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Spectacular Bali Beach Club Offers Tourists The Best Beachfront Vibes

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Bali’s beach club scene is pumping!

With some of the world’s finest beach clubs all at home on the Island of the Gods, lovers of all things luxury with a mission to party like there is no tomorrow, Bali is absolutely the place to be. 

White Rock Beach Club Bali.jpg

Touted as the best beachfront beach club in Bali, White Rock Beach Club is a must-visit for ocean lovers.

The venue ticks all the right boxes and then some.

Nestled into the cliff face of Melasti Beach in Bali’s up-and-coming Ungasan, White Rock Bali is a serious contender for the best beach club of them all. 

What sets White Rock Bali apart from many Bali beach clubs is that entry is free for everyone, from 10 am until 10 pm daily.

However, for party lovers keen to make the most of the occasion, it is highly recommended to book a day bed or even a full suite in advance.

If you want to secure the best sunset views over the Indian Ocean, this is the place to be!

Booking a bed, lounger or suite is the only way to ensure total freedom, relaxation and the very best service from the incredible White Rock Team.

Lagoon beds can lounge up to four people and come with a minimum spend of IDR 2,500,000++, which is an incredible value.

Lagoon sofas are ideal for larger groups of up to six people and come with a minimum cost of IDR 3,500,000++.

Tourists are sometimes put off by the notion of a minimum spend, but it’s a really beneficial system.

With 100% of the minimum spend already credited to your account, you just have to keep ordering whatever you like until you’ve hit your limit. Hit your limit quicker than expected?

No worries, just pay the excess at the end of the evening. 

White Rock Beach Club offers all those luxury touches and is incredibly down to earth. The staff are absolutely on it and will cater to your every need with a genuine smile.

And the Bali lovers who frequent these shores are laid back, fun-loving, and all about enjoying their time in paradise. 

At White Rock Bali, day bed and suite reservations come with 100% of the minimum spend credited towards food & beverage, complimentary towels, and a free parking area.

Whether you splurge on drinks or dig right into the menu, the minimum spend works in the beach clubber’s favor.

For those traveling light, there is a single sunbed option available for up to two people, with a minimum spend of IDR 1,000,000.

Can we just take a moment to talk about the White Rock menu?! This stunning epicurean journey is mind-blowingly good. The chefs at White Rock know their craft and have created a menu that is not only tasty but seriously creative.

Check out the Sushi Boat, a whole masterpiece of sushi perfection, served in an actual wooden boat! White Rock’s sushi rolls are decadent and super moreish.

Be sure to order the Black Truffle Roll, featuring toasted salmon served with kani stick, kyuri tanuki, yellowfin tuna salad and tobiko.

For something ultra-bougie, order the Phoenix Caviar Roll, which includes unagi, caviar pearl, eel sauce, and White Rock’s original mayo.

At White Rock, excess and extravagance is the name of the game. You only live once, so you might as well live it up overlooking the Indian Ocean!

Party suites and VIP cabanas are where the real party is for groups heading to the party to celebrate in style, whether the big wins or the little ones. The VIP service at White Rock is not to be overlooked. 

Securing top artists and DJs to perform at a Bali beach club is no mean feat. With everyone after the biggest and most popular artists, there is some tough competition on the circuit for live events. White Rock Bali’s live event calendar is always booked and busy with must-attend events.

Whether world-class DJs flying in just for the night or the house artists queuing up the next tracks to get the party started, there is never a dull moment at White Rock Beach Club. 

The Bali Sun Premium members get 10% off at White Rock Beach Club Bali, including 10% off from minimum spend on daybed and suites and 10% off at the restaurant with a minimum spend of IDR 500,000.

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Saturday 11th of May 2024

Hope the Staff get also a benefit from this overpriced experience ??


Thursday 9th of May 2024

With hard work and dedication the Balinese has managed to ruin the beauty of the natural cliffs in this area. Now clubs have been built supported by 15 meter tall concrete pillars facing the beach. A real eyesore. Money talks. What a sad state of affairs left for future generations.