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Bali Ranked As Leading Destination For Retirees In Asia

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For decades, Bali has been considered a destination that best serves young backpackers and wandering hippies.

Nowadays, however, Bali’s tourism offering is far-reaching, from honeymoon couples to young families and even to retirees; the Island of the Gods has a travel experience for everyone. 

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According to a study conducted by the travel consulting company International Living, Bali is ranked as the fourth best destination for traveling retirees in Asia.

The company used ten scoring indicators to gather data during the 2022 global pension index, and they have recently released their findings.

The scoring indicators included housing costs, visa facilities, entertainment, health facilities, infrastructure, climate conditions, governance, benefits and discounts, and weather.

Based on all these factors, Bali ranked as the fourth best place to spend retirement in Asia. The Island of the Gods scored 69 points. 

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Thailand came in first place, but not by a huge margin compared to Bali.

Thailand scored 72.9 points. Cambodia came in second place, scoring 72.3, with Malaysia coming in third with a score of 72.

Sri Lanka and Vietnam came in respectable fifth and sixth place as the best retirement destinations in Asia.

So what makes Bali an ideal home-from-home for retirees?

Well, lots! In fact, Bali is a very family-friendly destination; much of the tourism offering in Bali is centered around the family unit.

Many of the island’s leading hotels and accommodation complexes are designed with families in mind. Hotels and villas in the Sanur area are especially good for intergenerational family holidays. 

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If you are thinking about retiring in Bali and want to take a family trip to the island before you commit, be sure to explore the coastal town of Sanur.

It makes for an ideal launch pad to explore the rest of the island and is a popular destination for expat retirees.

You may well make some new friends before you make the leap!

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There are many things to consider when it comes to retiring abroad; we must think about visas, medical care, housing, community, infrastructure, and leisure facilities, not to mention culture too.

Balinese culture respects its elders, and it shows.

Not only are foreigners in Bali treated as guests, but the older generation is often afforded a little extra TLC as they explore the island. 


Bali has long been the retirement destination of choice for thousands of Australians, and the island is now becoming more popular with retirees from around the world.

There are various visa options for those who wish to retire in Bali. The newest visa option for retirees in Indonesia is the second-home visa.

Though not specifically a retirement visa, the second-home visa is available for retirees who wish to invest in property in Indonesia.

The visa requires applicants to deposit USD 130,000 into a state-owned bank account and entitles the visa holder to a temporary residence in Indonesia for up to 10 years.


The most common visa option for retirees in Bali is the retirement KITAS, which is available for international citizens as young as 55. The conditions are pretty straightforward for most people.

You must have at least USD 18,000 in savings, have sufficient health and life insurance, have a rental agreement in place for your home in Bali, and be willing to employ at least two Indonesians at your home. 


Many people choose to retire in Bali for the relaxed atmosphere, access to facilities and social life, and cost of living.

All of these factors generally create a better quality of life, especially in retirement, than in a retiree’s home country.

The tropical weather and stunning beaches play a big part in attracting retirees to the island.

Popular areas for expat retirees include Sanur and Jimbaran, Kuta is another area popular with both tourists and expat retirees. 

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Neil gill

Friday 21st of April 2023

At the start of the, article Bali was the best place for retirees and then half way though the article claiming forth place for beaches and cheapness. Please get you facts right from the, start or do not put out false information first. The way it is going it is forth by your own admission but I know many that were coming here like I did that have, strayed to Malaysia and Vietnam for better conditions. And policies that stick and not change every six months or so.


Thursday 20th of April 2023

Until you take steps to or have take up RI citizenship you're an expat.

Wayan Bo

Wednesday 19th of April 2023

Have first and immediately to make contracts with European health insurances.


Wednesday 19th of April 2023

Come retire in Bali rent a villa for 25 years,then a have a beach club built half a kilometre away ,lots of doof doof music no sleep


Thursday 20th of April 2023

1. Rented for 25 years? If this is a lease, then a. sell to party people, or b. rent it out for short time to party people. 3. Bedroom sound insulation: a. Move bedroom from 2nd to 1st level, if possible. b. Install double glazing windows and sliding doors. Use door designed without gaps around (no insects, no air leakage as well). Wood shrink and allow sound through gaps, so metal or uPVC frame. c. Install patio windows & door outside bedroom to create another layer for added sound insulation. d. If bedroom has Baliense style wood roof (no concrete), then install flat hanging ceiling with rockwool sound insulation above the ceiling panels. 4. Extend height of perimeter wall by adding thick plexi panels to absorb some sound. 5. Petition in social media a. music volume to be lower and stop earlier


Tuesday 18th of April 2023

The worst thing about the elongated, time consuming process is that for some mysterious reason Indonesia has not allowed any advance applications to be made at any embassy outside of the country, as used to be COMPULSORY before covid. What can be the reason for this? It is quite obvious that this is a job creation scheme for various people to make money out of expats. It is now only possible to apply for a KITAS by entering Bali on a 2 months, B211a visa and then applying for the KITAS through a dubious "Agent" who can hardly write. I went to see one and he didn't even have a working photo copier to copy the required documents. The expat applying has to give the agency everything required and they do nothing at all apart from taking the documents to immigration. For this non service they charge 17 million Indonesian rupiah. That is more than the annual salary of a typical, proper worker on Bali. The same type of visa can be obtained from any major thailand embassy in any country. And you can do it yourself. Total cost 175 us dollars, plus the cost of a medical and police clearance = around 2.5 million idr. Thailand also has a fully functioning, international standard, private health service with a huge range of 1st class hospitals. No maid and gardener needs to be hired. Thailand has a massive variety of some of the best condominiums in the world giving a fantastic variety of accommodation possibilities, all fully serviced, with swimming pools, roof gardens, 24 hour security and electronic key cards. That is why thailand is number one for retirement.


Wednesday 19th of April 2023

Convert B211a into KITAS? I though the requirement was VITAS obtained from overseas emb. then convert VITAS to KITAS once in Indonesia.

An "agent" is an facilitator to transfer wealth from a person who needs a service to the provider. Hope that clarifies.


Wednesday 19th of April 2023

@Alex, Kind of makes one think Twice, huh?