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Drive-By Robbery Of Tourists Reported In Ubud, Bali

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Two friends on holiday in Ubud, Bali, have reported a drive-by robbery on the 23rd of November. After reporting the incident to the local police, the friends shared their story on the Facebook group, Ubud Community, to warn others that the crime is resurfacing in the area once again.

Entrance To Jalan Monkey Forest Street In Ubud Bali

Drive-by robberies have often been associated with southern beach areas like Kuta, Seminyak, and Canggu. Though sadly, Ubud has never been immune to this crime. The two travelers, one from Australia, and the other from Hong Kong, were walking back to the Alaya Resort Ubud, along Jalan Monkey Forest, between 9 pm and 9.15 pm on the 23rd of November.

Corner Of Monkey Forest Street By The Big Fig Trees and Shopping Stalls In Ubud Bali

In the post Step Adams writes that this is the pair’s third visit to Bali and suggests that they had taken all reasonable steps to be safe at night. Adams notes that although it was dark outside, “there were people passing by from time to time so we thought it would be ok”. As they walked from the Monkey Forest Gate towards the IBU SUSU Bar and Kitchen, a motorbike drove up beside them and tried to rip her friend’s messenger bag from over her neck and shoulders.

Fortunately, she said she did not sustain any serious injuries, though she has a burn mark on her neck and wrist where the robber tried to rip the bag from her body. The robber got away with the messenger bag, inside which was an iPhone XR, her Hong Kong ID card, several debit and credit cards, HKD 1500 (USD 192) in cash, and a further THB 300 (USD 8).

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Street In Central Ubud Bali

After the shock and fear of the incident, the pair immediately went to the Ubud Police to formally report the incident. They have been given an official police report and confirmation that the local police will investigate the issue. Adams shared a photo of the police report on the Facebook group.

The end of the report asks for any further information to be shared with the police as soon as possible. Any witnesses or anyone who has experienced a similar attack in the last few days may contact investigators Iput Ngankan Ketut Erawan S.H, M.H on 081999077464 or Ipda Wayan Parwata on 082247372366. Alternatively, contact Ubud Police Station at (0361) 975316 to speed up the investigation process.

Jalan monkey Forest In Ubud Bali.jpg

The bag the thieves stole was a compact messenger bag with a black body strap. The bag has a striped pattern in bluey-purple colors. In the Facebook post, Adams also shares that they met a French couple at the police station which has experienced a similar ordeal not 45 minutes earlier. Given the timing and the location of the first and second robberies, there are valid suspicions that the robber is the same person.

Tourists strolling along the central street of Ubud. Ubud is the cultural heart of Bali. It's full of restaurants, yoga studios, spa’s and shops. This traditional country town is home to one of Bali's royal families.

Adams wrote, “If you happen to know any tourists who are staying near monkey forest or is travelling alone, please warn them about it. We don’t want anyone to experience the same thing like we did.” The comments on the post have been sympathetic and supportive.

Dewa Vane Sidiarta wrote, “I really sorry to hear that you experienced something that was uncomfortable and certainly made Ubud’s image unsafe and uncomfortable for tourists. I hope pecalang or traditional security are involved so that the police can arrest them immediately”.


In August and September, a series of motorbike robberies received a lot of attention from the media. The police stepped up surveillance in the Kuta area, including night patrols in partnership with traditional leaders in the tourism hotpsot. On Monday, 8th August, Kuta Police presented a gang of phone robbers who have all used motorbikes to sidle up to victims to the media and local observers.


Shockingly, in July, an Australian tourist was stabbed in the leg by a motorbike robber trying to steal her cross-body bag. Missing the bag and stabbing the victim in the thigh. Fortunately, the wound was not serious, but the robber did get away with her bag.

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Saturday 26th of November 2022

Petty theft happens in every country in the world where tourism is abound. Victims aired it on social media as as if theft/lacerny/stabbings/shootings/rape do not happen in their own country and make the host host country look very bad.

What happened to the foreign tourists is bad luck, they were at the wrong place at the wrong time. It is wiser to use common sense in unfamiliar places to avoid a nasty experience after dark and especially where street lights aren't lit up.

Wayan Bo

Saturday 26th of November 2022

Must do, no money for peanuts and pisang’s.


Saturday 26th of November 2022

Not only drive by robbery. In Sanur there are "daylight robberies" taking place: Just look at asking prices for some villa rentals on facebook! Agents laughing at those complaining.


Saturday 26th of November 2022

Do tourists ever learn?


Saturday 26th of November 2022

When will the Indonesian government finally wake up and let the tourists carry self defense devices like maze or pepper spray? Maybe tourists should buy Machetes for souvenirs and carry them with them for protection? I think that would give the government a hint and make the blacksmiths more money.


Sunday 27th of November 2022

@Firechef, Tourists, machete? It will not only "make the blacksmiths more money" -- but hospitals and more likely morgues will see uptick in business. I recommend that gadgets are insured, have cloud backup and are secured by passwords. A non-pro fighter should not fight back as situation easily escalate if the robbers fail their robbery attempt.