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Bali Lovers Successfully Protest Against Huge Resort Development On Quiet Beach

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Bali is undergoing a tourism development boom right now. While many people thought that the pandemic would have halted progress somewhat, the reality on the ground is that more hotels, resorts, and private villas are being constructed every single day.

Many of the new developments are happening in areas already popular with tourists, but it seems that quieter and less tourist areas of Bali are now under threat from mass development. 

Seseh Beach Bali.jpg

Bali lovers are joining together to protest a huge new resort and tourist development in the surf village of Seseh.

The village of Seseh has been undergoing a surge in development over the last 2-3 years. Sitting just down the coast from Canggu, many people feel that it was almost inevitable that Seseh would soon become the next most popular vacation destination in Bali.

The development that Bali lovers are protesting against is the Taryan Dragon development. Marketed as a ‘unique investment opportunity’ and an ‘extraordinary complex on the oceanfront in Bali’ the resort and apartment complex would change the face of Seseh forever. 

In a petition, local resident Made Cemagi, is calling on Bali lovers to make their voices heard to help preserve the charming and quiet nature of Seseh.

Cemagi writes “As an advocate for preserving the natural beauty and cultural heritage of Bali, I urge you to reconsider the approval of this development, which will jeopardize the unique charm and authenticity of this pristine beach and its surrounding area.”

The concerned resident continues to highlight how such a huge development will impact the local community and environment.

Cemagi writes “While it is understandable that the Taryan Dragon project claims to be a five-star resort and residence inspired by nature and the arts, it is important to acknowledge that indiscriminate development can have severe consequences on the environment, local communities, and the overall tourism experience.”

There are concerns that the development will have a Haley detrimental impact on local flora and fauna, as well as increase pollution through urbanization of the quiet coastal village.

As Cemgai writes “The allure of Seseh Beach lies in its authentic Balinese character, allowing visitors to experience the island’s rich cultural heritage. The implementation of a towering development like Taryan Dragon would overshadow the historical significance of the area, diluting the indigenous cultural atmosphere and negatively impacting the local economy.”

The petition is aiming to gather 2,500 signatures and has already got the backing of prominent figures in Bali like social justice advocate and entrepreneur Ni Luh Djelantik and founder of environmental group Sungai Watch, Gary Bencheghib. 

According to the Tarayn Dragon Bali website the ‘unique investment opportunity’ will provide investors with a 15% return on investment over a period of 6 years, with a minimum investment of USD 200,000.

They say the resort and residence complex is “an exquisite blend of modern luxury, contemporary infrastructure, stunning nature, and innovative technology.”

The apartments will offer either an ocean view, pool view, or garden view, will be ‘furnished with natural elite wood’, and will be ‘decorated with modern Balinese art and tropical plants.’ 

The complex itself is set to feature swimming pools, a private beach club, a fitness center, spas, restaurants and bars, event spaces, co-working areas, and shopping boutiques.

Tarayan Group is the investor behind some of Ukraine’s most highly accoladed buildings, including the Royal Tower, Taryan Towers, and the Tsarsky City Resort in Kyiv. 

Within a day of the petition going live online the development group have formally responded to the community appeal.

In an Instagram post Tarayn Dragon have revealed that the “project has been perceived as final” when in their view “there hasn’t been any official project announcement nor have we engaged in any communication or advertising in Bali.”

The developers are now saying “We will take into consideration the opinions and advices of Balinese architects, representatives of the authorities, and the local community for the final version of the project. Only after this stage will the project be officially presented.”

Many local social media cizitien journalism accounts are praising this announcement as a win for Seseh and a ‘cancellation’ of the project as a whole, it appears it may simply be back to the drawing board for Taryan Group. 

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Thursday 13th of June 2024

My opinion is that the complex is beautiful. He is harmonious with Seseh. Good luck!


Wednesday 5th of June 2024

Luxurious and unique design! Simply unsurpassed! Such complexes should be built on the first line of the beach :))


Wednesday 5th of June 2024

The development of hotel infrastructure in Bali contributes to the improvement of the local economy. Tourists spend money not only on accommodation, but also on food, souvenirs, and excursions. This ensures a stable flow of funds to the region and supports the development of small businesses.

Steven Jamovskio

Wednesday 5th of June 2024

Hotels in Bali create many jobs for local residents. These are not only service personnel, but also suppliers, builders and other specialists. Tourism is an important source of income for many families, which increases the standard of living on the island


Wednesday 5th of June 2024

Rested in Bali for the first time and were pleasantly surprised by the quality of service in the hotels. Very comfortable, clean and with all amenities. I especially liked the local food. There are never too many hotels on a resort island.