more rejection from residents.”

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Water scarcity and access to water within the home are also huge issues for many residents of Nusa Penida.

Acting Governor Jendrika told reporters the Klungkung Government is trying to overcome the problem.

He has confirmed that he and his teams have proposed over 1,100 new connections to serve communities in the Perumda Panda Mahottama area. However, Jendrika revealed that the Central Government has so far only been able to support 367 water connections in the Tanglad Village area. 

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Water is readily available for these areas, but the connections are the issue. The Klungkung Regency Government is now waiting for the remaining communities in Tanglad Village and Pejukutan Village to be connected, and all will be well.

Acting Regent Jendrika said, “If these two remaining villages are severed, then clean water services will be 100% served throughout Nusa Penida. Moreover, Gyangan’s water production capacity will be increased gradually, and the service will run 24 hours, so there will be no complaints about clean water services in Nusa Penida.”

Tourists at Crystal Bay Nusa Penida

Leveling up infrastructure in Nusa Penida is a top priority for the Klungkung Regency Government and the Bali Provincial Government.

It is not only electricity and water connection that are lagging behind in comparison to main island Bali, but WiFi connection and mobile signal service too.

In fact, to many, Nusa Penida is considered a ‘black zone’ with no connection opportunities in many of the more remote parts of the island. 


Tourists must remember that while Nusa Penida is an Uber-popular tourism destination, the island and its siblings, Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan, are incredibly remote, and tourism development is only a relatively recent arrival in the region, once again, compared to the main island of Bali. 

In May two clinics in Nusa Penida received a donation of a Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite WiFi routers as part of the launch of Starlink in Indonesia.

Speaking at the launch of the service, Jendrika told reporters ““we are grateful that access to services via the Internet has become easier, considering that Klungkung Regency, two thirds of the area is on the Nusa Penida Islands.”


Elon Musk told reporters, “We are focusing this event on Starlink and the benefits that connectivity brings to remote islands…I think it’s really important to emphasize the importance of internet connectivity and how much of that can be a lifesaver.”

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Friday 7th of June 2024

They show a western girl sitting on her computer enjoying her paradise like a sweet princess but they dont show her husband and they're need to consume mountains of trash . If you want tourist comforts go to Bali the island that the tourists destroyed already . there is your paradise .

Genene Grant

Thursday 6th of June 2024

Looking for a affordable plane ticket


Thursday 6th of June 2024

"Elon Musk told reporters, “We are focusing this event on Starlink and the benefits that connectivity brings to remote islands…I think it’s really important to emphasize the importance of internet connectivity and how much of that can be a lifesaver.”

Elon said, "These Indonesian officials begged me to invest for years so now we will make as much money as we can from this little project".


Wednesday 5th of June 2024

"There are currently complaints about the existing diesel-powered generators. The noise and vibrations disturb residents [and tourists]."

No surprise as large diesel generators have been located on Nusa Penida only 50-60 meter away from residential areas. The power generators could have been located so as not to disturb locals with noise, vibrations and diesel fume, but no.

This is how tourism developments ruin the life for local who have no say in how their leaders manage developments.

In Kesiman, Denpasar a new "garbage treatment plant" open last year resulting in very smelly smoke covering large residential areas downwind. How was that not to be expected?


Thursday 6th of June 2024

@Exp, Phatphingers, pick articles like this which have a loose connection then yet again whinge.


Thursday 6th of June 2024

@Exp, ..and then


Thursday 6th of June 2024

@Exp, Do you ever have a day when you wake up and think how great it is to be here? Let's make some posts and tell everyone about them. Seems you wake up with the shits and reinforce it with about what can I complain - yet again.


Thursday 6th of June 2024

@Exp, third world country with endless third world thinking and solutions. Top of the list of countries for harmful ingestation of micro plastics, second biggest plastic garbage polluter. Near worst on the global index for countries for political and development corruption. Cigarette addiction levels amongst males particularly at damning levels. Massive poverty and unemployment levels. No environmental accountability, embarassing air pollution readings. Illegal mining everywhere. Sad.


Wednesday 5th of June 2024

With all the free sunshine and wind why not go the eco way and have it all for free .Silly me nobody will get any kick backs when they talk about the environment it doesn't include the balinees in any way. Solar power is green wind farms are green no noisy generators burning petrol all the time