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Bali Wants To Change How Tourists Hire Motorcycles Following Fatal Collisions 

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In November alone three tourists in Bali have been reported to have died in traffic collisions on the island’s roads.

Tragically, around this time last year Bali also saw a sharp rise in the number of fatalities on the roads. With this in mind, authorities in Buleleng Regency are working to change the way tourists hire vehicles in hopes the same approach may be adopted island-wide. 

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In November three foreign nationals were killed on Buleleng Regency’s roads in separate incidents. On 3rd November a 24-year-old British tourist died in a hit-and-run in Tajun Village in broad daylight.

On 11th November a Czech tourist was killed in a collision with a truck in Pemuteran Village. On 14th November a 24-year-old Czech citizen was killed in a collision with a pickup truck in Pejarakan Village. 

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Concerned by the rising number of tourist collisions on Bali’s roads the Head of Traffic Unit for Buleleng Police, AKP Bachtiar Arifin, has spoken to reporters about how and where changes must be made.

AKP Arifin told reporters “What is clear is that we will carry out outreach to rental services and hotels, including limiting and selectively using motorbikes, especially foreign nationals.”

He continued to explain that hotel owners who provide motorbike rental services will be asked to take preventative steps by accompanying foreign guests themselves if they want to travel by motorbike. 

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He said, “This is part of an effort to maintain the safety of foreigners staying at the hotels they accompany.” 

AKP Arifin reminded tourists and motorcycle rental providers that the requirement for foreigners to ride motorbikes on the streets of Indonesia is to at least have an international driver’s license and to obey the laws of the road such as wearing a helmet. 

He added “Apart from that, we will increase patrols in places where there are many foreigners. We will even carry out law enforcement if foreigners are found to be violating this.”

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Earlier this year, before his term as Bali governor came to a close, Wayan Koster formally banned tourists from hiring mopeds directly from local people.

Ex-Governor Koster doubled down on laws that state that foreigners may only rent vehicles from authorized providers.

Koster made it clear that tourists can only hire a motorcycle from a business that is fully registered with the relevant provincial and national trade agencies or the transportation rental association in Bali.


This reinforcement of the law means that tourists cannot rent a motorcycle from an accommodation provider owner, local friend, or motorcycle rental owner who is not a formally registered motorcycle rental company. 


It is evident that AKP Arifin and his teams in Buleleng Regency want to take this a step further and are calling on rental providers to take more responsibility over their rental vehicles and who they lease them out to. 

Tourists planning their next visit to Bali and who are planning to hire a motorcycle are being urged to check and double-check the nuances of their travel, health, and driving insurance policies.

Over the last decade, there have been countless cases of tourists in Bali who hopped on a rental moped thinking they were unconditionally covered in the event of a collision.


Far too many tourists have learned only when it is too late that a tiny detail on their insurance policy, such as only being covered for moped up to 125cc or needing to have converted their driving licenses into international licenses, means that they will not be covered for their medical bills; many of which have been hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Every policy from every provider and every country is different, and tourists are urged to be super clear about their coverage before making any decisions about driving in Bali, especially this festive season.

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Monday 27th of November 2023

Again the local government of Bali is coming up with useless ideas for traffic safety! "Hotel owners should accompany their guests if they want to drive a motor bike" (Yeah..sure! Hotels will hire new staff for every guest who wants to go for a bike ride). "Renting a motorbike should be done by an official registered bike rental company" (So, the hell with all those small local entrepreneurs who try to make a living for their families). How naive can you be to come up with such ideas??

Let's be honest, there are many tourists (mainly Aussies!!Sorry guys but this is really my experience after 10 years in Bali)) who ride a motorbike with more alcohol in their body than blood. Some people (who think they can ride so well and want to show it off) are speeding with 70 to 120 km/hr on the busiest streets, dressed in no more than a short (helmets to protect their stupid brains? they have never heard of). These god forgotten idiots should be arrested immediately and put in jail for at least 14 nights where after they should be banned from Indonesia forever. It is very simple for the police to catch these idiots. Just go at night to the streets where lots of entertainment is offered like the street where La Favela is situated or Jl. Petitenget with its numerous clubs. In one night they will catch at least a dozen of these bastards who risk their life, my life and all other lives of innocent people.

Above all, the authorities should blame themselves for risking everybody's life by not building/maintaining good roads, for not making sure there are good road signs, and most important not treating every motorized vehicle the same. Indonesians should be punished the same way as foreigners are punished. Because as you might know we people tend to copy/adjust our behaviour to our direct environment. A simple approach to protect many lives!


Monday 27th of November 2023

Maaf ya....⁹The biggest problem is that the locals are poor drivers , 10 yr old kids no helmets , cutting corners , ignoring lanes, no give way, no signals , speeding , suicidal passing, ignoring red lights, brutal truck drivers!!!!. How does someone new to Bali deal with this !!! Maaf ya please fix driving standards then the road toll can decrease .

Stanley Bones

Saturday 25th of November 2023

Riding in the traffic in Bali is like organised chaos. If you follow the rules, you could find yourself in a bit of drama. You need to read the flow of the traffic. I ride in Australia, riding along JL Legian. I indicate, pull up to the line and go to turn right. A local wasn't paying attention and decided to overtake me (on the wrong side of the road) and hits me. Locals are on their phone while riding, not wearing helmets. There's an element of tourists one the road that are not wearing helmets, that have been drinking and don't have a scooter licence. 5he police should be targeting these people (in my opinion)


Wednesday 22nd of November 2023

Indonesians want to teach Europeans how to drive ? Compared to Europe there are no traffic laws in Indonesia.


Thursday 23rd of November 2023

@John, There is no formal training and getting a licence only require cash.

From UK web site:

Foreigners who choose to drive in Indonesia should be aware of the following factors:

- Drivers who drive at high speeds and behave aggressively are common - Drivers of small vehicles and motorbikes should always yield to trucks and buses - Drivers often use the road shoulders as extra lanes for passing - Sounding the horn is considered a safety measure: it is used to get other drivers to move out of the way, it is also used to signal that vehicles are too close - Broken down vehicles on roads are common - Cars frequently do not have functioning lights or indicators - Roads are also used for parties and gatherings, for example, weddings and funerals. For this reason, drivers should pay attention when approaching small towns from a highway - Motorbikes are often the only transport that a family has and so it is not uncommon to see four people riding on one motorbike


Wednesday 22nd of November 2023

As long as locals don't have any respect for any of the laws of their own country, don't expect tourists to give a damn about them either. Bali doesn't have laws, wasted paper and ink.

Stanley Bones

Saturday 25th of November 2023

@Abdul, mainly tourists are pulled over, this helps line the pockets of the police. I followed the law, don't drink and carry both licences with me - that's the law, home country licence and international