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Bali Tourism Leaders Defend Development After Research Shows Rise In Natural Disasters

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Tourism leaders in Bali are voicing their support for development on the Island of the Gods. In recent weeks environmental scientists have released research that shows a direct correlation between the increase in natural disasters and the rapid rate of development.

Environmental leaders in Bali have called on the tourism and business sweetie to rethink critical decisions regarding the construction of new infrastructure, as data shows that the conversation of land to tourism development is harming local communities. 

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Now the Bali Tourism Community Alliance (AMPB) have spoken to the media about their observations of the benefits of tourism development. The Chairman of the Bali Tourism Community Alliance, I Gusti Kade Sutawa, told reporters that better days are coming and that the full benefits of the last decade of developments are still yet to be realized.

Sutawa said, “We are optimistic, as the Covid-19 pandemic subsides, then Bali’s success in becoming a venue for holding events, especially the G-20 Summit, will certainly provide positive points going forward”.

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Sutawa continued to explain that the construction of the international hospital in Sanur, the transition of the Sanur area to a special economic zone, and the Gilimanuk-Denpasar toll road all play an important role in creating more opportunities for the island’s economic development. He also mentioned the potential of the Toyurpada Tower in Buleleng and the construction of the Bali Cultural Center (PKB) in Klungkung Regency. 

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He explained, “So what has been and is being built by the Government, the Provincial Government of Bali, we think is good. I am optimistic that it will have an impact on increasing tourist visits later.” He also noted that the new developments at I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport, at Sanur Harbour, Sampalan Port, and Bias Munjul Port all bring about benefits to tourist’s experiences and will, in time, translate into profit for Bali. 

Sutawa explained that the new developments at the ports would enable more tourists to arrive by boat to Bali and the surrounding islands. He pinned further optimism on developments over at the Bali Maritime Tourism Hub in Benoa Harbour, identifying that the potential increase in foreign arrivals by cruise would boost revenue too. 

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As the Chairman of the Bali Tourism Community Alliance, Sutawa and his teams are concerned almost solely with the number of tourists visiting Bali. A metric that is looking more positive by the day By September 1,185,829 international arrivals had landed in Bali, a steep increase from the 51 who arrived during 2021 as a result of lockdown.

Still, 2022 has topped the number of international tourists visiting Bali in 2020 when 1,069,473 foreign tourists explored the island. What environmentalists are concerned about, however, is that the number of tourists doesn’t necessarily mean revenue, and in their view, is a shortsighted view of the impact tourism development is having on the social, economic, and environmental landscape in Bali. 


Sutawa’s remarks come as an indirect response to recent statements released by environmental advocacy groups in Bali, informed by new data shared by Subak Udayana University. Speaking at a panel discussion even earlier his month, the Manager of the Bali Water Protection Program shared the organization’s observations about the impact tourism development is having on vulnerable communities and the natural landscape.


I Putu Bawa Usadi said, “If you ask how Bali is today, you can say it’s not okay. We see that the flash floods that occurred last month show that there are activities in the forest that damage the environment”.

He talked about how seawater intrusion is destroying fresh water sources for residents in Sanur and that many of the victims of the flash floods in Jembrana Regency earlier in November are yet to be re-homed. He shared concerns that the recently protected and reforested areas of mangrove forest in Bali are under threat once again from development. 


Usadi’s speech came just weeks after the Indonesian Forum for the Environment of Bali Province (WALHI) revealed their research concludes that the increase in natural disasters is directly related to the conversion of land for infrastructure development, namely for the tourism sector and transportation. 

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Wednesday 30th of November 2022

Instead of "Island of Gods" Will be called "Island of Plastic" And it makes me concerned.. It's happening all over the world. Earth is speaking constantly about unconcerned and unnecessary "Development".


Tuesday 29th of November 2022

I Gusti Kade Sutawa is a GIANT &etard. Congrats Mr. &etard on destroying Bali.


Tuesday 29th of November 2022

Short term gains or long term disaster.. ?


Tuesday 29th of November 2022

As long as local people remain silent or uninterested then nothing will happen to reverse impeding doom.


Tuesday 29th of November 2022

Quote "...the transition of the Sanur area to a special economic zone..."

Yes it is indeed a "special economic zone" with landlords asking triple rental compared to pre-covid. 550 Juta/yr for an ordinary 3 room villa (ref facebook sanur property).

Quote "He talked about how seawater intrusion is destroying fresh water sources for residents in Sanur"

Correct, reported to happen 1km inland. As building density increases due to high land prices -- might see problem with sewage seeping into fresh water supply as well. Dystopia.