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Bali Activists Collect 10 Tons Of Garbage In One Month After Installing Barriers On Rivers

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Activists from Tabanan Sungai Watch have been collecting large amounts of garbage after installing trash barriers on their rivers.

The Coordinator of Sungai Watch for Kelating Village Kerambitan Tabanan, Made Suryani confirmed that 11 trash barriers have already been installed on 2 big rivers and 9 rice fields’ irrigation systems in the Kerambitan area. They have been installed to collect large amounts of household waste that has been dumped on the rivers which could lead to creating bigger problems for the ecosystem in and around Kerambitan.

“Apart from the waste of Kerambitan residents themselves, many people also intentionally come and dump their garbage in our rivers. So we decided to install these trash barriers to reduce the damage that might be caused to our environment here.” Suryani said on Tuesday (21/9). 

She explained that on a normal day, the trash barrier has been able to collect around 5 tons of rubbish, while the amount was doubled when the rainy season came.

“We were able to collect around 10 tons of rubbish that used to pile up on Kelanting Beach and in our rice field areas during rainy season, causing many baby sea turtles to die from eating plastics.” Suryani added. Suryani received all the trash barriers for free from Sungai Watch as part of their contribution to keep Bali rivers and ocean clean from plastic waste. 

However, she admitted that she has been facing some difficulties in educating the people about the importance of keeping the rivers clean, so she asked the local authorities to help her educate others on this important message. Meanwhile Suryani also said that she has been recycling the collected organic garbage into compost and even some crafts while the rest was transported to Badung region to continue their recycling process.

Beach garbage clean up

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Allan Brown

Friday 24th of September 2021

They are unable to hide it in land fill, like your larger countries it is only a small island!

J West

Thursday 23rd of September 2021

Is this proof that a majority of Balinese don’t give a rats a** for the environment?

Wayan Bo

Thursday 23rd of September 2021

High penalty will help.


Thursday 23rd of September 2021

It is way past time for the government to pass laws about dumping trash in the rivers. THE ONLY THING HUMANS UNDERSTAND IS THE THREAT, Am I going to make money?? Or is this going to cost me money? Bypassing laws and making large fines and even time in jail for those people polluting the rivers, land, and sound ( like the F-ing small penis A-hole that takes their mufflers off the motorcycles) is the ONLY way to get Bali back to A destination that people want to visit. Already newspapers all over the world are writing about what an S-hole Bali has become. Indonesia is the second worse country in the world for dumping plastic in the ocean followed by China. China dumps 100,000 tons more than Indonesia but keeps in mind China has 1.4 billion people where Indonesia has 270 million. So per capita, Indonesia is by far the worst. Indonesia garbage has been found washing up on beaches all over the world. It is high the government pulls its head out and fix Bali and Indonesia so the future generations can enjoy this wonderful group of the tropical islands.

Pan Demi

Thursday 23rd of September 2021

stop plastic waste means stop the production and the usage of plastic for food packaging and other industries. Also, regarding this trash, don't just blaming on the people in the community and wanting to educate them. But the main thing it is there is no serious attention and action from the persons in government authorities, if there any, it is just a lip service only for their political position

Alexander Füll

Sunday 26th of September 2021

@Pan Demi, you are so right but they only feel it when they check money isn't for eat