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Canggu Road Upgrades Confirmed For 2023, Locals Fear It’s Too Little Too Late

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Tensions in Canggu are rising as the issue of traffic gets evermore contentious. Tired of sitting in gridlock, local residents have started taking to social media to voice their complaints against the local government in Bali. While the provincial government has responded, some are concerned that any efforts will fall into the category of too little too late for Bali’s congestion crisis. 

Moped Drivers Sit In Bali Traffic

One local driver, Gede Kus, took to Instagram to vent his frustration at the traffic around Berawa Beach in Canggu. He captioned a video of the traffic jam with a plea to local government representatives.” Please pay attention to the infrastructure in the Jalan Pantai Berawa area, Badung, Bali, for the convenience of the public and tourism guests! Why should it have been prioritized until now? Shame on you!”. His post was met with support from fellow drivers in the area who shared their frustration at the situation.

Kus is not the only driver to have turned to social media in a bid to get more eyes on the issue. Wayan “Gendo” Suardana has boldly criticized the local transportation agencies for the situation on the roads. Suardana shared his feelings “It seems that infrastructure matters in Canggu and its surroundings have not been completed long ago, have they? Even though this area is one of the biggest revenue generators for the state…right I don’t know what the problem is, even though there are many Badung DPRDs [local senators] around this area”.

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He continued, “Maybe they [senators] rarely go out, so they don’t know about this situation, so they miss the budget. Maybe also @dpuprbadung was too busy that he missed including the Canggu area in his budget proposal. It’s also possible that the regent @giri.prasta thinks tourists in this area are fine, so that during his two terms of leadership, the Canggu area missed the facility rejuvenation. Maybe lol. Or maybe I’m the stupid one for talking about this problem”. Bold statements indeed to call out the Regent and other local senators in such a public and damming way. 

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The complaints haven’t fallen on deaf ears, though the response from the Head of the Public Works and Spatial Planning Office may not be the news locals were hoping for. Surya Suamba did not deny the issue of traffic in Canggu. He explained that the Badung Regency Government has budgeted for improvements to Jalan Pantai Berawa and the surrounding area in 2023. He said, “later in 2023 we will arrange drainage and sidewalks. This arrangement has also been included in the 2023 [budget]”


Traffic on main roads, and even the unofficial shortcuts, is causing drivers to create their own solutions to the problem. Drivers, both local and tourists, are now turning tor driving along narrow farm tracks between rice paddy fields in a bid to get to where they need to go. Though there are several shortcuts that can support lots of traffic, most of the newly adopted shortcuts are farm-use-only pathways that are not suitable for heavy traffic. 

Moped Drivers Sit In Bali Traffic In Early Evening Nighttime

Every day, more and more videos are shared online of mopeds and their drivers sliding off narrow rice paddy tracks into flooded fields. Not only does this cause injury to the driver, but it damages the valuable rice crops and damages the often rented scooter, in the case of tourists, that is. Local farmers and village residents are tired of having their access-only route co-opted by drivers cutting their land


Speaking to local reporters about the increasing number of vehicles on the path known locally as ‘Mango Alley,’ Pak Suan shared his concern. He noted that the road, only designed to be used by a few passing farmers each day, is being quickly destroyed by the volume of traffic. He’s observed an increase in accidents and damage to crops.

He said, “All the people complain that many guests fall into the rice fields. When the rainy season is busy, there are frequent traffic jams, guests don’t want to budge, many fall, and the owners of the rice fields are destroyed, they complain”. He and the community have plans to widen the alleyway and are waiting for permission from the Regency to do so. 

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Thursday 8th of December 2022

Yah da, yah da, yah da. Stacks of pages shitting from high on Bali and the problems, yet bugger all on suggestions on how they could be solved. Get a life.


Thursday 8th of December 2022

Here's some weird thoughts. I don't think it would add much cost to the public purse.

A huge number of the peak hour traffic are workers in the tourist industry, but forced by housing prices to live well away and ride sepeda motors to work.

What if hotels etc, adjusted their rosters and provided free or cheap transport in small vehicles or buses? Or even organised ride sharing?

Tourists on tour in a licenced taxi, limo or rideshare. What if there was a congestion toll charged and paid at an official collection point during peak periods? Does it really matter if you go to Kuta Market or Ubud at 9.30 instead of 10?

What if delivery drivers were restricted from peak periods?

What if the middle 2 lanes of main 4 lane highways like Sunset Road were dedicated to through traffic with fewer access points?

What if all new development had to provide off street parking.

What about a moratorium on new bule building except on land already covered by an IMB and Certificate. There's an excess of ready built.

What if time restricted parking was introduced to the well known horror spots?

What if polisi pay was increased so we would see them back on the street doing their jobs and not relying on backhanders to live reasonably. They're scared shitless of KPK.

Neil gill

Tuesday 29th of November 2022

This is another pipe dream what happens to the temples and other infustructure is it like the round Bali railroad or the aerial taxi's 8 months ago or even the North Bali Airport that happens every elections. What genius has thought this thru. Temples cannot be removed so easily


Tuesday 29th of November 2022

Local government had so much time before the "pandemic" to plan in advance and yet nothing but excuses.


Tuesday 29th of November 2022

We know that excellent roads can be developed: In areas of Bali with gov. offices and inhabited by Bali elite (central Denpasar) and areas with resorts mostly owned by Jakarta elite (Nusa Dua) there are wide boulevards -- all good.

So why are tourist areas like Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu clogged up due to poor road infrastructure? No master plan, no zoning. Just ricefields sold off to gain some big bucks. Foreigners are not voters so inaction has little consequences. Only naming and shaming in social media help.