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Starlink Launch In Indonesia Creates WiFi Lifeline For Nusa Penida 

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Elon Musk has officially launched Starlink in Indonesia.

The tech entrepreneur has been in Bali for the World Water Conference and was joined by Indonesian government ministers to launch the internet service on the Island of the Gods. 

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Indonesia is an archipelago state with over 17,000 islands, around 6,000 of which are inhabited. Starlink is now available for purchase across Indonesia, including in Bali.

At Sunday’s launch Musk was joined by government leaders to address the benefits of the satellite internet service in supporting the country’s health sector, as well as business development and education. 

The launch of Starlink will help bring internet connectivity to even the most remote and disconnected areas of Indonesia.

While there is still a premium to pay for the service, with residential monthly packages starting at IDR 750,000, leaders are excited about how the increased connectivity options will ultimately help boost Indonesia’s economy. 

Though talking of remote and not well-connected Indonesian islands may color up images of uninhabited rocky outcrops around Raja Ampat, the disconnected and remote islands of Indonesia are, in fact, a little closer to home.

While mainland Bali has widespread and reliable WiFi and mobile data, Nusa Penida is considered to be a ‘black spot’ on the connectivity map. 

This is an issue that leaders have long been keen to address, especially as Indonesia is making plans to switch off 3G and focus on widespread availability of 5G service, with 4G already available in many areas. 

During the launch of Starlink in Bali on Sunday afternoon, the Acting Regent of Klungkung, I Nyoman Jendrika, welcomed the new service provider and expressed his gratitude for the impact the service will have on both the local community in Nusa Penida and tourism development on the island. 

Jendrika said “we are grateful that access to services via the Internet has become easier, considering that Klungkung Regency, two thirds of the area is on the Nusa Penida Islands.”

He specifically mentioned how Starlink will help get essential facilities live and online like the Bungbungan Community Health Center. Starlink has also been launched at two more health centres, another in Bali and one on the island of Aru in remote Maluku. 

Musk told the press, “We are focusing this event on Starlink and the benefits that connectivity brings to remote islands.”

He added, “I think it’s really important to emphasize the importance of internet connectivity and how much of that can be a lifesaver.”


The tech leader went on to say, “When you have access to the internet, you can learn anything. But if you don’t have internet connectivity, it is very difficult to learn. And if you have goods and services you wish to sell to the world, and even if you are in a remote village, you can now do so with an internet connection. So you can bring a lot of prosperity to [remote] communities.”

Leaders in Bali have committed to ensuring that WiFi speeds around the country are leveled up as soon as possible. Back in January, Acting Regent Jendrika told reporters, “I am committing to solving this problem. Because signal and internet issues are important.”


He added, “I am trying to build communication with a number of related parties at the center to help us solve it.”

One of the biggest issues with connectivity on Nusa Penida is the limited phone signal. Therefore, there are no mobile data access or broadband connection options.

Acting Governor Jenrika explained, “In the near future, we will invite related parties to sit down with us. Then, we will go to Nusa Penida. We have to act quickly because this problem has now become a basic need.”

Jendrika was clearly delighted that Starlink chose the Bungbungan Community Health Center in Nusa Penida is one of its first beneficiaries in Indonesia. 


Tourists heading to Nusa Penida must know that WiFi connections and mobile data access are available, though speeds can be slow and sometimes unreliable compared to those on the main island of Bali.

For most basic messaging, emails, and social media uploads, the connection is fine; for digital nomads requiring a stronger connection for more internet-intensive workloads, the main island of Bali is the place to use as a work hub and keep Penida as a place to switch off and disconnect. 

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Thursday 23rd of May 2024

I get absolutely sick of reading "Island of the Gods". As if it's a fact. Even those impossible Gods would refuse to live in a place with no pure water, crawling with parasitic worms, over run with Rabid mammals, and riddled with a whole cocktail of seriously dangerous bacterial gut diseases. They would actively choose to live on Mallorca or the Canaries if they wanted the world's best islands.


Thursday 23rd of May 2024

Imagine a sovereign national government begging a petulant American billionaire to provide some business or service...

Wayan Bo

Wednesday 22nd of May 2024

No censorship anymore 🤣


Tuesday 21st of May 2024

Starlink can be useful to plug mobile phone dead spots but only if this is offered by major actors like Telkomsel to cover Nusa Penida as part of standard SIM contracts.