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Bali Task Force Created To Ensure Tourists Behave Well While Visiting

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In recent months the provincial government of Bali deployed a tourism task force to crack down on foreigners breaking their visa conditions.

This week the Head of Bali’s Tourism Office has announced another task force deployment whose job is to supervise tourists in adhering to local laws and cultural principles.

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Speaking to the press, the Head of the Bali Tourism Office, Tjokorda Bagus Pemayun, explained that a new special Task Force had been created.

Known as the Task Force for the Acceleration of Implementation of Tourism Governance, officers will be bought together from a number of local agencies. They are tasked with the role of accelerating ‘the implementation of culture-based, quality and dignified Bali Tourism Governance.’ 

So what does that even mean? And what does this mean for tourists planning their visit to Bali? Acceding to Pemayun, “This task force does not only supervise foreigners or tourists but supervises and controls all tourism activities, as well as public order related to tourism.” 

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In short, the officers will be tasked with keeping an eye on all tourism-related activities in Bali. This, they hope, will help ensure that tourists have an enjoyable stay on the island and that local customs and cultural values are respected and upheld. 

The deployment of the Task Force for the Acceleration of Implementation of Tourism Governance comes as part of a series of proposed changes tabled by Bali’s Governor Wayan Koster. 

In recent weeks Governor Koster has proposed implementing a tourism quota that would cap the number of tourists allowed to enter Bali every year. 

He has also proposed that all tourists be banned from driving any kind of vehicle on the island in favor of being driven by a local driver booked through a government-approved travel agent. 

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He further proposed that the visa on arrival be revoked for travelers from Russia and Ukraine and has suggested that a financial check needs to be introduced as part of the visa on arrival application. 

It should be noted that none of these proposed policy changes have been written into legislation. But officials have confirmed that progress is being made.

All this, in addition to the task force and the good tourist guide that is set for publishing by the Bali provincial government, is all part of an island-wide move to crack down on a small but seemingly rising number of misbehaving tourists on the island. 

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All of this has been a long time coming. For years the Bali Provincial government has been establishing new legislation to preserve and protect Balinese culture within all industries, including tourism. 

Pemayun confirmed, “The Task Force for the Acceleration of Tourism Governance is an order from the Regional Regulation of the Province of Bali Number 5 of 2020 concerning Standards for Implementing Balinese Cultural Tourism.”

The task force will be required to coordinate the processing of violations by tourists and tourism operating across all aspects of life and travel on the island.

Whether it be tourists caught disrespecting a holy site, caught driving illegally, or breaking the rules of their visa, Pemayun says that the task force will ensure that the correct level of justice is served, whether that be through restorative justice, fines, or for the most extreme cases, deportation. 


Penayum also called on tourists, ex-pats, and local people to formally report (or suspected violations) directly to the task force.

He explained that the mere existence of the task force is a preventive measure, and he hopes that tourists, tourism operators, and the wider community would contact the task force with their concerns first rather than jumping on social media.

Pemyaun said, “People who see or know that violations have taken place should be able to report this to the relevant agencies in the Task Force. It doesn’t immediately go viral on social media.” 


There has been a notable rise in what some online content creators have referred to as ‘vigilantism’ of local people against misbehaving tourists in Bali. 

While the majority of the content tourists going viral in Bali has been of tourists genuinely breaking the law or disrespecting local cultures, some people online have suggested that the rise in this kind of social media vigilantism is creating a dangerous ‘us vs. them’ mentality, which benefits neither local people nor tourists. 


This news comes just one week after the Indonesian Minster for Tourism and Creative Economies ensured international travelers to Bali that the red carpet will continue to be rolled out for them; he insisted that tourists remain welcome in Bali. 

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Friday 26th of May 2023

From what I have read from Australians on holiday in bali the gov is doing a good job of restricting the number of aussies on holidays with all the restrictions targeting a tiny minority of idiots,numbers are way down of tourists walking around bali apart from Canggu being full of expats and carefull of what you wish for

Wayan Bo

Friday 26th of May 2023

Since micro cams are becoming such cheep it isn’t problem any more 🤣


Thursday 25th of May 2023

The audacity. Well, good luck.


Thursday 25th of May 2023

Task force for the locals and their behavior any time soon? Oh wait isn't that supposed to be the police force? And they're corrupt and don't care? And the only thing anyone cares about is blaming foreigners and extracting money from them? Oh I see... definitely seems like Bali to me. Remember...all the trash, pollution, noise, scams, disease, and corruption is actually our (foreigners') fault. So of course by them creating a task force against us, all of those things will naturally go away (not).


Friday 26th of May 2023

@C, It should be expected that the locals (some not all) lead by example instead of the govt deflecting blame onto temporary foreign tourists (cash cow)


Friday 26th of May 2023


For "behaviour" problems; Indonesia including Bali has Civil Service Police Unit (Satpol PP) which is supposed to maintain public order and peace and enforce local gov. regulations related to burning trash, throwing trash, noise disturbance, illegal buildings, public order etc. while the "real" police take care of violence, drug, theft, driving related offences etc.

The problem is that Satpol PP is not out and about to monitor and enforce anything. "Offences" must be reported and may be actioned on within office hours -- a long time after the reported incident took place. I know this from experience.

Satpool is quite toothless, hence there is always "mediation" meetings basically letting the local "criminal" off with some stern words. Foreigners on the other hand will be ref. to immigration and then deported as announced in the local media.

J West

Thursday 25th of May 2023

The "get tough on tourists" plan would work if the governor would assign a local handler to observe and regulate their every move. Couldn't agree more on the ban of Russians and Ukrainians.

I'd suggest a stiff jail term for every waiter, shopkeeper, currency exchange operator and cashier who rip off, overcharge and short change the tourists who might have had a cold one or two. Honesty and integrity is a two way street.


Friday 26th of May 2023

@J West, Alfamart! Lol