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Bali Leaders Say Country Needs More ATMs In Rural Areas To Help Out Tourists

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Tourism leaders in Bali’s more off-the-beaten-path locations are calling on the authorities and banks to help them improve their business models.

Village tourism leaders are speaking up about the need for simple improvements that will make traveling easier and more enjoyable for tourists in Bali’s emerging destinations. 

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Village tourism leaders in Bali’s increasingly popular Munduk have asked banks in Indonesia to help them expand their offering.

One key way to improve the tourist experience in north Bali is with the simple increase of ATMs in the area.

I Ketut Edy Astana, a local tourism leader in Muduk, spoke to reporters about how this quick fix will make a huge difference to tourists and local business owners.

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Astana said that the lack of ATMs in the northern districts of Bali is proving to be a problem for tourists. Tourists in Bali are becoming increasingly accustomed to the ease of payment by card at even the smallest of businesses.

It is so much easier and more common to pay by card in the busy tourist resorts in Bali than compared to, say, 2019.

As more and more people around the world shift towards online banking, and as the world shifts to more digitalized ways of paying as the norm, tourism leaders in Munudk fear that they are missing out.

The issue lies in the fact that tourists are simply not used to carrying cash and perhaps assume that there will be as many ATMs in the more rural areas of Bali as there are in the resort towns.

On the other side, many tourist attractions, restaurants, and even guest houses and hotels in Munduk and the surrounding areas are still operating businesses on a cash-only basis.

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Astana had said that conflicts had arisen where tourists had wanted to visit an attraction or buy a souvenir from a local business but had to cancel the transaction when they learned they could not pay by card, make a bank transfer or quickly nip to an ATM to withdraw cash. 

Astana and local communities hope that the banks will answer their plea in order to support village tourism enterprises and rural development.

Munduk is becoming an increasingly popular destination in Bali, especially with European tourists. Astana said the most frequent visitors to the area hail from France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, as well as Australia. 

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Local tourism leaders want to see more tourists visit the area, and there is so much to explore.

Munduk is famous for its untouched jungle landscapes, waterfalls, and community tourism initiatives like village and farm tours.

According to the Munduk Tourism Village, room occupancy has been sitting at a comfortable 80% throughout July.

This is a clear sign that interest in travel experiences in Munduk is growing at a consistent rate.


Astana said that the area’s leading tourist attractions, like the mountain viewpoints, serve as a great attention grabber for potential tourists.

Noting that when tourists arrive in the area, they are often pleasantly surprised to learn that the epic views are really just the start of the adventure.

Astana wants to see more tourists exploring the coffee, cacao, and vanilla plantations in addition to the famous waterfalls and the iconic Tamblingan Lake. 


For jungle lovers or anyone looking for a rural retreat while in Bali, Munduk should be at the top of the must-visit list.

There is a wonderful range of accommodations in the Munduk area; tourists have the choice of checking into a cozy jungle cabin at Gumi Ayu Ecohotel or setting up a tent at one of the gorgeous locally managed campsites on the banks of Lake Tamblingan.

Popular guesthouses in Munduk include Ekocommunity, Puri Lumbung Cottages, and Alam Kita Glamping & Plantation.

For a real VIP experience, be sure to check out the Munduk Moding Plantation Resort.


Munduk Village and surrounding tourism areas can be found a 2-hour drive from central Ubud, Canggu, and Seminyak. The drive takes 2.5 hours from popular resort hotspots like Kuta Beach and Sanur Beach.

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Peter davies

Thursday 27th of July 2023

I thank Balinese officals for trying to control the troublesome tourists, because there are many. Great idea for more atms, I live up north and have to travel 22 kilometres to a atm.

Frustrated too

Tuesday 25th of July 2023

In some parts of Indonesia you can only withdraw 100,000 Rp and depending on the Indonesian bank and home bank charges it might cost the foreigner the same amount in transaction fees making using an atm pointless


Wednesday 26th of July 2023

@Frustrated too, If you visit the big banks the ATM at these usually allow much higher limit like 2 Juta (example central Denpasar). Probably to ensure some locals can do their money laundering a bit easier.

Karen North

Tuesday 25th of July 2023

The one in Lovina has a long line up all day, every day.

Wayan Bo

Wednesday 26th of July 2023

@Karen North, we call it simply hogans food stamp machine.


Tuesday 25th of July 2023

Great idea, cash talks, credit card charges to the businesses from the banks are way out of line. That's why most businesses prefer cash or they will add 15% to the purchase price to cover the bank charges.


Tuesday 25th of July 2023

Can we get the water (PDAM) back in a reliable manner in Denpasar? A slightly more pressing issue if you ask me. People need water and food. ATM can wait.