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Construction To Start On Huge Resort In Bali’s Seseh Despite Initial Community Complaints

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Back in September the community Seseh with the support from Bali lovers around the world successfully petitioned against the development of a massive new resort and residence complex right on the beachfront.

The business behind the project, Taryan Group, halted proceedings until a new agreement could be reached. 

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It has now been confirmed that despite the success of the community petition the ambitious resort and residential complex development in Seseh will be moving ahead.

The team behind the Taryan Dragon Resort & Residence has been in talks with community leaders and has come to a new set of agreements that enable the project to move forward. 

The initial concerns raised by the community and echoed by Bali lovers further afield noted that the first design plan for the Taryan Dragon Resort & Residence would change the vibe of Seseh forever.

The petition was published online by a local resident, Made Cemagi, who urged the community to make their voices heard in the face of a project that they felt would “jeopardize the unique charm and authenticity of this pristine beach and its surrounding area.”

In September Cemagi wrote, “It is important to acknowledge that indiscriminate development can have severe consequences on the environment, local communities, and the overall tourism experience.”

The concerns raised about the Taryan Dragon Resort & Residence were amplified by concerns from residents around the island that rapid and unrelenting tourism development in existing and emerging resorts cannot be sustained. 

The petition quickly amassed over 2,500 signatures and caught the attention of high-profile public figures in the province.

The Taryan Group is the investment company and property developers behind some of Ukraine’s most ambitious construction projects, including the Royal Tower, Taryan Towers, and the Tsarsky City Resort in Kyiv. 

Shortly after the petition went viral in Bali Tarayn Group issued a statement to address the concerns of the community.

They noted that the project had been perceived “as final” when they did not feel that was the case. 

The company issued a statement to confirm “We will take into consideration the opinions and advice of Balinese architects, representatives of the authorities, and the local community for the final version of the project. Only after this stage will the project be officially presented.” 

It appears that the developers have been true to their word as land blessing ceremonies have taken place and it has been confirmed that the first groundbreaking will take place in early January 2024.

On Tuesday 29th November, the Taryan Dragon Resort & Residence shared footage of the community and the team taking part in a traditional Balinese Ngeruak ceremony on 3rd November.

The Ngeruak is a land blessing ceremony that gives thanks to the land and asks permission to change the landscape.

The community has given their blessing for the new resort and residence to go ahead following meetings and consultations.

A series of new agreements have been made to ensure that the development brings benefits to the community and the surrounding area.

Agreements include a commitment from the hotel to respect Balinese and Indonesian traditions and regulations. The complex will not feature noisy venues like beach clubs or karaoke bars.

The Taryan Group has committed to ensuring that 40% of the workforce will be our local staff.

They have also given assurances that the resort and residence will focus on integrating cultural and religious activities.

Speaking to the primary concerns of the petition, the residence will feature environmentally conscious development throughout.

Crucially, Taryan Group has committed to integrating the involvement of local security (Pecalang) for a smooth process of development and operations. 

Design changes have been made to the architecture too. They have reduced the number of floors, reduced and reconfigured the building sections, integrated more Balinese materials, changed the shape of the swimming pool and altered the concept of the beach club into a beach lounge.

Taryan Group says “After careful consideration and valuable feedback, we have implemented a revised strategy for the Taryan Dragon project creation.”

They added “These changes have been meticulously crafted to align more closely with Balinese culture and the unique characteristics of the Seseh area.”

“This collaborative approach has enabled us to create a design that respects and celebrates Bali’s local heritage and natural beauty.”

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Sunday 3rd of December 2023


The government officials in Jakarta, and the local Banjar Bosses wanted more money so they paid them off.

Taryan is probably using money from the US Defense budget allotment that was marked for proper military army supplies like socks, k-rations and warm clothes.

Indonesia is a very morally sick country.

I guess that why it will be totally Communist in a few years.


Wednesday 29th of May 2024

@Raymond, more likely Islamist I think

raymond's troll

Tuesday 5th of December 2023

@Raymond, ok buddy lol


Saturday 2nd of December 2023

To be continued... indefinitely


Friday 1st of December 2023

The money the developers have to fill pockets of regional and local governance and gain approval is limitless. Ciputra have the Pigstone to Gannga Yeh coastal area stitched up. The coastal rape in South Bali is unrelenting. Are the profit hungry developers and corrupted governance doing anything about balancing development and pollution? No t on your life. The other day I saw the well advertised Bali Glamping resort down near pigstone beach tipping building materials onto the beach. Continuously WTF?


Friday 1st of December 2023

I sense money has been handed around


Thursday 30th of November 2023

Taryan Group is having Ukrainian ownership. They will therefore have no problem managing all the red tape in Bali.