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Bali’s Most Famous Tourist Village Offers Immersive Cultural Experience

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Bali’s most famous village is a must-visit during a trip to the island. The traditional village of Penglipuran is one of the most recognizable vistas in Bali, and the community has graciously opened its doors to the public to help promote and celebrate Balinese culture.

Tourists not only have the opportunity to walk around the village but really immerse themselves into life in the community. 

Penglipuran Village In Bangli Bali.jpg

For the last year, tourists visiting Penglipuran Village in Bangli Regency have been able to rent traditional Balinese clothing to wear for photos and to help create a more immersive experience.

Local homeowners each have different traditional outfits for tourists to hire, and the activity is proving increasingly popular with both domestic and international tourists. 

Tourists can rent traditional sarongs, and community members teach visitors how to wear them properly. There is a different way of wearing the sarong for men and women.

Women may also try on a traditional kabaya, and men may wear an udeng, the headdress locals mean to wear during ceremonies.

Similar traditional dress experiences are offered in some of Bali’s most famous temples, including Pura Bersakih, the Mother Temple in Karangsem Regency.

The manager of Penglipuran Tourism Village, I Wayan Sumiarsa, has told reporters how during this high season and Galungan and Kuningan festivals, demand for the experience has soared.

Sumiarsa shared, “Most [tourists] took pictures in front of our houses or with a traditional village in the background. There were also foreign tourists who joined the prayers during the Galungan holiday.”

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@bali_karisma_holidays Desa Penglipuran adalah salah satu desa adat dari kabupaten Bangli,Provinsi Bali. Desa ini terkenal sebagai salah satu Destinasi wisata di Bali karena masyarakatnya yg masih menjalankan dan melestarikan budaya tradisional Bali.dalam kehidupan sehari hari.. Nah jika ingin Berkunjung ke Desa Penglipuran jangan lupa sewa baju adat bali..Di sana juga menyediakan baju adat bali..biar kelihatan kas balinya dan cara menggunakan baju adat bali biar tambah cantik..😂 📍Desa Penglipuran, Kubu, Kecamatan Bangli, Kabupaten Bangli, Bali.  📷@desapenglipuran #ExploreBali #BaliVibes #BaliTrip #baliistimewa #ThingsToDoInBali #tempatbagusbali #wisatapulaubali #RekomendasiWisata #wisatabaliindonesia #PlacesToVisitBali #balitravel #TempatWisataBali #BaliPlaceToVisit #balilife #Bali #balipictures #balitourguide #travelbali #desapenglipuran ♬ suara asli – Explore Pulau Bali – Explore Bali Island

Penglipuran Village has won many accolades and is considered to be one of the finest remaining examples of a complete traditional Balinese village left on the island.

The village has been hailed by the Indonesian government as the best tourism village in the country and even won an award for being the cleanest village in the world.

A visit can be arranged as a half-day tour from Ubud, or as a whole-day tour combined with a visit to the coffee plantations and mountain viewpoints around Kintamani. 

Sumiarsa added, “To rent traditional clothes, the price ranges from IDR 50,000 to IDR 100,000.”

Currently, Penglipuran Village is welcoming up to 3,500 visitors every day. During a visit, tourists can explore the village grounds, meet with local people and learn about their way of life, and learn more about the way in which Balinese Hindu culture informs everything from agriculture to architecture, community management, and education. 

@aurabalitour A must-visit in Bali ✨ The village is just 30km from Ubud and the best time to visit it is during the Balinese religious Galungan & Kuningan holidays which will next take place on 2-12 August 2023. #bali #panglipuran #desapanglipuranbali #balitravel #ubud #balitourservice #balidestination #balitrip ♬ suara asli – AURA BALI TOUR

Penglipuran Village is an example of community-based tourism, a principle that leaders in Bali want to see rolled out across more of the island.

As Bali enters a new era of tourism, leaders want to see tourists encouraged to visit lesser-known areas of the island that have an abundance of culture and heritage to share. 

A visit to Penglipuran Village is a real treat, and a guided tour is highly recommended in order to truly appreciate the significance of the village in the context of an ever-modernizing Bali.

In order to ensure that all families in the village benefit from the tourism program, each house has been given a number, and tourists visit each house on a rotation basis. Tourists also have the opportunity to buy souvenirs and gifts from each household.


It is not only Penglipuran Village itself that is intriguing tourists, but the equally famous bamboo forest that surrounds the community.

The Penglipuran Bamboo Forest is considered to be one of the most significant intact bamboo forests in Bali. Many people consider the bamboo produced in this area to be the finest quality for construction.

Yet the community has a deep spiritual connection to the bamboo forest. They believe that the bamboo was planted by their ancestors and is therefore a powerful symbol of their cultural roots and connection to the natural world.

There are fifteen species of bamboo in the forest, which spans over 37 hectares around the village center. 


Tourists are welcome to walk around the bamboo forest hiking trail. The route is not too strenuous and is the perfect place to take photos or even try out some forest bathing meditation techniques. 

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“ Penglipuran Village has won many accolades and is considered to be one of the finest remaining examples of a complete traditional Balinese village left on the island.” -This is sad.


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