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An owner of a cell phone shop in Buleleng has confronted officers as he refused to close his shop from operating during the emergency partial lockdown in Bali. During the operation that was conducted by several different institutions such as the Buleleng Police Department and the Buleleng Vice Regent, Dr. I Nyoman Sutjidra, the authorities …

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Local vendors at Penimbangan Beach located in Galiran village, Buleleng began to starve as they have become unable to operate due to the implementation of the emergency partial lockdown in Bali. An official from Galiran village, Jro Putu Anteng confirmed that local vendors who used to operate their small shops on Penimbangan Beach began to …

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A 46-year-old man named Kadek Darmawan has been arrested for stealing a cellphone from a hotel owner in Buleleng. The Head of the Buleleng Criminal Operations Officer, Ipda Kevin Simatupang confirmed that the suspect was arrested after 5 months of being employed by the owner of Duta Karya Hotel, Gede Harja Wihandara. Wihandara still gave …

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A storage warehouse housing valuables in Busingbiu Village, Buleleng has been burned down after someone allegedly burned rubbish next to the building. The fire destroyed the entire building along with vehicles and other property. The Head of Busungbiu Police Department, AKP Gede Budiarta said that the incident occurred on Friday afternoon (12/3) at around 5:30 …

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Buleleng Covid-19 Handling Task Force has decided to continue government-provided quarantine facilities for asymptomatic Covid-19 patients. The region is relying solely on its own budgets without financial support from the central government.

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Commission IV from the Indonesian House of Representatives has urged the provincial government to reconsider its plans to build an airport in the Northern Bali area of Buleleng. The construction project was disapproved by officials due to potential impacts on the surrounding environment.  The planned airport construction in West Buleleng occupies land from the West …

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The residents of Buleleng were recently stunned by a local’s man replica of an F1 race car. Made Sandi Anom (43) from Bulian Village, Kubutambahan Buleleng built a replica of a Ferrari race car during his free time after losing his job due to the crisis posed by the pandemic.

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Buleleng COVID-19 Handling Task Force conducted rapid antigen testing during a religious ceremony at Agung Jagatnatha Temple in Buleleng. Attendees at the Pagerwesi celebration on Wednesday (3/2) were selected at random to undergo testing before they were allowed entry into the temple.

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