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Bali Tourist Dies In Motorcycle Crash As Police Crack Down On Speeding

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A tourist from the Czech Republic has died in a hospital in Bali after a collision with a truck on the afternoon of Sunday 12th November.

The 56-year-old woman was driving in Pemuteran Village, Buleleng when he was reported to have lost control of her motorcycle. 

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The Head of Public Relations for the Buleleng Police, AKP Gede Darma Diatmika, has spoken to the media following the incident.

He announced that the tourist, known only to the media by her surname, Mortimevora, was driving on Jalan Raya Singaraja heading towards Gilimanuk. 

AKP Diatmika shared that Mortimevora eyewitnesses saw her swerve and lose control of his Honda Vario as he was turning at a junction.

Traveling from the opposite direction was truck driver Dwi Susanto, 51 from Tampo Village in East Java. 

AKP Diatmika confirmed that residents called an ambulance and that Mortimevora was immediately rushed to the Gerokgak II Community Health Center. She was later transferred to the Buleleng Regional Hospital in Singaraja City.

The PR Officer confirmed, “The victim suffered broken bones, a torn left leg, injuries to the left side of her head, and a broken left hand. The victim was declared dead by the Buleleng Regional Hospital medical team at around 16.45 WITA.” 

He concluded, “It is suspected that the motorbike rider was not careful, coming from the north towards the south when she was about to turn left towards the east, the motorbike could not be controlled so it turned too far to the right past the south marking on the main road. so she was hit by a truck.” 

Tragically, the death of the 56-year-old woman is just one of dozens of collisions in the last few weeks that have been fatal for both tourists and locals.

On 2nd November. 24-year-old British tourist lost his life in a hit-and-run collision in Tajun Village, along the Singaraja-Kintamani Highway. 

The man’s family has since signed a peace agreement with 54-year-old Njoo Pin Tek, who admitted to police upon his arrest that he knew he’d hit the motorcycle driver with his car as he turned out of the junction, but that he didn’t think he was seriously hurt. 

On Saturday 11th November a major traffic collision took place at the intersection of Jalan Imam Bonjol and Sunset Road in the popular tourist resort of Kuta. One local man lost his life, while another was taken to hospital with a broken leg. 

Motorcycle moped lies on the ground after crash at nighttime

Speaking to the media Head of the Denpasar Police Public Relations Section, AKP Ketut Sukadi, said “We urge all drivers to always be careful and obey traffic regulations. By obeying traffic regulations, traffic accidents can be prevented.”

Police across the island are working to crack down on illegal street racing. Talking to the press following the crash on Sunset Road, and a raid on a motorcycle gang speeding through the residential roads of Seranagan.

The Head of Operations for the Denpasar Police, Commissioner I Ketut Tomiyasa, said that citizens should report all incidences of street racing and speeding to the police. 


He explained, “We are doing this to follow up on the many viral news on social media related to speeding activities that cause fatalities.” 

Commissioner Tomiyasa, and his teams, in partnership with the Civil Service and local community security teams, seized 120 motorcycles that did not comply with roadworthy laws. 

He shared, “We obtained the results of vehicle arrests totaling 120 vehicles. These vehicles are often used for [racing] activities by young people. We immediately ticketed the vehicle. There are those who don’t have any documents, then the exhaust is missing, and there are also those who don’t have vehicle plates.”


Commissioner Tomiyasa committed to cracking down on racing and speeding drivers on Bali’s roads.

He concluded, “We always hold blue light patrols, night patrols, raids, to prevent opportunities for young people to speed.”

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Wayan Bo

Thursday 16th of November 2023

R. I. P. 💐


Thursday 16th of November 2023

As a regular bali goer I have just returned after 16 days staying in one of the busiest areas in Kuta. My observation was that approx. 70% of westeners on bikes were without helmets. I,m sorry guys but wearing a baseball cap backwards will not save you. In that time I had not seen one police officer. You do not have to be the sharpest tool in the shed to see how this will end. Walking down Melasti (one way)toward the beach I hade to step onto the road to get around vehicles parked on the edge blocking the footpath. A western woman on a GoJek driving the wrong way, the driver had to brake sharply to avoid me subsequently the woman abused the living heck out of me. When I caught up to them on the footpath as she was entering the Apotek she gave me another spray. Another case of "I checked my brain in at the desk at the airport on arrival"


Wednesday 15th of November 2023

It was a woman, not man. Her name was Kamila Mortimer.


Thursday 16th of November 2023

@Mike, It was actually a transvestite named George Plimpton.


Wednesday 15th of November 2023

She was actually not a man but a woman and the name was Kamila Mortimerova.


Tuesday 14th of November 2023

Watching the traffic in Bali is a nightmare. You just know it won't end well.