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Bali’s Highest Spending Tourists Revealed 

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The Central Statistics Agency for Indonesia has released new data focused on the spending habits of international tourists in 2023.

The data shows that the highest-spending tourists hail from Europe, as the Island of the Gods was also named a top travel destination for European tourists in 2024. 

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Data revealed by the Central Statistics Agency shows that the top spending tourists in Indonesia in 2023 came from Austria, with the average Austrian tourist spending IDR 69.4 million during their trip to the archipelago, which is equivalent to USD 4,274.

The Austrians were closely followed by Swiss tourists who spent, on average, IDR 67.4 million, or USD 4,151, during their vacation or travel adventure in Indonesia. 

The Central Statistics Agency wrote, “Foreign tourists who come on holiday, [or] work as managers, and come from Austria tend to have the highest average expenditure during their visit to Indonesia.”

The top five were completed by British tourists who spent an average of USD 3,394 during their visit to Indonesia.

In fourth place came Italian tourists with an average spend go USD 3,296, and Norwegian tourists who spend on average USD 3,206 per visit. 

For international tourists who visited Indonesia for vacation purposes, the average spend was USD 1,788 over the duration of their stay. Tourists who arrived in Indonesia for business activities or personal reasons spent, on average, USD 1,584.57 and USD 921.40 US dollars, respectively. 

In terms of the demographics of travelers visiting Indonesia, including the country’s flagship destination of Bali, the main occupations of travelers were those in managerial positions.

Overall, international tourists visiting Indonesia in 2023 spent an average of USD 1,625.36 per visit, an increase of 12.25% compared to 2022, which was documented as USD 1,448.01. 

When compared to the situation before the COVID-19 pandemic, the average expenditure of foreign tourists in 2023 is even higher, than the average expenditure of foreign tourists in 2019 which reached just USD 1,145.64. 

The Central Statistics Agency “The increase in the average expenditure of foreign tourists per visit in 2023 is partly due to the increase in the average length of stay of foreign tourists.”


According to data shared by the Directorate General of Immigration, the average duration of visits by foreign tourists in Indonesia in 2023 was 12.71 nights, whereas records show that in 2022 the average stay was 12.45 nights.

When combined with the average spending data, the average nightly stay data can show the average nightly spend by international tourists.

In 2023, the average tourist arrival per night 2023 was recorded at 127.88 US dollars, an increase of 26.45 percent compared to the previous year, which was recorded at USD 101.13. 


When it comes to the breakdown in spending, the biggest expenditure for tourists in Indonesia was accommodation, and the amount spent on accommodation is also increasing. 

Over the last year leaders in the Bali tourism sector have spoken often about their desire to attract more high spending and longer staying tourists to the island.

In their view, longer staying and higher spending tourists are of a higher quality, have more interest in culture based tourism and less likely to get involved in crime or behave badly. 


Travel trends show that Bali is one of the most in-demand travel destinations in the world for European tourists right now.

Tourism leaders are calling on the government and airlines to facilitate more directly flights from major European cities to help capitalize on the trend.

The hotel and travel booking platform has released data this month that shows that Indonesia is the second most searched-for destination in Asia by European tourists, coming second only to Thailand.  

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Wednesday 5th of June 2024

Can you stop perpetuating the myth. Bali isn't or wasn't the top destination for Europeans The data came from one booking agency and reflected the number of searches. That's vastly different to those who booked and travelled.


Monday 3rd of June 2024

Well Russia isn't Europe, yet they rule in Bali. Send the feckers home to fight their battles and stop cowering in Bali, the cowardly dogs.

Made Fokker II

Monday 3rd of June 2024

At this point screw Bali… corrupt people everywhere, all they care is money, money, money. No morals, no cares for their environment or land, spirituality is only in the books and their wasteful gifts to the gods… it’s all bs. Locals selling the island for pennies, still dumping trash in the rivers, while pretending to care! During the pandemic you all seemed like beggars, putting tourists on a pedestal, all that to now treat them like shit. Bali deserves to fall!


Wednesday 5th of June 2024

@Made Fokker II, another entitled complainer !! Mass tourism has poisoned Bali. Bali has been visited by more Millennials and Generation z’s people. What do they know of anything.... Read the The New York Times titled “Why you’ll pay more and behave better when you travel this summer”...Overtourism fees.

We have seen the negative sides in Bali, instead of complaining then do something to help in your community if living in Bali. Otherwise time to pack and go home. Bali is not what the baby boomers or the generation X once appreciated Bali for what it is...

So Stop being a hateful individual like @Sven...complaining with hateful messages won’t help in here...sigh.


Wednesday 5th of June 2024

@Sven, It’s amazing that people like you make an embarrassment of the other white race. If you feel so Freaking entitled then pack and go home. It means that you have lived too long in Bali. Bali is NOT what the baby boomers or generation X once appreciated Bali for what it is...


Tuesday 4th of June 2024

@Made Fokker II, 100%. Amen! They treat people and environment like shit, but start begging the moment money stops flowing. It's the most disingenuous people you can find.


Sunday 2nd of June 2024

Bali bubble has burst

Wayan Bo

Saturday 1st of June 2024

In 1980’s nice cottage two store, two bedroom house with bathroom, kitchen and garden near the double six beach including 99 years land lease, price for foreigner was about US $ 5k